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    Morrissey has commented:

    "Christmas is a time for extreme violence and bad-will to millions of innocent and defenceless birds and animals who do not want to die, but who will be gleefully slaughtered by the human race - the most stupid and selfish and destructive species on the planet."

    Xmoz Photographs by Sam Esty Rayner.

    I'll just leave this here.
    Happy holidays where possible.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Dec 24, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      Celebrity seeking vegans have a tendency to bring veganism into disrepute as often they make common, hasty schoolboy/girl errors in the continued search of their fame. If a seconds thought had gone into this photo shoot it would never have happened. It is crap for so many reasons. Sam Etsy Rainer has yet to produce one creative image of any merit. Each and every one that I have seen makes me wince at its rank amateurism. Why this continues is clear; nepotism.

      These smoking images are the latest pitiful attempts by the talentless turd to ride on the coat-tails of the falling star that is Morrissey. Images like this attempt to perpetuate the notion that smoking is cool. If you believe cool to be the continued torture of animals in laboratories, self-inflicted smoking related cancers and the poisoning of those that do not smoke then maybe it is cool.

      Over the years I have supported the views of Morrissey when all around me people shouted abuse at him. Of late I have less and less respect for him. This latest gaff has left me quite angry and I have resorted in that anger to write this response. If the man has any genuine belief in veganism he should apologise for allowing these dreadful photos to emerge. He won't, of course. He should then immediately cut all ties with Sam Etsy Rainer as a creative force. Another nail in his coffin.
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    2. Anonymous
      And the year of the reaper isn't over with yet :eyes::ghost:
      He does look like a dirty old man though :eek: That numpty nephew of his never fails to 4ck things up.
      Great entertainment though :clap: More ! :clap: Bravo ! :clap:More ! :clap:More !

      Benny-the-British-Butcber :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:
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    3. Anonymous
      The funniest thing of all though is he's NOT even a vegan :eek: L O L :rofl::laughing: he's a CrankFraud who by pure chance stumbled upon the gimmick when he penned the song meat is murder which later turned into meat is cash flow.
      Bullfighter was penned in the hope of being another huge kerching payout :gbp:but failed terribly.

      Cheese eaters of the world unite and take over :highfive: :tiphat:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:
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    4. Anonymous
      He looks like he has a ski tan. I would pay a lot of money to see Morrissey ski.
    5. countthree
      Oh! Hope she will recover soon.
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    6. Anonymous
      Morrissey and his nephew enjoying each other's company and having fun during the holidays and then Morrissey sharing it with us...Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it. Thanks Morrissey! His message is sad and sounds harsh while people are maybe trying to feel jolly, but I know it is tragically the honest truth for the animals being consumed. I do have some hope for the human race though, because I still believe we can find ways to make things better that will work for everyone - including other animals - if we keep trying and trying...even if it is two steps forward, one step back. One thing I've realized lately is it really is very important to listen to each other's pain and to try to understand what others are living with every day, and to try and help if you can, because the pain that causes people to do desperate things doesn't just go away by itself and something will need to be changed (the tricky part is figuring out what and how) before something awful and horrible happens - and probably before something great could happen. I know this is not a new thought and wise people have probably known it forever, but remembering it has recently helped me to make a tiny bit of sense of the world and maybe feel a little less hopeless.
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    7. Anonymous
      I don't know if he's that flexible.
    8. countthree
      So true.
    9. LizSK2
      Brilliant! Throat cancer survivor smokes cigar! Moz, you fool
    10. Anonymous
      Ohh Morrissey. So handsome and so sentive at the same time. I really love him being so humane. He is always thinking on animals. The older the better :blushing::love:
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    11. Anonymous
      Will we get a NYE message maybe with a mimosa? New year's heave is a hoot and a half. ..

      This concert was special

    12. Anonymous
      I can see my head in this video:). I was that close. Jeez, I feel so nostalgic, it makes me want to cry, or open another bottle of may newly discovered favorite cider - Rekorderlig.
      Cheers to Mr. Morrissey's health.
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    13. Anonymous
      These photos look great. Wonder if the Bruce Lee jacket was a Christmas present. Great job all around.
    14. Anonymous
      Happy new year Steve and Diesel, my favourite (only):rolleyes: humasexual couple in the whole wide world. Time is ticking lads, Christmas is so yesterday we really do need to start moving forward regards 2017 .The fans and bots on the proxy website "True to nobody" which channels its messages through Mauricey solo are growing impatient.
      It's time to get back to work lads ! New songs ! Can you write ? :rofl:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    15. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      LOL at the people in this thread who are so proud of having stuffed their faces with meat this Christmas as if it was some sort of achievement.

      Nobody is keeping you idiots from eating tons of meat and making this world a worse place, but to come to a website dedicated to a vegetarian / animal rights activist (and a website frequented by many vegetarians and vegans) and "brag" about how much fucking meat you consume ... you small, small persons you.

      Fair criticism of Morrissey is one thing, this is just pure spite and stupidity.
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