TTY: Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ...; Buzzcocks for McDonald's

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By unloveable on Jun 16, 2016 at 8:01 PM
  1. unloveable

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    Jun 1, 2000
    Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ... -
    16 June 2016

    Pete Shelley has allowed McDonald's to use Buzzcocks' What do I get? to TV advertise McDonald's new Big Flavour (the flavour being sawdust) Chicken Wraps?!
    In the words of another Buzzcocks song: oh shit...


    June 2016

    above picture used with respect to owner (unknown)

    About a tv ad apparently from the UK using Buzzcocks "what do i get ?"
    I can't see it , it's not available in my region

    Buzzcocks , what do I get?
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    1. unloveable
      lol .... ay Morrissey
    2. Anonymous
      Must have needed the money
    3. Anonymous
      Yeah, it's a bit disappointing.
      I remember when some cosmetics company wanted to use Sting's Don't stand so close to me for their antiperspirant commercial.
    4. Anonymous
      A bit of a let-down, to say the least.

      If The Kids Are United by Sham 69 was used by McDonalds without permission because Jimmy Pursey and the other guy had sold the rights back in the day and didn't retain any control. Not saying this is like that, but we can hope.
    5. Anonymous
      Morrissey makes me laugh. I can see him spending hours on the net looking for either ridiculous pictures of the Queen or funny videos of baby animals.
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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I feel similar when I hear Queen being used to sell furniture - I'm guessing the artists are bound by some ancient contract or other. Brian May can't be comfortable with his music being used to flog chairs (nor does he need the money).
      Nothing is sacred.
    7. Anonymous
      Yeah I'm guessing in a lot of cases labels on a lot of the usage rights
    8. marred
      I've never been a fan of the buzzcocks but then they were way before my time. Am I missing out on anything. I have eaten maccas though.
    9. Anonymous
      Said the cheese smuggler ! L O L !:mock: :ahhh::clap::tiphat: :laughing: :rofl::highfive:
      Your beloved Irish homeland supplies most of their meat for Europe but you still perform there.
      And you drink Guinness !
      R O F L :rofl:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    10. devout
      The voiceover of Moz's book, David Morrissey, did a voiceover for McDs two years ago.

      Nothing was said then....
    11. devout
    12. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      You don't listen to any older music? The Buzzcocks were from the punk era.
    13. gordyboy9
      good to see the queen has finally got a job.thats another one off the jobseekers list,cameron will be pleased.
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    14. Anonymous
      I prefer this one:
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    15. Anonymous
      It's Buzzcocks not The Buzzcocks. BuzzCOCK and Pete SHELLEY. I can see the chicken link.....Surely this goes against all that Punk stood for? It's bad enough having to watch Euro football and be constantly bombarded with Coke and McDonald's ads. Therefore, my kids can't watch football... never understood why companies heavily linked to junk food and obesity are allowed to sponsor sporting events. Anyway i digress.
      Big shout-out to all those middle class English parents who like to "slum it" and treat their kids to a "Maccy D's"as a form of reward.......braindead.
    16. Anonymous
      No one is asking the obvious here....How does Morrissey know what McDonalds new chicken wraps taste like?
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    17. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Nice one moz, hope the old cow washes her hands before serving food
    18. Anonymous
      He doesn't. There have been rumours of sawdust in McDung for years now.

    19. Anonymous
      They're alright. Some good songs here and they're but nothing that ever wowed me. Like George said they're from the British punk era. Kinda like the jam at times kinda like the damned at times

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