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    Hate-rosexuality -
    13 June 2016

    Although the gunman who massacred 49 people at an Orlando gay club is said to have been 'repulsed' by homosexuality, he nonetheless left behind a slew of self-adoring 'selfies'; a handsome man gazing enchantedly at his own face. It is therefore acceptable for him to lovingly admire his own maleness, but it is not OK for other men to like other men. Does Islamic scripture say it is fitting for a man to sit alone taking adoring photographs of himself? I doubt it.
    Meanwhile, Donald Thump, probably America's next President, reacts to the Orlando massacre by explaining how, if the people within the club were themselves armed with guns, then there would have been fewer casualties. This, of course, is his way of avoiding any words of support to the Orlando gay community (it is their own fault for going into a nightclub without hand grenades). Donald Thump would therefore probably claim that the massacred children of Sandy Hook would still be alive today if only they'd had the common sense to carry sawn-off shotguns to school. The Thump response to Orlando is therefore anti-gay and pro-gun possession. Ann Coulter will be waving her baseball cap and cheering. It's all going so well for America!
    Unfortunately, CNN obliged the gunman once again with a flashing flood of publicity - which is all he ever wanted, and which will encourage the next shooter to prepare for international fame. Why show the gunman's face? Nobody needs to see it.
    The larger disaster is the two leading faces in the presidential race, as the world prepares to shake its head in disbelief when the new president is named. Clinton is the face and voice of pooled money (and will therefore repay the established elite with whatever they want if she is elected), and Donald Thump is George Wallace - hating just about anyone who doesn't happen to be Donald Thump. Surely this is not 2016 America?
    Thump's only achievement so far is in making Sarah Palin seem intelligent, which, admittedly, is so difficult as to be a colossal strike in his favor.
    The true victory of the presidential race has been the independent success of Bernie Sanders, whose approach has been so sane and intelligent and measured that he has been therefore all but entirely ignored by the U.S. media, who cannot understand anyone who is not blood-thirsty. This is because Bernie Sanders is human, and one who unusually did not gain his position because of several billion invested dollars. His many primary successes in the presidential race have been headlined as LOSS FOR CLINTON, whereas a Clinton win has not ever been headlined as LOSS FOR SANDERS. Bernie Sanders has been pushed out by the media because the idea of a self-made man who does not crave international war is completely alien to such as Fox News. The idea of a man who is popular because he calls for world peace and for rescue of the environment cannot provide outraged headlines for CNN, who have devoted their online news page to Donald Thump long before Thump was even a logical contender. Thump doing absolutely nothing has been more newsworthy to CNN than Sanders' state-to-state victories.
    Ballot papers for 2016 should include a NO CONFIDENCE IN EITHER NOMINEE box, and it is this box that would collect the most votes.
    Clinton and Thump may be popular with the party faithful - but the party faithful aren't that large, and are not America, therefore a sad day looms in November - a day that only Bernie Sanders could have saved - had he been allowed his rightful share of media support. But, clearly, the presidential election really is none of your business. Did you ever seriously think it was?

    June 2016.
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    1. scumbag
      Thank goodness this little thinkpiece didn't touch upon the queen.

      A considerable step up from his previous political commentary. Much sense written in what's here. Even if none of it is original. Someone please do a mockup of Moz as a bernie bro. Thanks.
    2. Ready With Ready-Wit
      Ready With Ready-Wit
      "Unfortunately, CNN obliged the gunman once again with a flashing flood of publicity - which is all he ever wanted, and which will encourage the next shooter to prepare for international fame."

      Isn't 'Michael's Bones' allegedly about the Hungerford massacre mass murderer?

