TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

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By JoeSellMozza on Jul 27, 2016 at 3:52 AM
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    Morrissey Shows Confirmed -
    26 July 2016

    20 LOUISVILLE, Palace Theatre, Kentucky (USA)
    22 PHILADELPHIA, Tower Theater, Pennsylvania (USA)
    24 BROOKLYN, Kings Theatre, New York (USA)
    28 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
    29 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
    1 YOKOHAMA, Bay Hall (Japan)
    2 OSAKA, IMP Hall (Japan)
    6 HONG KONG, MacPherson Stadium (China)
    12 JAKARTA, Senayan Golf Driving Range (Indonesia)
    15 SINGAPORE CITY, Marina Barrage (Singapore)
    18 BANGKOK, Moonstar Studio (Thailand)
    22 MELBOURNE, Festival Hall (Australia)
    26 ADELAIDE, Thebarton Theatre (Australia)
    28 CANBERRA, Royal Theatre (Australia)
    29 WOLLONGONG, WIN Centre (Australia)
    31 NEWCASTLE, Civic Theatre (Australia)
    9 IRVINE, Bren Events Center, California (USA)
    11 RENO, Grand Theatre, Nevada (USA)
    14 BOULDER, Boulder Theater, Colorado (USA)
    16 DALLAS, McFarlin Auditorium, Texas (USA)
    17 SAN ANTONIO, Tobin Center, Texas (USA)
    19 HOUSTON, White Oak Music Hall, Texas (USA)
    23 EL PASO, Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas (USA)
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by JoeSellMozza, Jul 27, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      He should feel lucky to STILL have some fans in Canada.
    2. Anonymous
      :rofl:thanks again:laughing:
    3. marred
      I'm sure they'll get the people that would've gone to the Sydney show, like me for example. It's all down to who can and wants to book him. Maybe the Enmore Theatre had other acts on the nights he wanted to play? It's only a few hours drive to either of those out of city venues and it'll be a fun pilgrimage. The Enmore Theatre is a great venue but it'll be nice to go somewhere different this time around.

      I just can't get over back to back years of Morrissey gigs. Having to wait ten years between 2002 and 2012 was the norm for us down here. Then 2015 with the book signing and the Sydney Opera House residency last year brightened the horizon but coming back again the following year for five venues? Slap me so I can wake up :)
    4. butley
      I assumed Morrissey wanted to play around Sydney this time. He seems to enjoy playing a little off the beaten track. Most promoters work the same circuit. Seems unlikely a major tour would be booked if there were no places in Sydney if he wanted to specifically play there. What do I know?
    5. Anonymous
      As a Moz fan from Sydney I agree, I'll be heading to both Newcastle and the Gong at least.

      2002 to 2012 were very lean years for us Moz fans down under. I was jealous as hell when my Dad went to a NYC gig back in 2007 during the greatest hits tour.

      Last year was great managed to score tickets for 3 nights at the opera house.
      My girlfriend and I were was also lucky to be in LA for NYE and went to the show.

    6. Anonymous
      I'm sure that there will likely be a Sydney show added, as it's also a but odd that he is playing Irvine again, but not Los Angeles, so maybe they are working on adding an LA show as well?
    7. Anonymous
      Yes, and look out for a show in Iran after the shows in Israel. It's his biggest goal and there is some space until Riot Fest.
    8. Anonymous
      Isn't Roger Daltrey in his 70's and Morrissey in his 50's? I don't recall Roger Daltrey cancelling because of a missed flight, bad penne, mad at David Bowie, or any of the other drama that Morrissey seems to have. He and Pete Townshend used to beat the crap out of each other and the show still went on. Morrissey allegedly gets bitch slapped and he cancels shows for a week.
    9. gordyboy9
      that's not the point.they cancelled.
    10. TheBoyWithTheDragonTattoo
      Just went on the venue website for the PA show... $122 each before taxes and fees was the least expensive seat in the place- up in the balcony and off to the left or right- so not even good center balcony seats. Wow. I don't think shows should be so cheap an artist barely scrapes by but... just, wow. Decent seats are all well over $200 a piece. Smiths Reunion Tour prices to watch Moz flog World Peace again or test out new songs trying to interest a label? No thanks. To all that attend- have a great time and more power to you. Moz has obviously become a little too dear for my wallet.

      EDIT: For the type of show Morrissey puts on (no flash- no gimmicks- minimal backing band) I think around $80 per ticket is fair for non premium seating.
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    11. Alex Spragens
      Alex Spragens
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    12. Anonymous
      I saw those Vivid tickets at first as well but then I went directly to Tower Theater's website (that's the venue for the PA show) to buy tickets and they were just as crazy-expensive.
    13. Anonymous
      Those weren't ticket prices. you were at a re-sellers website. that site is not affiliated with the tower theater.

    14. TPH976
      There are several sites that look like official sites for the Tower Theater but most are just aftermarket vendors. The show hasn't been listed on the venue's official site ( or on Livenation yet, so I assume the prices will be much better than you're seeing on some of these other sites.
    15. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Don't people know how to buy concert tickets properly yet? Good gravy.
    16. Anonymous

    17. Bobmoz
    18. gordyboy9
      to anyone going to one or more of these shows.ENJOY.
    19. Anonymous
      Thanks, I a plan on having a ton of fun.

      Morrissey, please post when your tickets go on sale, please, thanks.
    20. AJ12345
      Look at all those Aussie dates! We must be growing on him.

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