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By Famous when dead on Dec 24, 2016 at 7:40 PM
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    24 December 2016


    Morrissey has commented:

    "Christmas is a time for extreme violence and bad-will to millions of innocent and defenceless birds and animals who do not want to die, but who will be gleefully slaughtered by the human race - the most stupid and selfish and destructive species on the planet."

    Xmoz Photographs by Sam Esty Rayner.

    I'll just leave this here.
    Happy holidays where possible.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Dec 24, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      Oh, I say
    2. celibate
      great picture, , everyone enjoy festive days, as for me it's just like any other days...

      1 wish, is me mum get's well, fell with her bicycle ,ankle broken...
    3. Anonymous
      "I smoke 'cos I'm hoping for an
      early death

      That ain't helping the cancer Mozzer!
    4. SeniorLife
      I hope she recovers speedily. Enjoy your festive holidays.
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    5. SeniorLife
      Someone posted it already, but I concur.

      Morrissey, you are an absolute amazing lyricist. An absolute enigma, that inspires people in many ways, probably more than you are aware. You have touched so many lives with your music, including mine, that you should feel very satisfied, and justly so.

      But please give it a rest with the animal banter. Make more music for us to enjoy, and be inspired. But just give it a rest for awhile with the 'protect the animal' crusade. We get it.

      Move on.
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    6. rifke
      why yes, mozzer, it's an awful time of year, isnt it? just awful. i had to go to my sisters and was a seething ball of resentment all day today. my sisters friend came over and she had these squinty little eyes and this upturned nose and i couldnt even look at her because in my foul mood her face annoyed me that much. (i must confess however, i feel kind of bad now. i should've just sucked it up and tried to be pleasant. sigh)

      my friend wrote a message today about how christmas is a time of year which highlights for people this feeling of 'not having it together'. for me, it's the opposite: my growing refusal to place an unnatural, nonsensical and disproportionate amount of value on a single day, which recurs unvaryingly each year, and my growing refusal to align my affinities with those of philistines, makes me feel more together than ever. so it should be.

      one day i imagine i will have advanced so far along these lines i will be able to say: ucciso mio padre, mangiate carne ummana, tremo di gioja. (yes, i have been watching pasolini movies, thanks to you, and im a bit obsessed!)

      wow, what lovely photos though, mozzer. my, you are a handsome one, arent you? i particularly like the style of these. <3
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    7. Anonymous
      "Now then, now then, now then ! Come here Diesel ! As it happens it's Christmas morning ! Wowwwww ! And I ! Jingle jangle jewellery ! Uncle Mozzxit :bookmark: have something to give to yooouw you see ! :gift: Wow !:eyes: Come here ! Come here ! Come here ! Ooohhhhhoooo ! ! !

      Mr Xmas :santa: what can I say ? A thousand thanks to you sir ! Could you please give Diesel his Mozzxit badge please ! :clapping: "

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree::santa:

      Happy Christmas everyone (even the bots and munchkins)
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    8. gordyboy9
      as a huge bruce lee an I would die for that jacket,if anyone comes across where he got it from could you bung it on here.not getting anything from google.
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    9. gordyboy9
      should read FAN not an.
    10. 123xyz
      What excellent , fun , shots !

      And merry Christmas to Morrissey-solo and all who sail aboard her !
    11. dotmatrix522
      Hi there,
      It was available through Bruce Lee's official merch page...but it seems the jacket Moz is wearing is no longer available as it was limited edition and its' not on the store anymore. Maybe try Ebay?

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    12. Anonymous
      loving the wispy comb over, goes great with the Saville attire and cigar.
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    13. Zari
      Great to hear from Morrissey on this day and this really needs to be said.
      Very cool pictures of Moz!
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    14. Anonymous
    15. Anonymous

      Nope he prefers Man sausage.
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    16. Anonymous
      Well I don't know about you guys but im gonna have some defenseless bird the day after Christmas but from where hmmm KFC or Popeyes, hmmm to hell with it I'll get it from Pioneer chicken.

      Also he needs to do something with his damn hair his comb over is starting to look dreadful it's going the way of a Donald Trump comb over.
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    17. Anonymous
      What a total dick Morrissey is. The guy is a contrary moron. Here he spouts the devilry of Christmas and its impact on animals yet he thinks it cool to normalise and publicise smoking. Just how many animals have been tested on and tortured within the tobacco industries? Yes, Morrissey, millions upon millions upon millions. You are a clown. A total, self-seeking, fucking clown and you do animals no favour whatsoever by posing for these fucking terrible photos. Shame on you!!!
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    18. Anonymous
      I HATE these photos. Smokers are premeditated killers; selfish, hateful people that poison others. Well done for glamorizing them.
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    19. vanetta
      I love this. Merry Christmas all.
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    20. Anonymous

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