TTY: "The State of the Art: M and Em" by Sam Esty Rayner

The State of the Art: M and Em -
21 December 2015


by Sam Esty Rayner
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right no doubt. moz is very intelligent. with the nonsense about the zionist and the illuminati. NOT
but i have to concede he is an 'award' winning author. LOL
I remember reading an interview with Moz, conducted by regional Manchester culture mag City Life, in either 2002 or 2003. It made me smile at the time

Q: Eminem is the new Morrissey. Discuss
A: City Life is the new Pig Farmer's Weekly. Discuss

I can't help but think that anyone trying to get away with this sort of stuff that wasn't related by blood to Morrissey would have been 'let go' and excommunicated by now. But sadly it's doing a lot of harm to his image. Ditch the nephew's idea of promotion, Moz. It's not good!!
This is horrid. Please, someone on the inside speak up and beg him to take Sam out of the loop. PLEASE!!?!
Honestly what is this??

Both of the lyrics to these songs were well over ten years ago, why turn it into something now?! Is Moz just getting off his tits every night now?

I think Uncle Steve needs to cut lil Sammy's allowance in half. Obviously he is spending too much time at the "VIP" Molly area at the Viper Room with Jack and Paul. Anonymous-
At this point, the career is over (no contract or decent song in sight), but it's like he's deliberately trying to drive his legacy into the ground now and Nephew Sam is the co-pilot.
Message in picture is the same but Morrissey's lyrics are more elequent. I really like these side by side's, it is like a little clue.
This has got to be a massive wind-up.
Benny to Ryanair !
Come in Ryanair ! Over !
Ryanair ! Do you read me ? Over !
Keep up the good work old chap, the Queen and 10 Downing Street are so proud of you !
Over and out !

The names Butcher !
Benny the Butcher !

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