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By Anonymous on Jan 5, 2017 at 10:27 AM
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    Photograph -
    5 January 2017


    Morrissey, clasped-hands centre, aged 4, at the marriage of Dorothy to Liam.
    St Wilfrid's Church in Hulme, Manchester.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 5, 2017.

    1. rifke
      more pics of your dad please, mozzer!
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    2. AztecCamera
      Reckon wasn't Uncle Steve's dad a deadbeat? Reckon maybe this is why he hasn't popped the question to Nancy after all these years. Reckon he has "commitment issues".
    3. Anonymous
      "Oh no no no ! No o o o o o o ! :eek:

      There shall be no more pictures of me thank you very much.
      Surprised it took so long for the penny to drop, well done rifke :thumb:
      Scoop of the year.

      Darth-Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    4. Anonymous
      Oh David, why did you have to leave us this way, heaven loves you :clap:
      HiYa Tony ! Came out well, great documentary.

      BtBB :greatbritain::knife:
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    5. Anonymous
      It's nothing to do me, but the poster never said he/she's a psychiatrist or in any way professionally qualified. It's just an opinion. The homosexual comment was more a social comment, I'd say on working-class England of the 70s...
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    6. Anonymous
      Every kid has a bathtub picture, Mozzer post that one.:rolleyes:
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    7. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Okay Benny, I agree it is a great documentary about a very great and inspiring Rock/Popstar but doesn't it deserve a thread on it's own? I don't see what this has got to do with the photo of Moz.
      They both exist and are interesting.
      Are you trying to get the attention away from the photo to the David documentary? And if so why?
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    8. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      But that is exactly what I mean.
      How can you base your opinion on such very arbitrary assumptions when you're not a professional psychiatrist?
      And didn't have him on your professional couch talking to him and asking questions.

      Okay, I understand that homophobic remark has to be considered as done in the past and not uncommon for the working-class during the seventies, but you could say at least something critical about that now in 2017 or are those seventies so attractive for what is left of the so-called working class they really would want them back?
      I doubt it cause I have a higher opinion of the individuals belonging to that working class. They can think for themselves if they want to like any individual, never mind class.
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    9. ACTON
      Or maybe he is just reaching out to his fans by being generous with a previously unseen photo. We all know Moz thinks the past isn't the past and is as real as the present. Of course he is right. At least to those of us who look back every now and again. People like Paul Weller live in the present with an eye to the future. Who is right and who is wrong I cannot say.
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    10. ACTON
      Bigoted brain dead bubonic bastard with nothing better to do with your wasted life than spend it on a website of an artist you hate? I feel sorry for you. But more sorry for anyone who has to endure your physical presence. What a bad use of good oxygen.
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    11. ACTON
      Hmmmm. I watched that documentary and am glad I did but what does that have to do with Moz. We don't really know Bowie any better because of a documentary that is supposed to be about Bowie's last five years but is made up of filler from the 60s up to 2016. I'm hoping Moz posts more old photos. What's the harm? If you don't like it then do like a Stormtrooper and "Move along. Move along. These aren't the droids we're looking for."
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    12. AztecCamera
      Reckon me blocked anon users so me can't read that post about bragging how cute he was. The clown is obvious not English or Irish Catholic because the scum stated "brits" and "Irish Catholic" in the same post and what me have learned from this website is that Brits and Irish Catholics still hate each other.
    13. Anonymous
      Rather than kick off the new year with an old family irrelevant photograph from yonks ago I honestly thought we would have had a statement/update on Gustavo's health and well being considering how they couldn't carry on the show without him in the gang of brothers.
      And yet here we are in the new year without a kind word of concern for him from anyone :cool:. Even the bots have forgotten about him already :rolleyes:.
      Funny old world innit !
      Makes you wonder if he was even ill in the first place :brows:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    14. countthree
      What a lovely and beautiful photo...
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    15. Anonymous
      Another clasped hands photo
      Yowza what a stare:p

    16. Anonymous
      I'd love to know just what Morrissey is thinking in this picture. He is so cute. Maybe he is making mental notes for the future when he is in The Smiths... something like: "Ah yes, flowers...good idea!"
    17. Waga Waga the half-orc
      Waga Waga the half-orc
      I bet he's actually hinting that he secretly got married sometime around New Year.
    18. AztecCamera
      Marriage licenses are public record in LA County and unfortunately I did not find a marriage record for Uncle Steve and Aunt Nancy (yet).
    19. Anonymous
      It's almost looks like he's in the middle of saying something
    20. jaclove
      Thanks for your reply on here whoever you are! Spiritualism fulfils me. Kindest regardsx
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