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The Queen Is Dead -


Morrissey has commented:

"I would like to congratulate the Smiths, and also Stephen Street, and also Rough Trade Records for 30 fantastic years of sales for The Queen Is Dead,which is 30 years old in June. We have always been gagged, of course, but certain recordings rise with time, and The Queen Is Dead and also Meat Is Murder both had the courage to put the fullest meaning of British life into words and music. It was the hope of helping things to evolve, and the mobilized strength of both recordings for 30 years has been fully understood and appreciated by those with sensible passions. Central issues in 2016 England include an urgent need of social justice for animals


as well as an obvious recognition of 'monarchy as anarchy' (therefore, something with no place in a democratic society).

I am sorry that Warner UK or Sire US cannot provide any celebrations for the anniversaries of both recordings, but, perhaps some label bosses have their eye on a tatty OBE, and perhaps others simply have detachable heads. It would not quite be the Smiths if not classically ignored by the dried-out lawns of the establishment. I urged Warner UK to issue a special 'The Queen Is Dead' single release for the first week of June ... but ... brick wall.

Bleeding to death, I therefore have the restless gall to ask of you that, should you have 99 cents/pence, that you purchase 'The Queen Is Dead' track in the final week of May, thus possibly edging it into the corner of everyone's ear in the UK Top 100 - if only to let them know that we are still here and fully aware of the fox-fur on the hall-stand. I am sorry to ask more of you than you have already given, but we all do as well as we can in such ludicrous times. I can only ask.


I am absolutely yours, in pleasant speaking voice, and with good grace."

5 May 2016
Los Angeles.
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Oh my. The complete obsession with the pop charts never ceases to flummox me.

I own "THe Queen is Dead" in at least 5 formats and I've seen it live about 15 times. Moz, I will not be buying it again.

(I'm not much for Radiohead, but...) How about you do something truly interesting and drop a surprise new album on your audience next Sunday. That I would purchase. And then come straight here to complain about 2016's clunker, ala "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle."

But I would at least buy it.

There really is no need to be flummoxed with Stevens obsessions and behaviour patterns now that the autistic spectrum is better understood and with more public awareness. In fact I strongly believe that had judge John Weeks been aware of autism he would never have summed up Steven using those cruel infamous words " Devious, Truculent and Unreliable !"
If that case went ahead in the present climate I'm convinced that with the condition taken into account Steven would clean up and take all the other Smiths to the cleaners and hang them out to dry penniless.

" Justice for the Smiths one !" I here you people, lets make it happen #JusticeforSteven

Everyone grows old. The sound is outdated with regards
The Queen is Dead. The message close to obsolete. And Morrissey is out of touch concerning the UK today. Even in regards the weakening of animal welfare.
Give it a f***ing rest. You're more tiresome than Morrissey. If anyone could possibly be on the spectrum it would be you as demonstrated by your responses to him. Seriously, you are obsessed with Morrissey being obsessed with things. Do you not see the irony? No wonder you cannot divorce yourself from him, you're two peas in a pod.

Pokey, I don't how you do it, replying to this twat.
I am an eternal pessimist, but even I find your reactions a bit much. Buy the damn single. It was the Queen is Dead and it was brilliant.

Now the Throwing My Arms Around Paris bit... that WAS vile. This and that are NOT the same.


I agree that the Paris reissue incident was sad and not the same thing, but this has made me think that that too was about seeing his name in the charts more than it was about the money. Either way it's different and he's actually trying to connect in a healthy way instead of posting bad photoshops and pictures of ads on buses. I think anyone who is a fan should see this as a positive thing.
So, those you disagree with are 'Lowlife'?

And I suggest you pay closer attention to the title track for it's true meaning. The song is about leaving an effeminate character trait behind. "All those lies about make up and long hair, they're still there". The royal aspects are cleverly inserted to give a more up - front interpretation.
This interpretation, that the song has a dual meaning, is mine as well and could be supported by Morrissey's comment that "there's the safety net in the song that the 'old queen' is me," (see: p. 478 of Fletcher's There Is a Light That Never Goes Out ).

As for this TTY post, it's refreshing to read some positive comments from him about the band as a whole, and Stephen Street. Maybe it's a sign that he's becoming more relaxed about the past (Joyce would presumably get royalties from the download sales) but I'm not going to hold my breath.
Unbelievable that Warners aren't interested in this money-wasting vanity proposal from Morrissey, given how he's gone out of his way to please them over the years.
Probably after the catharsis he did in autobiography, he can put aside the problems he had with members of The Smiths and focus on the legacy of the band, which is very important.

When he asks people to make a download the last week of May, what he is really asking for is a vote in favor of his ideas. I think it's very little to ask from an artist who faced adversity for daring to spread for three decades ideas contrary to several groups of power. Anyway, it's a choice. It's not a legal obligation like when poor UK people must pay taxes to support the monarchy.
Morrissey congratulated the Smiths, Stephen Street AND Rough Trade. I can't believe my eyes. Our man must be in a happy place, take me with you.
Just Wow! He is thanking Stephen Street and The Smiths! The Smiths, who he said are 'dead'. The Smiths, of whom his arch enemy Mike Joyce is a member. Has he ever made such a nice remark on The Smiths during the last ten years? Such a little thing makes such a big difference...
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Stop saying mate and shilling.

P.S. I'll be going through terminal "B" at LAX today down the special entrance for a quick trip over to Manc to unload my Yankees caps, GAP hoodies, Hollister hoodies, some dead stock Planet Hollywood-Orlando letterman's jackets, and Levis 501 jeans for 3,500 stones a piece. That's a too right nicker! That's right chaps, the ones just like Morrissey used to wear until 1998!! See you lots on King Road...Blikey, I reckon Morrissey hasn't stopped the filming of S T E V I E yet.

May 14, 2016
Los Angeles.
Psssst !
Up here ! I told you it was all about the money with Steven, but even I never thought he'd pull a scrounging stunt like this. Johnny, Mike and Andy are really pissed over this latest outburst.
If your reading this Steven for f***s sake write some decent f***ing songs with a decent f***ing band just for a change, oh and by the way you still owe Vinny £2.50p for that cheese and pickle sandwich at the Crusty Cob Bakery (Bath) when you so called " left your wallet in the studio !"
Oh by the way I was having a drink with David⚡️ last week and he passes on his absolute worst to you. ( between me and you he called you the 'C' word ).

Thank you, you're entitled to my opinion.

The ghost of Anthony H Wilson @ the Heavenienda
Fookin rubbish . Warners have made overtures and prepared 20th and 25th editions only to have them scuppered by Morrissey (the 20th) or Marr (the 25th) Crikey . I have reference CDrs of both!
Indeed. The driving force. I've said exactly the same on countless occasion, specifically referencing the situation Morrissey finds himself in.

Would you work for free? I love my job, but wouldn't do it for free. He earns money from people buying his music, why shouldn't he earn money from encouraging people to buy it? He's a man selling an image and a product. Nothing more, nothing less.

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