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Third Reich 'royals' ... -
19 July 2015


You cannot possibly believe that the British 'royal family' are (and were) beholden to the Hitler regime? Here is the front of today's Sun newspaper - UK 'royals' (including your Queen and her mother) saluting the Third Reich ... while British boys died on the front line to protect England ...
Although the British press are predictably doing their best to excuse this photograph (which also includes the 'beloved' Queen Mother) as mere 'play-acting', we must wonder how many other British families have similar shots from this period, and we must ask ourselves how the families of the boys slaughtered in the Second World War would feel if they knew that the future Queen and her mother found the Nazi salute to be so hysterical. In additional futile defence of 'the Queen', the press are reminding us how 'the Queen' visited a German concentration camp this year (although her only comment was how unimaginable the terror was ... no rage or tears), and the press are incapable of wondering why it took 'the Queen' 60 years to visit a concentration camp.
Oh, England, oh England ... please wake up.

17 July 2015

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