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    Manchester Evening News -
    6 January 2014

    The Manchester Evening News have stated on 17 October 2013 that Morrissey 'claims he was "touched inappropriately by a teacher at school"'. Morrissey has never made such a claim. Furthermore, Morrissey does not use the word 'inappropriately' unless it is followed by an explanation of what an action might be inappropriate to.
    Morrissey is seeking legal advice on this matter.

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    Also, a similar headline at the Mirror on the same date:

    Morrissey autobiography: The Smiths singer reveals he 'was inappropriately touched by a teacher' - Mirror Online
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    1. Amy

      :laughing: you couldn't make it up.
    2. Mozza220559
      Another whinging statement
    3. BrummieBoy
      When i read the relevant passage in the Autohagiography, I had a distinct feeling it would be one of the things that brought the alabaster crashing down...
    4. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      So, Morrissey was touched by a teacher at school but it wasn't inappropriate? :D
    5. CrystalGeezer
    6. Anonymous
      There is NOTHING inappropriate about a teacher giving a 14-year old boy a slow and sensual wrist massage.
      How dare the Manchester Evening News try and twist this tender love story into something vile! :(
    7. Uncleskinny
      Why has it taken so long say something about this? Perhaps he's had enough of being portrayed as the villain in the press due to his recent comments and now wants to be portrayed as the victim?

    8. Rosie Cheeks
      Rosie Cheeks
      Strange feeling of deja vu....he should have that phrase inscribed on his headstone.....
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    9. Anonymous
      Do you ever get the feeling that some of these statements Moz issues via 'True To You' are written whilst he is steamingly drunk?
    10. Mozza220559
    11. CrystalGeezer
      This made me lol for some reason.
    12. Playcat2000
      Whilst sipping the Grey Goose.
    13. 2-J
      Now you mention it, that could explain a few things...
    14. modrevolve
      Did we ever get an explanation from Morrissey as to why the "best friend on the payroll" stuff was removed from the US Edition? I'm shocked he didn't pounce all over that one.
    15. Anonymous
      Is it possible that a retired teacher's solicitor has been in touch to let Morrissey know that his client is not yet dead?
    16. Anonymous
      Yeah - that's a not unlikely reading of the situation. Morrissey CLEARLY states that the teacher touches him in an 'unnecessarily sensual' way, and regarded him in a sexual manner, so I can't see how he could POSSIBLY object to the Manchester Evening News headline on that ground.

      On the other hand, if the ex-teacher in question, or his relatives, have made complaints and threatened to sue Morrissey and/or the publishers, then I can see Morrissey putting this flimsy after-the-fact denial out there to try and dampen down the fire. The fact that these headlines were in the papers a few months ago and he has only responded publically now is highly suspicious on that front.

    17. celibate
      it's yaba yaba yaba news

      .and they say he's mentall' nuts no news
    18. Celibate Pie
      Celibate Pie
      Oh, you've done it now. Moz's crack team of lawyers are tracking your IP as I type. Best flee to Bolivia if I were you.
    19. Sara
      Lol, Defo x

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