TTY: Universal Music, London - refuses to re-issue "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris"

Universal Music, London -
19 November 2015

David Joseph at Universal Music in London has refused the request made by Morrissey and the band to re-issue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities. David Joseph is instead arranging his own tribute to Paris utilizing his current crop of Universal artists.
The photograph below is Morrissey singing 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' to an audience of 12,000 in Chile last week.


photograph taken by Trinity.

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Seems like a no-brainer to me. Amazing song, even more amazing reason to re-issue. I remember Moz opening with it at L'Olympia about about 6 years ago, very inspiring.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not sure what to make of this statement. Truly hoping my read of it being a cheap cash-in are all wrong.

But why the need to mention the 12,000 fans? Again. It all seems to support the overall Company Line over the past few months.
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Probably because it sounds like it's being sung from the point of view of the terrorists who made themselves very plain then anhiliated the stoned fans at the steel METAL concert. :straightface: You're better than tragedy bandwagon attention, Morrissey.
Very strange - I would have thought it would have been Morrissey complaining that the single was being released by the record company without his approval!
These posts make him sound like brat who isn't getting his way. Back off on being the victim and just play some new songs, it's way more interesting. Nobody wants to ad nauseum hear someone feeling sorry for themselves, especially the next record label company, they know you'll be name-calling them next. Just stop thinking about money and play your new music, get people talking about it without announcements and legal binding contracts and a guaranteed check made out to Morrissey. At the end of the day you are literally bitching about not getting a lot of money. Not. Cool.

You know what? Do what you want. You don't listen just like a sniveling little brat. f*** it.

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Loving tribute with proceeds going where? To the victim's families? Syrian refugee relief aid? Straight to Lausanne? Exactly where as to not reduce this to an act of war profiteering? I suppose I will be told that the re-release of a six year old, so-so Morrissey-by-numbers-with-a-woodwind-break-to-gin-it-up-a-notch song is a Gift unto the world itself.

The tone of this statement reads like nothing so much as David Joseph blew away all his dreams of his own personal "Candle in the Wind."
I never understood 'tributes' anyway. Has a tribute show or record ever ...

raised the dead ?

I don't think so. :straightface:

The purpose of a tribute in these circumstances is to give emotional support and try to comfort the survivors who have to live with the pain of losing their loved ones and fellow citizens. It's a shame it can't be done. The photo is beautiful
Also what does broadcasting your failed business exchanges to the public accomplish? Are you trying to get Warner to feel sorry for you and sign you because "It isn't fair! WAAAAHHHH!"? Venting about the record industry in a broad sense that other musicians could quote and say "Yeah! THis happened to me!" is one thing, but then tagging on that you are singing to 12,000 people (when everyone knows festivals look bigger than they are) disqualifies the integrity of your information and monetizes the whole thing. It says "I can generate the interest of this many units of potential album buyers." and reduces your interest to dollars, making Maria Consuela Equador Barrier Girl #4 look like nothing but a number and selling point which sorta makes you look like a shitty person. Don't you see that?
Someone bind Morrissey he's getting yet more delirious .
"Loving tribute" ? You should've thought about the noise of the cash machine before releasing the circus statement ...
And the 12,000 figure :lbf:
Bejaysus !
Someone bind Morrissey he's getting yet more delirious .
"Loving tribute" ? You should've thought about the noise of the cash machine before releasing the circus statement ...
And the 12,000 figure :lbf:
Bejaysus !

Okay take a moment to think about how out of control your brain is at the moment that you're resorting to this. You need to change something.
i dont think universal wants to issue dedicated to paris by an anti semitic artist.
moz is done. finito. the end. no mas.
universal probably put boz on hold for forty five minutes then hung up the phone on him. LOL

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