TTY: Street art in Brazil

Link from an anonymous person:

Street art in Brazil
3 December 2015

GO VEGAN, and what appears to be YOUR ARSENAL.


It reads "Jour" and "Arsen", the names of the people who painted it.
What a load of claptrap. Next photo he posts will be a shot taken when photographer forgot to take the lens cover off.
Hey Valvano I like your profile picture. Is it a scene from True Detective Season 1?
Also the '?0379' graffiti looks a bit like 'Moz', if you replace '?' with 'M' and cross out the '79'.
"You're so vain you probably think this graffiti's about you..."
"What appears to be 'Your Arsenal'." :laughing:
Did someone check Sam's hands for traces of black spray paint after he took this picture?

Sam: Look Uncle Moz what I made!
Moz: It's no Meat is Murder stencil, but it'll do.
Coming up next, "A Cornflake packet in Skegness". I can't wait.

Actually, it is potentially all three. I saw the televised interview and she cops to Warren as the inspiration for one of the verses, but she intimated that there were other men that inspired the other verses of the song...speculation is Mick and James. She got around in the 70's, but who didn't. Sex before AIDS...can't imagine that. Give me a young Linda Ronstadt any day. :love:

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