TTY: Morrissey 2016 - Apr. 2016 shows, negotiations being finalized (Asia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)

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By joe frady on Jan 24, 2016 at 3:25 AM
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    Apr 29, 2006
    not Edinburgh, sadly.
    Morrissey 2016 -
    23 January 2016

    Negotiations are being finalised for the following Morrissey shows in April 2016:

    Bangkok (Thailand)
    Saigon (Vietnam)
    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    Singapore City (Singapore)
    Taipei (Taiwan)
    Busan (South Korea)
    Seoul (South Korea)
    Hagatna (Guam)
    Jakarta (Indonesia)
    San Juan (Puerto Rico)
    Caracas (Venezuela)
    Full details are expected shortly.


    The Dirty Half Dozen photomontage above by Sam Esty Rayner.
    Left to right: Gustavo, Mando, Jesse, Morrissey, Boz, Matteo.

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    1. Anonymous
      Best news I've heard all week!
    2. Anonymous
      Dis gunna bee epik showdown een Koweatown. Mee soo cited! Mee gunna mate Mahwosee!!! ;P FINEOHWY.

      Chung XX Wang
      Taekwondo, Kowea
    3. Anonymous
      Excellent news!!
    4. Francis Yoon
      Francis Yoon
      So excited to hear the news for his second South Korea tour in April.
      Cannot wait for it.
    5. Anonymous
      Mee to! I wun Jesse boty!!!!!!! SEXYMON, LUVU

      Joan Poon
      Sin City, SING SING
    6. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Wow. Was not expecting this. I've actually wondered why he's never played San Juan, PR. I had my honeymoon there. (I'm divorced now)
    7. Ebola
      and zero shows in Russia since last decade
    8. Ryan
      I wonder how many Bowie covers he'll do live.
    9. AztecCamera
      Cancel...Cancel...Cancel Cancel Cancel. Soy sauce poisoning, plum sauce poisoning, Nancy has diarrhea, Jesse got beat up by a transvestite hooker in Bangkok...etc. Do any of you actually think people even know who he is in those places...Vietnam?? Wake up. Anonymous-
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    10. celibate
      Hagatna here we come

      [US controled Island]

      maybe He can get a Taiwan record company to sign

      [sorry for my cynism]
      Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
    11. Anonymous
      I knew you were a homophobe, but looks like you are a xenophobe as well. Good luck to you.
      You live your comfy life in sunny California and think of the world as a backed up toilet. You probably have never been anywhere else outside 100 miles radius. I've got a news for you, the world is not America you pathetic patriotic idiot.
    12. Anonymous
      very anonymous you are indeed
    13. Anonymous
      Exciting news! looking forward to seeing him again!
    14. Anonymous
      Maybe Mozza can entreat the heroine-addled Marc Anthony to a duet. Puerto Ricans love that romantic shit. He can also sing the Spanish parts that Gustavo is usually stuck with. And he won't upstage Moz like Bowie did because he's so effing thin one can barely see him from the front, let alone any direction.
    15. Flibberty
      Would be very impressive if this tour comes off. Morrissey has certainly played in more countries around the world than the vast majority of singers.
    16. Anonymous
      Yeah, great news. He's playing twice in South Korea and meanwhile the big news today here in North Korea, is that Dennis Rodman
      is coming back again to play basketball. Unfucking fair.
    17. Anonymous
      I thought the 'World Peace' tour was over? How many more months is Moz going to drag this dead duck of a record around?
    18. Anonymous
      The Middle East was a bust - wonder why?!
    19. Anonymous
      Allowing racist posts now...

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