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    Four International Awards For Morrissey -
    29 July 2015

    Morrissey has been offered four international awards in recognition of his contribution to music and also for his work in aid of social justice for animals. The awards are:

    1. Mercy For Animals "Hidden Heroes Gala Award", to be presented to Morrissey in Los Angeles in August.

    2. People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals "Lifetime Achievement Award" to be presented at the Hollywood Palladium in September.

    3. Trinity College Dublin's Philosophical Society's Gold Medal Award for Contribution To Music, scheduled for October.

    4. Farm Sanctuary's Special Award for "promoting compassionate living and ending cruelty to farm animals", to be presented in New York in October by Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show) and Tracey Stewart.

    Morrissey has commented: "I do nothing in my life with the hope of receiving an award. I do not make music with the hope that I might be patted on the back with a meaningless Grammy bought for me by a major label. Almost everything I do and say goes against the sympathies of the music industry, therefore I am very proud to be offered these four very intelligent awards, and the aim of my acceptance is only and purely with the hope that by doing so I can draw further attention to the modern Holocaust of the meat industry. My firm hope, of course, is that all people will arrive at sophisticated and compassionate enlightenment by understanding how the hidden hell of factory farming and the slaughterhouse and dairy farming is destroying the planet far more than any other known entity, and is an unimaginably evil torture for animals who ask for nothing but to be allowed a chance to live their lives. Animal consumption also places a deadly strain on medical care throughout the US and the U.K, a strain no different to the results of tobacco intake. The meat industry is rotting the world and appeals only to the deadliest aspects of human behavior. The blood-lust must end; KFC and McDonalds and Burger King have made enough money and have murdered more sentient beings than they could have ever wished for. The world does not want or need it any more. The yellow McDonalds "M" is the modern swastika. Meat shits on the world, and social justice for animals will automatically lead to less social violence. Please do not accept the political darkness of animal slaughter. The future is fantastic due to the courage of PETA and Mercy For Animals and Farm Sanctuary. The hellward heart of animal slaughter is closing down as the evil that nobody wants. The world has arrived at a new sophistication, and if you stick with your chicken wings and your cheeseburgers then you remain in darkness and you lack the courage to say 'no' to the politico-economic tyranny of indoctrination. The fact that it is a federal offense in the United States to film inside an abattoir tells us all we need to know: they do not want you to see what goes on inside because, if you knew, the wholesale mass murder within would cause a global uproar. Approve of the meat industry and you approve of Auschwitz. There is no difference. We are forced-fed the disproportionate warning that ISIS constitutes the biggest threat to our societies, yet ISIS has not enacted one atom of destruction equal to the dangers facing all of us by the meat industry.
    Please wake up and be a part of the new. The meat industry is the most lethal weapon of mass destruction. Thank you for reading this
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    1. Uncleskinny
      Nice statement, though I'd take issue with "I do not make music with the hope that I might be patted on the back with a meaningless Grammy bought for me by a major label" - that's simply not the case - throughout his career he has craved recognition and success - it's so manifest.

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    2. bhops
      I'm halfway there on this. You probably remember an interview I think around 1990-91, where the writer said something along the likes of 'there are many who feel he should go all the way, a PSB style crooner would do it,' or words to that effect and I couldn't but help agree. If Morrissey had decided to just compromise even a little bit, he could have been absolutely massive internationally. He could have sold out for millions on a Smiths reunion that you know just would have had the critics fawning. Morrissey does crave success and recognition but absolutely only on his terms and if it isn't then he isn't interested. I sort of admire it and am maddened by it equally.
    3. Ryan
      Well done.
    4. Anonymous
      If the Queen or Kate Middleton did this Morrissey would be all over this in one hot minute. But for some reason not a peep out of Morrissey about Dr. Palmer.
      Personally I'm very glad the US has an extradition treaty with Zimbabwe.
    5. Anonymous
    6. Halloway
      Well I suppose one out of the four being actually to do with music is better than nothing.
    7. Anonymous
      Where's Bummie? Cheese, milk, vegan, hypocrite, fraud, cult, etc etc etc
    8. Anonymous
      Obviously all performers get up on stage for similar reasons, no one would want to be a performer of any kind if they sought anonymity. But that - and being caught up in the nostalgia and passé romance of chart positions - is a completely different issue to craving the big and meaningless "success" of a Grammy bought by a record company.

      But of course it wouldn't be So_Low without the implication that he was lying about something...
    9. Anonymous
    10. BrummieBoy
      This is impossible to parse or analyse unless and until Morrissey either confirms he has embraced a Vegan lifestyle or not. Once again, as with his blast at Glastonbury, he appears to be realising the horror of his Cheesetarianism over 33 Years of Refusal to join up the dots:

      "the hidden hell of factory farming and the slaughterhouse and dairy farming is destroying the planet far more than any other known entity, and is an unimaginably evil torture for animals"

      However, if he's still consuming milk, cheese or wearing designer Italian shoes, then this is just more spin, puffery and nonsense. The awards he has been given come from equally confused and/or stupid people and organisations. We have already dismissed the TCD Plastic Paddy Garden Gnome/Troll Award, any 'lifetime achievement award' from PETA is something to regret and feel deep shame about. The logic of him been given an award for his donation of a drum head to a farm animal sanctuary cannot be discussed unless/until he confirms it was his first, initial act of penance towards the animals he has killed for cheese and leather shoes whilst parading the stage and berating his audience for murderous behaviour towards animals which he has equalled by his vain, ignorant lifestyle.

