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By davidt on Jul 27, 2015 at 9:02 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Morrissey Europe and South America -
    27 July 2015

    Additional Morrissey shows have been confirmed for Europe:

    24 Paris (Olympia) France
    30 Frankfurt (Neu-Isenburg Hugenottenhalle) Germany
    1 Cologne (Palladium) Germany
    4 Lausanne (Le Metropole) Switzerland
    7 Naples (Teatro Augusteo) Italy
    10 Ljubljana (Hala Tivoli) Slovenia
    12 Budapest (Millenaris Teatrum) Hungary
    14 Bucharest (Sala Palatului) Romania
    16 Skopje (SRC Kale) Macedonia

    Shows are now finalized for November in Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Peru, Argentina, details to be announced this week.

    Morrissey has commented: "It is with great regret that we are unable to tour in Mexico due to a clash with Mexico's major booking agent. This disagreement looks unlikely to be resolved. My tours in Mexico will always be remembered with enormous respect and love for the people of Mexico ... happy and treasured times".


Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 27, 2015.

    1. Anonymous
      Fantastic news! 2 shows in Germany :D
    2. Athena
      You reckon that's it for the UK?

      Am still holding out that he'll squeeze a few more in before the Hull date...
    3. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I am so glad for seeing this happy news. I just hope that he doesn't cancel it again.
      I'd like if he plays in Curitiba - as 2000.
    4. Anonymous
      Hey guys, tickets for the show in Macedonia go on Sale on July 29th

      more infos probably here (for now they have only info in Macedonian)

      there are cheaps flights to Skopje from most of west european countries with Wizzair, for example London-Skopje return flights tickets for that weekend cost only 67,98 £

      Welcome to Skopje ;)
    5. Anonymous
      :( Oh, I'm so sorry for all the Mexican fans. Moz' words sound so final like "Thank you for everything. My touring days in Mexico are over."
    6. Staar_seed
      Happy that he's keeping it going! Long live Moz...
    7. Athena
      Great for South American fans that he's going back but that is an absolute bummer for his dedicated Mexican following. Surely there's another way around some booking agent he has fallen out with?
    8. Anonymous
      Is he trying to kill himself and his band?
    9. AztecCamera
      I usually don't jump on the Morrissey is a hypocrite bandwagon, but Mexico and Mexicans are huge consumers of meat and are the fattest country in the world (no Euro trash anti-Americans, it's not the USA) Mexico gets so much sick gratification from bullfighting, dog fighting, and cock fighting. Mexicans love eating meat, especially cow and pig and love the act and get so much enjoyment from murdering animals to stick in their fat bellies, but Morrissey goes with the "conflict with the booking agent" crap.
      Last edited: Jul 27, 2015
    10. mcrickson
      Seriously. Dude needs to take a couple months' break, for the sake of his health. I'd hate to see another tour cancelled halfway through.
    11. Anonymous
      I feel like this is where we are heading again. Also, bless the wives of the married band members.
    12. Anonymous
      I don't think Moz can do that very well, tbh. Remember this sentence "Too much happens in my life, and then months and months of nothing. I am always in the back of a car being taken somewhere, with all of my belongings labeled. As if words could ever be found to describe it! Yet the body drags the mind along and we are fooled into believing that we ever have a choice. It is all done."
    13. Tynamuna
      I know! He keeps adding and adding Dates. Whatever the reason is for so much touring, i just have one thing to say: for god sakes moz you will be the death of yourself. Chill, get some rest. Are you on a suicide mission. He must be more tired than al pacino in a dog day afternoon
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    14. mbarriguete
      I think it's really a shame that our agents in Mexico, who are probably only interested in making the most profit, have a major disagreement with an artist with so many fans, who have a great appreciation for our country, and being able to make a big tour, we stay without seeing it. That's the sad story of my Mexico.
    15. Anonymous
      Jesus....I'm sure the man is fine! He has a month off now then a couple of gigs followed by another month off and the remaining gigs are spaced out with little travel in between. Stop creating drama where this is none. "Are you on a suicide mission." -get a grip.
    16. Anonymous
      It's all Harvest records fault !

    17. Anonymous
      Does he owe money to the booking agent by any chance ?


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      world peace on tour
    18. Anonymous

      You're so right. It's a shame. He's really disappointed for not coming to our country.
      Now we need to travel to see him.
      Me lleva.
    19. Anonymous
      i think his financial situation is not rosy, with no contract and having to indemnify harvest for the album. it explains the no cancellations and the bookings is areas that nobody else dares venture.

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