TTY: The World Is Full of Crashing Bores - "The Truth About Popular Music" by Paul Joseph Watson

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By davidt on Feb 27, 2016 at 7:39 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 27, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      Professor SP Morrissey keeping it fresh for us dullards by posting this deeply insightful cultural studies video. So much so that I do not even need to watch it. What remains of society in this world has been inundated with idiocy. We get it. Now get over it, Moz. Nobody cares anymore. Guess who sounds like a real bore?
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    2. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Agree with the sentiment, the music industry has become incredibly dull over the last 10 years or so.
      However, this clip/report is just as dull, could only stomach 3 minutes or so.
    3. Signora Woke
      Signora Woke
      Morrissey is a fully signed up member of Breitbart/infowars now it seems. Take a look through the other videos on 'Paul Joseph Watson's' YouTube account. Featuring: 'why are feminists fat and ugly?', 'the rape of Europe', 'the truth about Islam', 'the truth about trans-everything', 'top 5 libtard fails of 2015' and many other golden hits worthy of Morrissey's legacy. Let there now be no more ambiguity about what his true views are; this latest TTY post makes it all perfectly clear. Cas(k)e(t) closed.
    4. Uncleskinny
      We're all getting older. The music we liked isn't popular anymore, and the youngsters listen to some right shite these days. Plus ca change. In summary - whine, whine, whine.
    5. Anonymous
    6. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      But this is the key point, every other post on TTY is a dig at the music industry. It's boring, predictable and pointless.
      As our American friends often say, Morrissey 'acting all butthurt'.
      Accept it Moz, your time in the limelight is gone, come to terms with this in a dignified manner and move on.
      We are eternally grateful for the many incredible songs and memories over the years, decades in fact. You were peerless in your time, a true original.
      This will never be forgotten or erased.
    7. Anonymous
      I agree kid ! You only have to listen to that 4king song kiss me a lot by that 4cking CrankFraud Tosserey and it's repetitive 4cking dumbed down "hook line" along with its tits and arse lapdance video.
      Kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot !

      So "4cking funny" please post more shit like this it's so very entertaining to team debunk here at operation CrankFraud-Watch.

      If anyone has any information about Steven that they would like to pass on you can now also contact CrankFraudline as well lines are open 24/7

      We know Steven is in the Manchester area at present trying to casually bump into Johnny.
      He's on our radar so please, don't have nightmares.

    8. Uncleskinny
      I endorse this post.
    9. Anonymous
      You are indeed so "special" SPM :crazy:

    10. g23
      The fact of the matter remains- many artists as old, or older than Morrissey have managed to release albums late in their career to a fair amount of buzz. Look at Bowie, who was always much "bigger" than Morrissey, or Iggy Pop, who has always been on the fringe. Both of them managed to pull it off by bringing in fresh collaborators and continuing to strive for excellence and to break free of what was expected of them.

      Morrissey is just another old fart in a holding pattern, unwilling to challenge himself and release anything worth noticing.
      This push for and focus on fame is embarrassing. What is fame? What more does he want, or expect? He had a lot of respect, but his behavior over the last decade has done a lot of damage to that. So, keep pushing and begging, and maybe with any luck he'll get there, and get to do the Superbowl halftime show with Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus in 2017.
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    11. Anonymous
      Dear god the man is horrible. Saw his youtube channel. Scum of the earth comes to mind. Suprise that he understands anything about the smiths
    12. Anonymous
      Reading the comments on that guys youtube vid. I do not want to live in this plant anymore :lbf:
      Come armageddon come.

      And fuck you Morrissey for endorsing anything this man says. Bye moz
    13. Berryvox
      I'll agree with the sentiment of that particular video but omg, the other videos on his channel are awful.
    14. DavidK
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    15. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      "An entire generation has had its brains re-wired to think that a Ronald McDonalds burger taste like premium fillet steak".

      Morrissey, the steak tartare to Ed Sheeran's 2AM kebab!
    16. Anonymous
    17. marred
      Those who are easily brainwashed deserve to be.

      God I love it when he mentions coldplay at 10:15! And yes while it's absolutely awful what has happened to Kesha she sucks big time! Her dickhead producer can rot in hell but so can her music.

      Ooh Mozzer wouldn't have liked that last line.
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    18. Anonymous
      When did Morrissey dye his hair?
    19. thallium
      Ahh, it all makes sense now. I now know who you are LOL. PS: Benny is NOT who you think he is. :crazy:
      Oh and BTBB if you happen to reading, I think it's time for your online confectionary store to reopen -- I need a humongous order of popcorn sprinkled with Valium stat! Can you do mates rates?

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