TTY: Saving Madison - video posted by Direct Action Everywhere / Facebook

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2016.

By davidt on Dec 15, 2016 at 5:27 AM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    An anonymous person sends the link:

    Saving Madison -
    14 December 2016
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2016.

    1. SeniorLife
      Respectfully, I am having a hard time understanding why Morrissey-solo posts a post from another Morrissey web site? I understand when it has relevance to Morrissey, or something related to his music, career direction, band members, etc...but this absolutely nothing to do with Morrissey as an artist.

      I really like this site, and have for many years. It's one of the few websites I check daily, and I really hate being negative. But why are you posting this? All it is going to do is get everyone all crazy and irrational and start arguing about irrelevant things not related to Morrissey as a solo artist.

      We know Morrissey is pro-animal. And that is admirable. I am glad that he has passion for something and pursues it, and tries to change the world in, his seemingly, positive way.

      But let True-to-You carry this. Let that be that websites purpose. If people are interested in these random postings, videos, pictures...let them go to that site.

      Let's talk about Morrissey.

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    2. gordyboy9
      what pish from senior life,of course it has relevance,
      its what Morrissey is,hes devoted his life to this cause and will never stop.very powerful video,you can see the sadness in the eyes and if you cant then your heartless.
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    3. Anonymous
      Fuck that pig
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    4. Anonymous
      What has to happen to you in life to post this?
      It's crude, heartless, and trashy.
      You obviously don't deserve to be on this planet. Please take your own life.
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    5. Uncleskinny
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    6. Anonymous
      Im not sure but i supposed all true to you post are previously approved by Morrissey or something like that? So it is, yes, relevant to anyone interested in him.

      About the video, how can people still see these precious creatures as food? It's really sad.
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    7. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      ¿Maybe you should have asked more politely.
      And offered him another planet.
    8. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      But it was on tty, or hmv (her masters voice) so it is relevant?
      Agree with your wish but you don't think all things Moz, music included, are discussed here ad infinitum?
      I think it is a very moving and heartfelt video.
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    9. Anonymous
      Fuck you and that pig.
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    10. Anonymous
      Bless...your family must be so proud of you.

      There is now a national helpline for those who were bullied at school and need counselling. Perhaps you should call it?
    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Why the pig?
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    12. Anonymous

      Btw, anger isn't sexy, but I am sure your "fuck that pig" is a real hit with the ladies.
      Morrissey has a message for you, the first 45 seconds are for you.
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    13. Anonymous
      I don't care about anyone who says fuck that pig. A pig is very intelligent and deserves a better life. The person obviously has no soul left to be so heartless.
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    14. Anonymous
      I don't care if that person ends up at the bottom of a garbage dump, I really don't. You have to be a sociopath to not have a shred of sympathy after watching the video.
    15. Anonymous
      Or simply just attention seeking stuff like this brings to mind the song and he bull fighter dies
    16. Anonymous

      Your right I'm sorry, I'm sorry that your family is locked up in those pens, my deepest sympathize.
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    17. Anonymous
      Everything you said makes total sense and this should be left on the other website, it's not news related to his tour or new album or anything that has to do with Morrissey then it shouldn't be on here.

      Of course we're gonna have people here say because Morrissey had Julia put it up on her site so it's Morrissey related whatever it's not, I'm here as a Morrissey fan, not a animal abuse seeking information fan I come here to see news about Morrissey not pigs or cows being killed if I want to do that I'll go on Peta website or some other animal planet website or whatever.

      This is Morrissey solo not Hog solo or The Pigs or This Carming Cow. Let True to you report this and actually give them some antonymy because everything that's on there is linked here so it's like why even bother going on that site if you automatically put it up here. I know I never bother going to the True to you website for any info because I know it will be linked and posted up on Morrissey solo.
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    18. ACTON
      A brainless troll who can't spell. How original.
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    19. countthree
      Genetically pigs are our closest related non-human animal.
      They are more clever than dogs and more sensitive than many humans.

      I'm happier to be related to pigs than to some people I'm genetically related to.
      Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
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