      He's spot-on about Sanders though.
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    3. Anonymous
      jesus christ. Morrissey can't post anything these days without people nitpicking everything he writes and hating on him for absolutely no reason. Leave him alone, who cares if what he wrote wasn't "original"? Neither were the millions of tweets talking about the Orlando mass shooting. If morrissey is interested in politics and if this is something that hits home for him, let him write about it. Geez, you people NEVER let him do anything with complaining about it.
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    4. Anonymous
      Blah ! Blah ! Blah !
      Shut up Steven have you no shame ? 49 people have died and many more injured.
      Very poor taste but it was to be expected.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::unitedstates:
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    5. realitybites
      Does Islamic scripture say it is fitting for a man to sit alone taking adoring photographs of himself?

      No, it isn't. Modesty and humility are virtues that are essential for Muslims: “The one who possesses an atom’s weight of Kibr in his heart shall not be granted admission to Paradise.”
    6. MozIsGod
      What Moz, no love for Gary Johnson? Or Jill Stein? Or Darrell Castle? There are other bearable choices you know!
    7. rifke
      i really find it heartwarming that moz endorses bernie sanders <3
    8. realitybites
      I find it a bit naive.
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    9. rifke
      even if it was, it would still be heartwarming.... maybe even moreso
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    10. Sal Kramer
      Sal Kramer
      Wow, just what the world has been waiting for- Moz starting to speak about the Orlando tragedy, then whining about the 2016 presidential election. How disrespectful. Shut your tofu-hole, Moz...
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    11. tyronepowebottom
      my thoughts exactly. Most bernie supporters are really naive about politics to be honest and they only support him because he's the underdog anf the lesser of the evils between hilary and trump. Moz probably was with Hilary at first, but now since Bernie is popular among the young and naive crowd, suddenly is all for bernie
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    12. Anonymous
      The irony is that thanks to his 'Nobody For President 2016'/'Each time you vote you support the process' stance, Morrissey only comes out with support for Bernie Sanders when the race is over, and the guy is completely dead in the water. If he cared at all, he would have been campaigning for him over the last few months, instead of doing and saying nothing. Russell Brand - who similarly did a last-minute flip-flop in the last UK election after spending months begging people not to vote - has a lot to answer for.
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    13. MarioTheMexMozFan
      Please say it ain't so, Mr. Thump probably America's next President???
      Que Dios nos Bendiga, Asi Sea. (God Help Us, Amen.)
    14. Anonymous
      It's amazing that Moz couldn't manage to come up with one of his usual daft, childish monikers for Hillary Clinton. I can imagine him racking his brain for hours as he write this. "Hmmm, what to go with this time. Corporate-Shillary Clinton? Hillary Clingfilm? Hillbilly Klingon? Silly-billy Clit-numb? Ah, fudge it - I'll think of something next time...'
    15. countthree
      Very nice words.

      We are doomed if we believe hope is naivety.
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    16. marred
      Oh I'm so glad you approve...
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    17. Uncleskinny
      I knew you'd be here quicker than lightning. Dull.
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    18. Surface
      Thought the first part about Orlando and Trump was interesting.

      Just watched a piece on Trump on the news, it was quite thought provoking, the chap being interviewed suggested that America would be relegated from the premier league if Trump became President as counter leaders would shun him.
    19. Anonymous
      That one has a ring to it. There's no way that Bernie dude could have won in a fight with a cling film roll. We've all tried, and lost. :(

      The sulking underling hath returned to the fold (although he'd deny being any of those things- proof that he really is sulking). Sure he says the exact same things as before, which is useful for anyone who doesn't jog behind the American election race (last time I jogged was the nineties). He's really like an old teacher making us little review cards. Schweet.

      On the plus side, no one has suggested re-releasing "Death of a Disco dancer" as a tribute single. Then again, Martin Boorer wasn't in the Smiths, or if he was, he was just wrapping the sandwiches with see above.

      Now, putting the word "rose" in the title reassures us that he hasn't lost his secret connection with the BRS. Oh good, we were worried. ;)

      Love thy neighbours, talk to your neighbours, and if you go to a disco, look after your life, and your jumper.

      Also: people seek fame in different ways. and yes, too many photographs of yourself isn't very healthy. It's called narcissism. You also have it. Here's a smiley to illustrate (I know, pictures are easier to understand :)):

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