TTY: The Dairy Industry Explained In 5 Minutes​

Cannot argue with that. How long before attention is turned to the horrific practice of grinding 50% of all chicks just because they're male?
Wut? Have we seen the future? Or the past?

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Makes you wonder why it took Steven all that time to quit his Kerrygold Dubliner cheese habit whilst pointing his finger at us performing the gimmick song time after bloody time after time ! No doubt our resident know all with a big nose aka stupid tit will be able to inform.

The evidence points than Moz has only ditched dairy relatively recently - like within the last couple of years. But, whilst it took him a time to make the connection between the dairy industry and animal abuse, at least he has finally made the change and is giving the issue some publicity, which can only be a good thing. Better late than never, Moz.
Congratulations on discovering the internet, Moz.

Have you discovered "dramatic gopher" yet?
Utterly horrific and revolting. It is really great to see him giving attention to this issue after such a long time.

I don't know what he had in Rome but there are tons of vegan dairy alternatives for 'ice cream.' The best, IMO is 'coconut bliss' - but you can make your own by freezing bananas, adding some non-dairy milk and fresh fruit and sticking it in a food processor
I favor the non-fat toffuti rice dreamsicle, which gets the Mulder and Scully seal of approval.

Congratulations on discovering the internet, Moz.

Have you discovered "dramatic gopher" yet?

Never mind that how about discovering some songwriting apps instead of 4cking about in 5* hotels watching utube.
Are we three performances from retirement ? Or are we planning on pulling our finger out for once and stop feeling sorry for ourselves ?
Oh Lemmy ! Why did you leave us like this ? At least you lived and breathed it 24/7, love to see your first gig up there with Phil back on the drums, please hell+ it for me won't you !
Many thanks to Johnny Barleycorn for his kind words and Ramones clip posted earlier I'm off now on journey back in time to pay my respects consisting of Jack Daniels, Motörhead tracks @ full crank and fed into Marshall amplification ! Rock and Roll !
Hey Lem please pass on my best to Lux up there pal.


The most none hands off animal activist on planet earth !
Ladies and Gentlemen please raise your glasses to 5* Silly Steven the Duke of CrankFruad !

Cheers !

5* pop* with nothing to offer !
I blame Martin.

Do not buy his book when Steven is dead and buried. Instead realise how better off Steven would have been without him !

f*** Boorer !

Hopefully he will now advocate veganism and lose the arbitrary fixation on flesh.
That chick is blisteringly hot.

This is a serious topic and you are getting yourself into a frothing at the mouth sweaty frenzy replaying the part where she imitates a bull being jerked off? I bet you'd like to see her in a bikini lecturing on how eating cakes is a crime equal to that of a serial killer! Focus people focus!
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