TTY: Sunny

Sunny -
27 August 2016


Morrissey would like to say a loving goodbye to Sunny (pictured here with Morrissey and Nancy), who was relieved of her pain this morning after a beautiful life.

UPDATE Aug. 28:

From Mark - earlier Tweets from @NancySinatra:

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We don’t know what crime Bowie has committed against Morrissey’s soul, but it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it’s nice to take the high road. It shows that you are a good human being and have some generosity of spirit.

Bowie is dead so I doubt he is bothered, the only one who comes off bad and vindictive is M himself. M’s behaviour is also disrespectful towards Iman and the kid, who are still alive and have lost their husband / father.

To those who say losing an animal is worse than a loved one, you have obviously never loved someone or lost a loved one. Yes, it’s sad when your dog dies, but nothing compares to the indescribable pain of losing a partner, husband, sister, brother, good friend … the comparison is so ludicrous it doesn’t even deserve debating.
Old Steven cum drinker is SOOO desperate to wind the Bowie fans ( or is it just people with a Soul?) up that he has even asked friends to post about his dog RIP message on Facebook
Morrissey sent me this photo last night. It's the first time he's suggested I post something on Facebook. The photo is of him and Nancy Sinatra and her dog Sunny. Sunny was 16 and doing fine, then all of a sudden terrible pain. Mr. M. is an animal lover, so it seems he wanted all of you to know lovable Sunny has left the planet "I note a number of thick c***s not even getting Steven Jizz chancer is just using them.

What a sad case he is now.
Even dead Bowie is showing morrissey up
But everyone knows Morrissey was really close to Muhammad Ali.

f*** off morrissey would love to praise bowie, he cant bring himself to because hes annoyed bowie wouldnt speak to him.
Iggy doesnt like morrissey and Lou couldnt stand him.
If you know anything about morrissey you will know he loved Bowie, bowie was his God thats the only reason Kristeen Young was around KY brings Tony, Tony brings Bowie.. Except Bowie couldnt give a shit. he cant stand it Bowie died not being friends. What a f*** up morrissey is.
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David Jones was an over rated Coke Fein. This thread is about Sunny not some Coke Fein who if it wasn't for America, wouldn't of amounted to anything.
I hate how these days the vegan/vegetarian community (yes, mainly Morrisey) is full of hipocricy. I get it, you love animals, but why excluded humans from that list? You may hate us, as in a society, for our cruelty torwards other creatures, but where does that bring you? If we're talking about species equality, than all the animals (including us) deserve the same amount of respect. So why give more attention to dogs than to people, or rather starman? Honestly, I'm now not even sure if Steven will comment on Johnny's hypothetical death.
Preferring the company of animals to humans is the ultimate manifestation of emotional immaturity. You can kick a dog and it will always come running back to you and give you unconditional love. Relationships with humans demand respect, negotiation, forgiveness ... give and take. Obviously some people are incapable of that.
Humans suck. They are duplicitous, deceitful, two-faced gits. At least with animals - whether they are friendly or trying to eat you - they are honest and straight-forward.
Humans suck. They are duplicitous, deceitful, two-faced gits. At least with animals - whether they are friendly or trying to eat you - they are honest and straight-forward.

I say "No, I'm gonna kill my dog"
If ever in life you feel you're being used by someone who should just... care...Look at Nancy and Morrissey, and put your own plight into perspective. :D

This is the twilight of trolling...A nap, the crosswords, and then turning to the pet section obituary to see, fluttering with hope, if there's something worthwhile.

...When all that time could have been spent playing bingo with your real, old friends while they're still around. Really now...

"70/ David Showie!"

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