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    Press release: The Last Of The Famous International Playboys: special edition single; Kill Uncle: album remastered -
    5 February 2013

    Parlophone Presents:

    'The Last Of The Famous International Playboys'

    Special edition 7" single picture disc b/w recent Morrissey radio sessions


    Kill Uncle album remastered

    Release date: 8th April 2013

    Following the release last year of the remastered edition of Viva Hate, Parlophone Records will continue their Morrissey reissue campaign with the release of a limited edition 7-inch picture disc of the classic Morrissey single 'The Last Of The Famous International Playboys' and a remastered version of his second album, Kill Uncle.

    Originally released in 1989, 'The Last Of The Famous International Playboys' was Morrissey's third single and charted at number 6 in the UK. The song tackles the media glamorisation of, and public hypocrisy regarding, crime - in particular, the sensationalism of how mass-murderers are always automatically awarded the media fame that they crave. It will be available on 7" picture disc single, CD single and digital download. All three formats are backed with recent Morrissey radio sessions: 'People Are The Same Everywhere (BBC live version)', 'Action Is My Middle Name (BBC live version)' and 'The Kid's A Looker (BBC live version)', all of which were recorded exclusively for the Janice Long Show on Radio 2, on 15th June 2011. See below for format details.

    In addition, on the same day, a remastered version of Kill Uncle will be released. This new version of Kill Uncle has a re-ordered tracklisting and, with the addition of the songs 'Pashernate Love' and 'East West' (a Herman's Hermits cover), as well the 'live in studio' version of 'There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends', the album has a revitalised quality, which accentuates some of its more subtle, experimental qualities and nuances; in particular, some of the more unusual musical styles which Morrissey explored for the first time. Upon on its release in the UK, the album charted at number 8, and in the US, at number 52.

    Kill Uncle has been remastered by Bill Inglot at D2 Mastering. It will be available as a gatefold CD and heavyweight gatefold LP. The picture disc single and album will both feature rare Morrissey photos and Kill Uncle will have a new cover. The artwork will be unveiled soon.

    Kill Uncle tracklisting:

    1. Our Frank
    2. Sing Your Life
    3. Mute Witness
    4. King Leer
    5. Asian Rut
    6. Pashernate Love
    7. East West
    8. Found Found Found
    9. Driving Your Girlfriend Home
    10.The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye
    11.There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends (live in the studio version)
    12. (I'm) The End Of The Family Line

    'The Last Of The Famous International Playboys' formats:

    7-inch single b/w 'People Are The Same Everywhere (BBC live version)'
    CD single – comes with 'Action Is My Middle Name (BBC live version)'
    Digital download – plus 'The Kid's A Looker (BBC live version)'
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by joe frady, Feb 5, 2013.

    1. Dave2006
      Not surprising news given that he's been slowly reissuing other albums. But still, welcome news on a Tuesday...

      It will be interesting to see if Pashernate Love will still finish abruptly, or whether East West will be different to the original b-side.

      Has the live version of There is a Place ever been heard / released before? Without PJLM I'm lost when it comes to working out this sort of stuff.

    2. King Leer
      King Leer
    3. sander
      Why on earth release a Your Arsenal-track on Kill Uncle??? I don´t get it anymore.
      Does the release of the three "new tracks" on the b-side of TLOTFIP mean he has a contract with EMI now? Why should he give "away" these new tracks -even if they´re session-tracks- to a record company he has no deal with? Any thoughts????
    4. Anonymous
      Wonder if there'll be a tacky badge.
    5. mcrickson
      At long last. I'm actually quite looking forward to hearing the remastering job. Shame about the "There's A Place" switch, though - my personal preference was the piano version, I thought it fit the lyrics perfectly and sweetly.
    6. Skylarker

      What's that? You'll pass? Well...

      Agreed. But's pretty fucking GREAT to see he's acknowledging this record again.

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    7. Skylarker
      It's ridiculous that a re-imagining of this record does not include My Love Life, Pregnant For The Last Time, Tony The Pony, or I've Changed My Plea To Guilty. And the Herman's Hermit's cover being added is just...weird. Also, Pashernate Love, though great, is an odd choice to be added to this record. But whatever.

      Still pretty fucking cool.
    8. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Are you thinking of There Speaks A True Friend?

