TTY: Morrissey Ticket Sales; "World Peace..." re-launch confirmation

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By Raphael Lambach on Aug 10, 2016 at 7:33 PM
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    Morrissey Ticket Sales -
    10 August 2016


    Morrissey's show at Philadelphia Tower Theater (22 September) and also at Brooklyn Kings Theater (24 September) both instantly sold out.
    The added date at Bren Events Center in Irvine is close to sold out.
    Morrissey's first show in China at MacPherson Stadium (Hong Kong) has almost sold out.
    Plans remain in place for the re-launch of World Peace Is None of Your Business (pictured above).

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    1. pluck
      Yeah but it's time to play:

      - Mountjoy
      - Forgive Someone
      - Drag the river
      - Julie in the weeds
      - Art-hounds
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    2. Anonymous
      right because Moz lives a life of intrigue and excitement, buying 5os themed with man sidekick, it cant possibly get more exciting. well, maybe, having the man assistant plug in your multi region dvd player in the 5 star hotel lobby socket. watch dumb dvd with man assistant while downing bottle of grey goose. its almost like a james bond movie it so exciting. no doubt everybody out there is jealous.
    3. AztecCamera
      Hi Mr. Morris,

      This is Kylie the intern over at the Agoura Hills office. FYI....This guy left a message here on our voicemail. He said his name is Craig G. He sounded like an English Butler. He said that he will not take payment of soon to be expired blocks of KerryGold, jars of Ragu, or chocolate chip cookies to be the "special guest guitar player" at this place called Bank Chester that you are playing a show at??

      BTW...your nephew is sooooo hot. He sits in front of me in Iphone Film Editing 101 at USC. Maybe he will invite me over for spaghetti night and I can finally meet you!


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    4. countthree
      Certain people I don't necessarily know are mixing all the characters...
    5. Anonymous
      Well, thanks for letting us know. I'm sure Morrissey will be gutted...
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    6. Anonymous
      Sounds good to me...
    7. Anonymous
      Sinbad, don't listen to the morons on here. Tickets for Manchester are selling for more than face value on Ebay. Yes, there will be a few empty seats in the Gods (as there always is at such an awful venue) but there will also be 15,000 diehards who will love every minute.
    8. Anonymous
      In Norway it's illegal to sell concert tickets for more than face value
    9. Uncleskinny
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    10. King Leer
      King Leer
      Plenty of Brits still in HK -- a good portion of the crowd will be made up by them.

    11. Anonymous
      Love to see mount joy make an appearance but I'm indifferent to the rest of the world peace bonus tracks
    12. evennow
      Same for me except I saw him at the Mann Theater. Unless you are a HUGE fan of World Peace then there is not much in the set list to warrant the price of admission. It sold out so I am happy for those who will go and enjoy it.
    13. Anonymous
      Tickets aren't selling on eBay at all, let alone for more than face value. Plus, standing are still available on TM/G&T's as well as re-sale sites. The arena is too big for him now, and those prices certainly haven't helped; sadly.
    14. Anonymous

      if you insist in buying tix for Manchester, surely you will have a wide selection for at most a quid, right before showtime.
    15. ACTON
      Pity TTY doesn't list the songs on the re-issue. Similar to Marred's comment previously really. Moz should be incentivising people to buy it by including extra tracks (and a tasteful badge), and letting people know in advance. I'm not buying the same CD again just because it has a different cover. I've done that before and it is a hollow experience.
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    16. saintST3PH3N
      i got a pit ticket for king's theatre in brooklyn, nyc. took some doing: refreshing the ticketmaster page for a good 20 minutes. the presale tickets on sale the day before were pretty lousy.

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