TTY: Morrissey Shows Confirmed (US, Asia, Australia, Sep. - Nov. 2016)

Morrissey Shows Confirmed -
26 July 2016

20 LOUISVILLE, Palace Theatre, Kentucky (USA)
22 PHILADELPHIA, Tower Theater, Pennsylvania (USA)
24 BROOKLYN, Kings Theatre, New York (USA)
28 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
29 TOKYO, Orchard Hall (Japan)
1 YOKOHAMA, Bay Hall (Japan)
2 OSAKA, IMP Hall (Japan)
6 HONG KONG, MacPherson Stadium (China)
12 JAKARTA, Senayan Golf Driving Range (Indonesia)
15 SINGAPORE CITY, Marina Barrage (Singapore)
18 BANGKOK, Moonstar Studio (Thailand)
22 MELBOURNE, Festival Hall (Australia)
26 ADELAIDE, Thebarton Theatre (Australia)
28 CANBERRA, Royal Theatre (Australia)
29 WOLLONGONG, WIN Centre (Australia)
31 NEWCASTLE, Civic Theatre (Australia)
9 IRVINE, Bren Events Center, California (USA)
11 RENO, Grand Theatre, Nevada (USA)
14 BOULDER, Boulder Theater, Colorado (USA)
16 DALLAS, McFarlin Auditorium, Texas (USA)
17 SAN ANTONIO, Tobin Center, Texas (USA)
19 HOUSTON, White Oak Music Hall, Texas (USA)
23 EL PASO, Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas (USA)
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Alex Spragens

A VIP ticket! Damn, lucky! if you find a way to get an extra, lemme know ;) haha.

I saw that on stubhub. Disgusting! f***ing despise when people buy out all the tickets and then jack the prices up 4x the regular amount.

So you don't think there will be any pit seats tomorrow for the general public? If there are, it would be worth getting back on and trying to get them tomorrow. I wonder if there's any chance I could run down to the stage from my row when Moz comes out… lol

Alex Spragens

I just saw that. WOW. I'm gonna take my chances rushing the stage… give it a rush and a push. But I'm not familiar with the Palace. Do you think that will happen?

I could get a pair in row A for $390… that would be the same price as my riot fest tickets AND my row H tickets.


Sexless Symbol


Sparingly tickets are still popping up, but the first was ten on the dot, and so far I've not seen any better tickets appear in best available than what's pictured on the map. Bull.


The closest I got was row L for a single ticket. I can't complain because I might be getting gifted a VIP ticket from the Palace, supposedly in the first 5 rows. I'm taking this to also mean any seats like that weren't put out to sale to the general public... Pit tickets on stub hub for $399 already tho! :(

Enjoy the vip spot. Try and take some good pics for us


Just went through the list of upcoming concerts and decided to watch footage from Singapore in 2012 because I had in mind how great it was. But Moz doesn't sound and look good in the following video :(



Stil wondering about a Bay Area date... there is room after Irvine but before Reno...

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