      The ISIS connection echoes our warnings to humanity to beware of the rise of #Osama4Animals #AnimalAlQaeda & #StFrancisKalashnikov as the world wakes up to it's impending doom from Auschitz 'Animal Husbandry'. That's an interesting phrase, 'animal husbandry' as it reveals how men have regarded their wives throughout human history, as chattel, beasts of burden, slaves. Just a notch above the beasts of burden. If Morrissey is now Vegan then he can, like us, denounce Agri-Fascism but if he remains within Ingrid's PETA cult of Vegetarian Negotiation, then he is hopelessly deluded.

      We have just returned from Santorini where we were communicating with local animal activists about the plight of the donkeys. We do not go on 'holiday', we are never, ever 'tourists'. There is always a project, a reason, a focus beyond 'The Lazy Sunbathers'. Morrissey should denounce this onstage when next in Greece. Greece can go to hell. We've no idea why Morrissey hasn't spoken of the plight of these poor creatures whilst playing in Athens.

      Enough! We have returned to The Shire and must unpack and plan further projects and adventures. Morrissey will have a chance to answer all of these questions when #VegAnarchyInTheUK *drops* on 9/11 next year, warning humanity that the C21st will be defined by the struggle for justice for animals both human and non-human and that time is running out for the vast bulk of the Human DisgRace who continue to act as a NaziUberSpecies. By issuing these memes we do not endorse the future apocalyptic animal liberation movements that will arise, but we do see they are now an inevitable response to the fear and panic that will grip this planet when people realise that by devouring all other species the foolish homo sapiens has become Ouroboros. best wishes
      The Angelic Host hosting The Holy Ghost of "BrummieBoy"

      Is the Livestock Industry Destroying the Planet?

      For the earth's sake, maybe it's time we take a good, hard look at our dietary habits

      "More than 20,000 people signed our Take S.T.E.P.S. petition to improve the poor working conditions for donkeys and mules in Santorini, Greece.We will continue our Take S.T.E.P.S. campaign throughout 2015, and are collaborating closely with the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and a large number of tour and cruise ship operators, including Cruise Lines International Association.

      Some are now even briefing tourists before they disembark from the cruise ships, and providing information on their Apps and literature. We will build on this in the coming year as the campaign gathers momentum and support."

      - - - Updated - - -

      Desist from your foolishness, troll. Everyone has noted your anonymous hash. You are a stuck record, not us. Anyone can refer to our previous dismissals of your nonsense in the comment history.

    11. CrystalGeezer
    12. ACTON
      Nice letter from Moz. I think he harms the cause by mentioning concentration camps and the Holocaust. People are looking for any excuse to ignore their conscience and they have their excuse there. Hopefully people will see past that and realise that Moz is a voice for animals who have no voice apart from screaming death-throes.
    13. Anonymous
      Yes, because you're so in tune with Morrissey's inner feelings. If you knew ANYTHING about humans, they all crave recognition and success you fucking dummy. You're a fucking jerk off idiot. Please die. Free Speech!
    14. Uncleskinny
      Charmed, I'm sure.
    15. Anonymous
      Mmmh ... At this stage in the game I see it rather as consistency on Moz' part. He mentioned this allusion about 20 times now. People have realized by now that he is serious about it and they know he won't ever soften his words on this topic. And one of the awards is presented by Jon and Tracey Stewert. So there you go.
    16. Anaesthesine
      How wonderful, and very much deserved. It is especially appropriate that the Farm Sanctuary award will be presented by Jon and Tracey Stewart.

      Right now, in the US, animal rights activists are being persecuted as "domestic terrorists". Kids who release minks from fur farms and scrawl graffiti with sidewalk chalk are now considered a greater threat than mass murderers. In several states, ag-gag laws are making criminals out of whistleblowers and stifling free speech.

      And good for Morrissey for speaking up against factory farming - a practice every bit as corrupt, destructive and unsustainable as fossil fuel production.
    17. ChicagoGuy
      I wonder what Morrissey's thoughts are on that dentist (Walter Palmer) that killed Cecil the Lion? Kimmel got choked up last night when dedicating part of his monologue to Cecil and perhaps Jimmy K has changed his opinion about having savages (like the Duck Dynasty rednecks) on his program anymore. Now, perhaps, he can finally understand why Morrissey refused to share a stage with those freaks and Kimmel will invite him on again. I'm sure even Morrissey was moved by Kimmel's response to Cecil's senseless killing.
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Agreed. If the music part were clipped off the top, his statement could be published in NYT and WSJ. It's very well written but still with his bite but not too much.
    19. Anaesthesine
      I was just watching that clip of Kimmel discussing the murder of Cecil. There are so many terrible things happening in the world, but this story just tears at the soul. I'm so glad that it's focussing attention on canned hunts, the killing of tame animals, and the selling of permits to destroy endangered species.

      There is no circle of Hell low enough for the kind of people who commit such crimes.

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