TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

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By JoeSellMozza on Jul 27, 2016 at 3:52 AM
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    Morrissey Shows Confirmed -
    26 July 2016

    20 LOUISVILLE, Palace Theatre, Kentucky (USA)
    22 PHILADELPHIA, Tower Theater, Pennsylvania (USA)
    24 BROOKLYN, Kings Theatre, New York (USA)
    28 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
    29 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
    1 YOKOHAMA, Bay Hall (Japan)
    2 OSAKA, IMP Hall (Japan)
    6 HONG KONG, MacPherson Stadium (China)
    12 JAKARTA, Senayan Golf Driving Range (Indonesia)
    15 SINGAPORE CITY, Marina Barrage (Singapore)
    18 BANGKOK, Moonstar Studio (Thailand)
    22 MELBOURNE, Festival Hall (Australia)
    26 ADELAIDE, Thebarton Theatre (Australia)
    28 CANBERRA, Royal Theatre (Australia)
    29 WOLLONGONG, WIN Centre (Australia)
    31 NEWCASTLE, Civic Theatre (Australia)
    9 IRVINE, Bren Events Center, California (USA)
    11 RENO, Grand Theatre, Nevada (USA)
    14 BOULDER, Boulder Theater, Colorado (USA)
    16 DALLAS, McFarlin Auditorium, Texas (USA)
    17 SAN ANTONIO, Tobin Center, Texas (USA)
    19 HOUSTON, White Oak Music Hall, Texas (USA)
    23 EL PASO, Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas (USA)
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by JoeSellMozza, Jul 27, 2016.

    1. gordyboy9
      hope mozz visits the bruce lee statue when hes in hong kong.if your a fan its unmissable.
    2. ADAM
      We've got air conditioned tents, a mil-grade satellite for
      Netflix, and we don't skimp on the bubbly. You're welcome to join us.
    3. Anonymous
      Why so much shows in USA again? I suppose there are many other countries ready to organise the show, but I do not understand why there is only one (or at most two, Japan is rare exception this time) show for the rest of the world. Is America still the best place to make money or what?
    4. Abrahan
      I'm just hoping the venue for the show in Houston is completed by November.
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    5. Anonymous
      True2Benny statement.


      Before purchasing tickets for these dates you are advised to make sure they are animal friendly (unlike Glastonbury which Steve performed at more than once) and also 100% meat free venues.

      In the likely event that they fail to meet the above criteria and you choose to go ahead and purchase tickets YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE ANIMAL PIMP'S PROCESS !

      You will all be publicly named and shamed and never taken seriously again here on solo so my advice to you would be choose very carefully !


      The choice is yours, there will be no getting back in the cockpit once you have jumped out of the aeroplane.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    6. A nana-mouse
      A nana-mouse
      I would guess shows somewhere down the I-10 or the I-8 after El Paso.
      I'm guessing Tucson/Phoenix or Tucson/San Diego
    7. Anonymous
    8. Anonymous
      I think he's still got a very good sized audience and he'll be here for riot fest. Probably also able to do multiple shows without having to fly
    9. Anonymous
      O M F G ! :eek: :ahhh:

      NEWS FLASH #########

      New songs ! :highfive:

      The crooner ate cheese



      Benny Racer

      Damon's Bone

      Brummie (we're really missing you)

      Diesel the cheese mule

      Minge is murder

      Steve the ripper

      In the past when all was well

      Benny you've killed me

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    10. Anonymous
      Has TTY confirmed that all the venues will be meat free?
      before they go on sale and can be cancelled if not meat free?
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    11. dotmatrix522
      There are a couple of different performance spaces at the Tobin Center. "Other Mozart" is happening in one of the small studio spaces. I assume Moz will play in the larger performing arts hall, where most touring acts do their shows.
    12. Anonymous
    13. Compadre
      hoping for some additional California dates between Nov. 1 and 9
    14. marred
      Yes!!!! No Sydney date for some weird reason but I'll be at Wollongong, Canberra and Newcastle :) I can't believe it!!!!!
    15. AztecCamera
      There will be more California dates. He still has not scheduled the 2 shows in San Diego, 2-3 more shows in the LA area and some Northern CA dates. I have heard he is having problems getting venues and venues he hasn't played before, which is hard in Southern CA since he has played almost everywhere. The Mayan would be nice in LA, since he goes to that "lucha libre" wrestling every month.

      Don't believe it. I see the Asia/Australia leg being cancelled or at least some of the dates, particularly Australia.
    16. Anonymous
      On November 9th I fully expect him to sing America is not the world with corrected lyrics. Obama, Hillary, and Buchanan meet his criteria. If Hillary loses on the 8th, I fully expect him to sing November spawned a monster. Not a big HC fan, but the alternative is so much worse.
    17. Anonymous
      I do find it very strange there isn't a Sydney date, but even stranger that Newcastle and Wollongong get shows, I hope they get a good crowd to those.
    18. Alex Spragens
      Alex Spragens
      If you know anyone needing riot fest tickets, I now have two for sale

      And yes, I wonder when the pre sale will begin?? I wanna make sure I get them as soon as possible. I'm afraid I'll miss it because I'm in Canada right now! We have to get the best seats possible, of course ha
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    19. Anonymous
      He boycotts for other reasons other than seals you know.
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    20. Anonymous
      Can anyone explain me how it is possible to have his gig in a venue with seats? I feel like it's quite different to ballet or opera, I can imagine only standing venues when I think about Morrissey.

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