TTY: Morrissey Ticket Sales; "World Peace..." re-launch confirmation

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By Raphael Lambach on Aug 10, 2016 at 7:33 PM
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    Morrissey Ticket Sales -
    10 August 2016


    Morrissey's show at Philadelphia Tower Theater (22 September) and also at Brooklyn Kings Theater (24 September) both instantly sold out.
    The added date at Bren Events Center in Irvine is close to sold out.
    Morrissey's first show in China at MacPherson Stadium (Hong Kong) has almost sold out.
    Plans remain in place for the re-launch of World Peace Is None of Your Business (pictured above).

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    1. sweetness522
      New York loves Morrissey. That's a fact. :thumb:
    2. Sinbad
      ......and Manchester will be empty (sadly)
    3. Anonymous
      Confirmation? "Remains in place" sounds pretty vague tbh.
    4. Anonymous
      Half the NY tix went directly to scalpers and 3rd party sites. Also, single tickets are still available in the back of the orchestra. GA pit never existed as far as I can tell. Did anyone get any?
    5. Anonymous
      I am curious what the reaction is of the Hong Kong crowd is, also, since no one here can respond about anything but crowd size, there is a question not asked yet.

      Why Joan of Arc on cover? I don't remember the last time a woman was on the cover of a Morrissey album.

      I genuinely admire Morrissey for his business skills, album re release is a big deal, especially if he is doing it under his own album.

      Very nice photo
    6. Anonymous
      Well it's usually him n the album cover but I think a lot of the smiths singles and some of his had women on the front page. As to the re release I doubt so much that it's about selling to many more physical copies but rather getting it back on streaming platforms and other digital outlets
    7. Sarcasmos
      Here's hoping he keeps the bonus tracks.
    8. Tiptoes.
      What makes you say that?
    9. moho
      I was going to buy tickets.....
      I saw him in 2004 in Philadelphia - compare the setlists
      $89.50 for a weak and tired setlist is not worth my time
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    10. Anonymous
      Manchester isn't sold out, but the last gig at the same venue was only two thirds full, at best. Last time they covered some of the unsold seating areas with curtains, and gave away free tickets on the day to people in town. The venue is so huge, and the ticket prices so high, that Moz will still make out like a bandit - even if the place is half empty!
    11. marred
      You don't know half the tickets went to scalpers. Anything else you want to tell us that you have no idea about while you're at it?
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    12. marred
      Make it a triple vinyl with the bonus tracks!
    13. marred
      Well apart from the obvious reference to Bigmouth Strikes Again he probably chose her because she was a martyr who was silenced by the mob? i.e: World Peace being none of her business. I don't know, that's the best I can do.
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    14. Anonymous
      What about Manchester ? How's that one selling Steve :laughing:


      A) show up and be humiliated ( possible key in a box though from the council after you spat your dummy out last time around )

      B) show up and perform three or four and then say you don't feel safe because of a man in a red pullover shouting "Old Trafford"

      C) get a sicknote from Dr Jeremy Fine who informs you, you're not fine not even in the gossamer way

      D) miss your flight

      E) get a puncture on the covered wagon

      F) Mum ill

      G) a lawnmower part dies

      H) break up with huma Diesel

      I) other

      :tiphat: BtBB to :greatbritain::knife:
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    15. Anonymous
      how can these shows be sold out, yet they cant seem to unload the ton of 350 dollar 'platinum tickets' that are available right now? what kind of a sell out is a Moz sell out if hundreds of tix are still unaccounted for?
      my take: sellouts are fake, NO sell out.
    16. Anonymous
      Or better still ! Get off the stage you silly old man and take your old flabby tits with you while you're at it.

      BtBB :greatbritain::knife:
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    17. Sarcasmos
      Didn't the Manchester date sell out.
    18. Anonymous
      first curtain only sold out in Manchester. second, third and fourth pending.
    19. Anonymous
      Can't sleep Benny? Had to get in one more jab at Morrissey in the MIDDLE of thr night? You need a hobby Benny besides posting angry rants at him. JEALousy makee people do crazy things.
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