TTY: Public Transport in Ecuador

I could go on and on with nasty comments on his TTY posts, but I prefer not to, as I can see that Morrissey will always have superficial enough people who don't give a flying f*** and go for what the image creates, the buzz, the celebrity and so on.

BUT this is one of my pet hates. Advertisement for something blocking the view of those who sit on the bus! Whenever I see advertisement of my health insurance company plastered across the windows of yet another bus I am inches away from calling them in fury, but I cannot do so all the time. Here people can at least look outside the window at the front and the sides, but this is how it all starts. Before long they will also have the side windows blocking the view and they are allowed to look through pixilated images. Being on such a bus feels like being imprisoned, especially if you like the better view on the scenery from above, the busses are higher than the car and the the view that you usually different, you see more without the advertisement. It is the only thing that makes going on a bus enjoyable. But if I think of the number of times that I sat of the back of the bus when I went to school and looked out of the back... this advertisement here is surely also going to block the view of at least somebody. Of course people who think this out, to block windows with advertisment, rarely use the bus.
Um, you do realize many of those advertisements on buses/cars etc are made of material that you can see through from the inside? I don't know about Ecuador's traffic laws, but here in NYC you can't have your vision out of the rear of a bus or car blocked by anything, let alone an advertisement. Yet there are tons of buses with ads on them, but guess what they're made so you can see out of them! Silly goose...

Yep, its called contravision, fit it all the time, full of perforated holes, so you can see out!

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