TTY: Morrissey, Brasilia 2015

Morrissey, Brasilia 2015 -
1 December 2015


The dying moments of Morrissey's concert at Brasilia in Brazil as a fire broke out on the stage.


Picture taken from Matt Walker instagram account, as noted by Raphael Lambach in the Brasilia post-show thread.

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My thoughts exactly. I think it would have been fine if he didn't include that picture with his claim. Now he is sexualizing a sexual event that supposedly traumatized him. Makes no sense whatsoever. My guess is when this hits the main boards...over 100 comments right quick! Get ready for KS to pick up the "support Moz at any cost banner" and to start waving it at all the supposed "haters" predictable.

'supposed' ? no supposing needed here.

got my gloves on !

oh sit back and enjoy it !

Oh dear God. I think that's probably enough to bring a certain Birmingham native out of 'retirement' and get the rest of them foaming at the mouth...

The sadness of the stage fire in Brazilia is that Morrissey wasn't consumed by the flames.
Morrissey should be thrown into a piranha filled tributary of the Amazon.

Morrissey has to go back to San Francisco this month, i hope the airport learned their lesson , i would video take the screening if i was him. They better leave him alone this time.

Just think - he might get totally raped this time :|

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