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By Anonymous on Jan 5, 2017 at 10:27 AM
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    Photograph -
    5 January 2017


    Morrissey, clasped-hands centre, aged 4, at the marriage of Dorothy to Liam.
    St Wilfrid's Church in Hulme, Manchester.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 5, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      I think it fits the pattern of some of his latest photo postings. The one of him and his sister sitting jnhis room and the other pic posted not long ago of him as a child
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    2. Anonymous
      I like the photo for its simple innocent joyful quality. They look happy to be married and the rest look happy for hem. Sometimes people make life harder than it need be
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    3. jaclove
      Beautiful Photograph - shared with us as part of the Morrissey/O Dwyer Family Archives. We all have similar photos from our own family archives to share & reflect upon! My wonderful Nana & Grandad married at St Wilfrid's, Hulme in 1936. Last year, I paid a visit to St. Wilfrid's - it was a wonderful, happy experience knowing that my grandparents stood at the altar where I stood & I remembered them dearly & with strength! I had prior knowledge that Nana was with child ( with my wonderful Daddy Jim!) at the time of their wedding plus she was a Catholic with a non conformist husband to be! She had been turned away from other Catholic Churches - St Augustine's/ Holy Name to boot! Shame on them - My Dad went on to have a wonderful life, produced 11 children with Mama I am one of them - and I live to tell the tale.
      Night God Bless to you all x
    4. Anonymous
      Sweet story and I am similarly nostalgic and sentimental. Me and my wife were married by the same man who married my parents who is a family friend. If he's still alive I'm hoping he'll one day marry my son. As to the Catholic Church being unempathetic my family can relate. When my grandmother left my abusive grandfather they so kindly sent a letter informing her that her children Kyle now be considered bastards. It was gonna be hard enough for her being a single mother of four in those days so she hardly needed an upsetting shaming letter telling her something she probably already knew. Boo on them
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    5. Anonymous
      Crikey ! :eek:
      Times are harder than first thought.
      He's now flogging t-shirts of it at the emporium webshite in all sizes :laughing::rofl:

      :rolleyes: The importance of being Steven Tosserrey I guess ! :mock::tiphat::laughing:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife: L O L
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    6. Anonymous
      you have your fathers feet
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    7. Anonymous
      You forgot to mention how you still go to church every Sunday ? Mmmmm! :rolleyes:
      Don't tell lies now or God will strike you down tomorrow ! :cool:

      God bless X :brows:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    8. ACTON
      Used to be a sweet boy. Holding so tightly to Daddy's hand. But that was all in some distant land.
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    9. Anonymous
      Weird photo to share and weird you all lap up someone else's family shots from their childhood

      - Sami P
    10. Anonymous
      Well I, like I'm sure some others here as well, just like old photographs and this is a nice one. It's why we talked about the clothing and the times a bit etc. I don't know, people share all kinds of family photos on things like facebook all the time and it's not considered weird so why not morrissey. He's no less of a human being than the rest of us
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    11. Anonymous
      Weird that you comment on it's weirdness. :squiffy:
      There is a reason why he shared it, none of us know why. Maybe he is thinking about marriage, bragging about how cute he was, or just loves his family.
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    12. Anonymous
      Even weirder to comment on the weirdness of the weird comment. :paranoid:
    13. Anonymous
      I know what you mean when talking about the boxes of memorabilia left behind after a deceased relative. My partner's two family members died recently and he is bringing home boxes of photos and "prized possessions". Meanwhile, I am simmering in silence, thinking how quickly I can get rid of this "stuff". I am contemplating a secret exit of the new acquired priceless inheritance. To me it's a pile of crap that is trying to make its way into my already overwhelming existence.
    14. Anonymous
      So cute, I wanna pet you.:laughing:
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    15. Anonymous
      Torch it all, nobody needs those old Smiths LPs

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    16. Anonymous
      Bragging about how cute he was ?
      Hes just a little child in a cardigan , like lots of Brits of that time , hell even still now . Most young kids are cute .
      Morrisseys idea of his family as beautiful mom and handsome fist fighter dad is also true of many in working class famlies .
      The trouble with morrisseys version is it's not that true of his . His dad was your normal sport fan drunk , with not much going on and his mum a nutty Irish Catholic cow of a woman , always nagging, driving his dad away suffucatin from lack of understanding. His sister dumpy, his nephews chubby uninteresting and and none of their uncles looks and gift .
      Morrissey tries s to make it seem special , he has to . Deep down he knows it was hell . He needs to feel lack of failure . That's all his life is about trying not to be a failure and by always trying to be not , to be it is
      Singing hasn't saves him . To be a gay boy is to be a joke , all the singing , poems and glitter are attempts to be excused . But he knows he can't be . To be a man chasing the cock is to be a laughing stock . Not a man an Ancle Montty .
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    17. Anonymous
      Lol and someone thinks we're reading to much into a photo
    18. Anonymous
      Why does your font change several times?? Trying to hard to be relevant that you screw up your own formatting?
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    19. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Your words sound as that of the many, many pseudo-psychiatrists, (you just joined the queue) like Moz has spend numerous hours on your professional couch.
      Something a real professional one would never do cause it would be a breach of privacy.
      How can anyone take you serious as you seem to make an analysis based on what? Not seeing and talking to the patient in real time.
      Or are you?
      Do you know him?

      It's just a photo, isn't?
      A nice one I believe but I can't understand why people here turn it into something negative, nasty and condemning.

      Your last sentence sounds like a very condemning and homophobic comment and THAT is the final prove your opinion can't be taken serious in any way.
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    20. Anonymous
      Never mind all this old photo nostalgia nonsense bollocks of the young pillock Steven.
      David Bowie the last 5 years documentary is on BBC2 tonight. A true 24/7 Rock n roll legend right to the last breathe with grace and style.

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