TTY: Outside of Morrissey's hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay, 7 December 2015

This is dumb... so 15 teens girls scream MARCY over and over... and when are we going to learn to take video wide???
I thought Morrissey would arrive and get mobbed, not sure it needs a 1 minute video!
Oh the importance of being Tosserrey !

Utterly, pathetically desperate. What, exactly, is the point of this? Get a grip.
I sincerely hope he is getting sexual favors from the more attractive ones, go have some fun Mozza!
they are facing the wrong way. its not moz they are waiting on.
I sincerely hope he is getting sexual favors from the more attractive ones, go have some fun Mozza!

Well if his novel is anything to go by I don't think he would know what to do with his bulbous bellend !
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Oh oh oh oh oh oh !

"So gay in Paraguay, No vageena in Argentina... I guess nobody told them, still they cheer- Hooray, hooray..."
um i thought there was gonna be a huge crowd or something. I mean, why would he wanted to posted this? there seem to be less than thirty fans or something. I legit thought the crowd was gonna be something like this:

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Hey Moz, video of this modest group of fans outside your hotel doesn't impress in this day and age. Are the pictures of Morrissey with James Dean, Johnny Cash, and Elvis supposed to remind us of your icon status which is surely fading and far away now? End the desperation and have a current picture taken with Johnny Marr if you really want to remind the public of your eternal icon status. The Sam Esty Raynor photos don't quite cut it. I say this with love I assure you!!!!!!
Morrissey could never ever beat the Beatles. Best band eva


By the way what a dumb place to stand in that picture. You could slip and your head would look like a cross between mashed potatoes and a watermelon thrown off the top of a high building.

They should have been at home listening to Something About The Beatles podcasts.
Ever since 1991 I have seen lots of girls trying to get backstage and at hotels. Now, I know the original Kill Uncle-Your Arsenal Tour band liked their FEMALE groupies and you can only assume Morrissey does too. You people are so confused. Anonymous-
Aw, I think it was sweet of the fans to do that for Morrissey and sweet of him to post the video. It must have made the fans happy to know he appreciated their efforts.

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