TTY ~ Morrissey returns to England due to his mother's illness

Press release -
22 October 2012

"Events for this forthcoming week are postponed - but not cancelled - as Morrissey has returned to England where his mother has been hospitalized and is unwell.

Those who have already purchased tickets for the dates in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Flint and Chicago are encouraged to hold on to their tickets and look out for the rescheduled dates. The new dates will be announced within the coming days.

The remainder of the US tour will be unaffected, resuming in Minneapolis on Oct 29."
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I hope everything is okay with his Mother and things go okay.
Much love to Morrissey and his family during this difficult time. Fuck the tour. Family first.
Don't ask me how or why, but, I had a bad feeling about his Mother getting ill & shows getting cancelled or odd gut feeling..
Much Love & Hugs to SPM and his family. Hope all goes well. I know there's crap/drama post/posters on here; but a lot of us come here to find out info that we just don't get anywhere else.. I (We) love you Morrissey. Stay strong. Your happiness is what matters most to us.
Moztralia, M, D & B
disappointing for anyone who was going to the shows,at least they will be rearranged for early next year.just waiting on anonymous to come on and start talking junk as usual.ur mammys health comes first before a concert
Dear Morrissey. I hope that your mother recovers soon. Your fans would love to see you, but any true fan will understand, that in times like these, love prioritises all. Take very good care of yourself.
His mum comes first.... and that's how it should be !!! GWS
Prayers and well wishes to his mother! Family should come first and I hope she'll be ok.
morrissey was seen with his security at JFK yesterday evening. I wish his mother a full recovery.

Sad times
I would be lying if I said that I wasn't seriously disappointed, esp since my husband and I scheduled our only vacation around this show, but family is defnitely first. I sincerely hope that Morrissey's mom is okay. Very scary when an aging parent falls ill. Just please please please reschedule here in Pittsburgh! I know that there aren't as many fans here as there are in other spots on the globe, but those of us here who love you truly hope to see you on stage at least once more before you stop touring. Prayers for your mom!

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