      Welcome news in many ways, but the inclusion of East West and Pashernate Love strikes me as very odd. Especially when My Love Life, Tony The Pony, Pregnant For The Last Time, The Loop and I've Changed My Plea could all have legitimately been included. And then there's Born To Hang and other rumoured Uncle outtakes too.

      Still, I'm glad the three Janice Long songs are being used up as b-sides. Surely a sign that Moz intends to move on to new material.
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    9. Skylarker
      Well it's high fucking time we got mastered recordings of these new songs...

      Yes; it was released on a three song EP in 1991 called Live At KROQ. It was also a b-side to the UK version of My Love Life.

      Fuck Passions Just Like Mine.
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    10. Anonymous
      As someone pointed out already, "There Speaks a True Friend" from the same single is the song that cuts off abruptly...

      Confused too that a track from the "Your Arsenal" sessions would be included here.

      Why doesn't he just re-issue like this?

      Disc 1: original album remastered

      Disc 2:

      Journalists Who Lie
      Tony The Pony
      That's Entertainment (The Jam cover)
      The Loop
      Pregnant for the Last Time
      Skin Storm (Bradford cover)
      Cosmic Dancer (Live T-Rex cover)
      My Love Life
      I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (U.K. version)
      My Love Life (Live at KROQ)
      There Is A Place For Me and My Friends (Live at KROQ - same version added to the remaster)
      Sing Your Life (Live at KROQ) <-- complete with LA-based fans calling in and lavishing praise on him via phone messages.
      I've Changed my Plea To Guilty (U.S. version)

      Then, if he wants to tack on out-of-era songs like EAST WEST and PASHERNATE LOVE, fine... Though I would have preferred for Pashernate Love to be added to a "YOUR ARSENAL" Re-issue.

      At east he hasn't deleted songs this time around...
    11. bagface
      I'm most excited about possibly hearing some KU songs performed live again.
    12. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      My Love Life, Pregnant For The Last Time and I've Changed My Plea To Guilty are all truly great solo era songs, but even their inclusion could not rescue Kill Uncle. It's Morrissey's absolute nadir. The utter disappointment after Viva Hate still rankles all these years later.

      A tip of the hat to whoever wrote that the remaster "accentuates some of its more subtle, experimental qualities and nuances..." though. It's a turn of phrase worthy of Sir Humphrey Appleby.
    13. modrevolve
      If Sing Your Life comes back into the setlist, Boz better bring back the leg kicks :thumb:
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    14. Fan
      The sad thing is he has to package the recent garbage songs with a classic like Playboys. Clearly, Morrissey sees this is the only way to release such unwanted songs.
    15. Fan
      The good old days. Boy, what has he devolved to now.
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    16. mcrickson
      Unfortunately, I am filled with doubt that we'd be so lucky as to have any KU songs reappear in the set, much less the mighty "Sing Your Life." Also, I'm sure Boz would be wary after this performance (watch around 2:16, for those who have not seen it).

      I think "Sing Your Life" would be fantastic now - Boz could come up with an arrangement to include elements of the studio version for Gustavo to play. But alas, I really don't think that's a likelihood. For some reason, the only KU song I can hear Moz bringing back into the set is "Found Found Found." Which I guess would be mildly interesting.
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    17. Skylarker
      I think you're wrong there, Jools. It's a very good record with some of his best ever lyrics. But it is buried in unfocused, limp-wristed production and an underlying lack of confidence in his own greatness which resulted in poor song choices considering some of the other material he could have picked.

      Oh please. Action Is My Middle Name is a classic. Most modern bands would kill to be able to write The Kid's a Looker.

      Scandinavia still sucks.
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    18. Anonymous
      There is a Place will be the KROQ version.
      I wonder if the likes of Pregnant, The Loop etc will be on the Your Arsenal reboot?
    19. modrevolve
      With the reissue of Maladjusted and Southpaw we got to hear maladjusted, best friend on the payroll and alma matter live which I doubt anyone ever thought would happen so you never know.

      The idea of releasing those new songs as live b-sides is kind of silly. Unless he figures he won't be getting a record deal anytime soon and wants to get those songs out there in some capacity.

      Not sure if he owns the rights to the videos, but there are a few really great full length concerts from 1991 that could make a second dvd to accompany the kill uncle release.
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