TTY: Morrissey show in Manchester (Aug. 20, 2016; on sale Fri.)

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By Sarcasmos on Jul 5, 2016 at 6:05 PM
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    May 24, 2016
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    Morrissey show in Manchester -
    5 July 2016

    Morrissey will play Manchester Arena on Saturday 20 August.
    Damien Dempsey is very special guest.
    Tickets are on sale this Friday (8 July), max 4 per person.
    This will be Morrissey's first appearance in Manchester for four years, and his only 2016 show in England.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Sarcasmos, Jul 5, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      That's actually comparatively inexpensive for an Arena show. And do you really think Morrissey sets the ticket prices himself? Get real ffs.
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    2. Morrissey_Sucks
      Now that the pound is nearly worthless, I suspect you will see a rise in ticket prices moving forward. Brexit indeed!
    3. mozmal
      Maybe, but you'll be there. Be honest and admit it.
    4. Anonymous
      Descartes, Nietzsche, Rousseau, Hegel...and now we have the wit and wisdom of UnclePeter.

      Truly we are blessed.
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    5. MisguidedTrousers
      A few prices of gigs around Europe over the past few years. (I'm on 19 shows myself)
      Napoli October 2015 = €50
      Padova October 2014 = €45
      Milan October 2014 = €41
      Belfast March 2015 = £45
      To put it into perspective for the Manchester Arena Peter Gabriel's last tour, which was a huge production and lasted almost three hours cost £45.
      So many people will be priced out of attending this next Manchester show at approx £80 with booking fees. He's past caring about his fans both old and new and just wants to maintain a five star hotel lifestyle at any cost. It's disgusting.
    6. Anonymous
      I'm not sure it works like that. Morrissey will have been offered a set amount of money to perform; it is the promoter who then sets the ticket price. If the promoter thinks they can sell out the arena at £70-0dd quid a ticket, that is their choice and absolutely nothing to do with Morrissey.

      Morrissey will still get his stipend whether they sell 10 tickets or 10,000.

      I'm not saying that it isn't ludicrous (it's going to cost around £100 once booking fee and parking (£12.50!) are factored in) but it is incorrect to put the blame on the boy being a "greedy fucker" this instance anyway.
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    7. ACTON
      Moz is entitled to change his mind same as everyone else is. I'm glad he's coming to the Manchester. Just hope he adds Ireland to his list. Would be great if he played a few new songs and generated some record label interest.
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    8. Anonymous
      last time in Manchester he didnt sell out, with the higher ticket price this time around, it may be black curtain time.
    9. BrummieBoy
      Idiot. Consult the threads about the show. Tickets were being handed out for free prior to show-time.
    10. BrummieBoy
      I wouldn't go to his latest 'record contract negotiation' PR event if you paid me. Totally cynical ploy.
    11. BrummieBoy
      It wasn't full. Go and read the threads on the show. Another idiot.
      I only go to see Morrissey if

      a] I get free tickets from music biz friends

      b] they're corporate hospitality so I can watch his bosses munching burgers & I'm away from his delusional 'fans'

      c] only if he has some new 'manifesto' for me to laugh out loud at. I assume there's some trite new album on the cards though I've not heard of a deal. He's probably going to try and be like 'the kids' and 'drop' it as a surprise. How exciting....zzzzzz
    12. BrummieBoy
      Please refer to previous replies on this thread.

      Even if I get a free ticket, I doubt I'd stay for more than a few songs. There are much better things to do in Manchester on a Saturday night than watch a delusional closet case and/or fag-hag singing his old canon of tat.
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    13. Anonymous
      I presumed the free tickets story was simply made up by the balding, witless and illiterate morons who repeatedly post on a site dedicated to a singer they don't actually like.
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    14. Shane D
      Shane D
      Really looking forward to this, but no doubt you'll get the same old Smiths fans, who haven't listened to a record since Strangeways, expecting a greatest hit set - and becoming frustrated when Morrissey plays a Morrissey song.
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    15. Uncleskinny
      Interestingly, I'm getting a lot of flack for pointing out Morrissey's original words to some blinded acolytes. I wonder what they don't like - the fact that Morrissey has once again been, to be kind, economical with the truth, or that someone had the GALL to point out that fact?
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    16. Anonymous
      Well, I was there, and it seemed pretty full to me...not that it really matters.

      a) So you are saying that you have never seen Morrissey? Let's face it, the chances of you having any friends, let alone 'music biz' (yes, you used that wanky phrase) are less than zero.
      b) That's just weird.
      c) You need to learn how to use '-' appropriately.

      Now, back to the've got dinner down your shirt.
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    17. MisguidedTrousers
      Last time in Manchester was nowhere near a sell out. Standing was about 2/3 full and seated about 3/4. The touts were selling at £10 by showtime and two I spoke to had lost money overall (no sympathy)
      The Apollo would have been a much better bet but it wouldn't make half as much cash for Moz as the arena does. I'm afraid it's all about the moolah these days, sound quality and fans experience is way down the list. Such a shame.
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    18. MisguidedTrousers
      The amount of cash Morrissey charges dictates the ticket price. If he wants 500 grand the tickets cost x amount, if he wants a million the tickets cost xx. Etc etc.
      Of course the artist sets the ticket price, indirectly maybe but if he did a no fee for artist and band concert then tickets would just cover overheads and costs.
      How naive to think he just takes whatever the promoter offers.
      Greedy twat sounds about right to me.
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    19. Anonymous
      Do you think the arena made money. If not why would they book him again over someone else that could fill it.

      Also is that just a amanchester thing to expect smiths songs and no morrissey sings. It just wasn't the case when I saw him here
    20. Anonymous
      Riiiight. Whereas he didn't live in a 5 star hotel in 2015 ... or 2014 or 2009 or 2004. In that regard nothing changed at all.

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