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By NealCassidy on Oct 21, 2015 at 5:37 AM
  1. NealCassidy

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    Aug 28, 2014
    Gail Shea in search of a new hobby -
    20 October 2015


    Gail Shea, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries whose spokesperson referred to me as a "millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby" when I protested at Shea's decision to axe to death thousands of newborn seal pups who were relying on fish food that Shea instead wanted for human consumption, is herself being 'culled' on Monday as the federal elections show her support dramatically diminished against that of her main opponent (Bobby Morrissey, would you believe). Since Gail Shea thinks it is morally correct of Canada to dispense with unwanted beings by slicing their heads open with an axe, hopefully this same fate will happen to Shea, although given her 78% pork girth it could take nine wielding axemen and at least six daylight hours to finish her off.
    It shall be worth the wait for all of us.

    London, England
    October 2015


    Now he's in London?

    ...Is Morrissey not a millionaire celebrity?

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    1. Uncleskinny
      a) "Since Gail Shea thinks it is morally correct of Canada to dispense with unwanted beings by slicing their heads open with an axe, hopefully this same fate will happen to Shea"

      So I guess wishing death on humans is OK then, but animals most certainly not.

      b) "...although given her 78% pork girth it could take nine wielding axemen and at least six daylight hours to finish her off."

      Wait. What? Morrissey is taking the piss out of someone for being fat? Jesus fucking Christ. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. Seriously Morrissey, fuck off, and lay off the vodka.

      Fucks sake.
    2. vegan.cro
      Well, time spent in Zagreb was very, very nice.
    3. Detritus
      "...hopefully this same fate will happen to Shea, although given her 78% pork girth it could take nine wielding axemen and at least six daylight hours to finish her off."


      Remarks like these are why so many of us find it laughable when someone becomes indignant at the slightest critical remark or joke at Morrissey's expense. The fact is, he can be and often is absolutely vicious. Of course, this doesn't justify being vicious to him in return (an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, as the saying goes) but it's funny that some fans are so quick to justify his miserable comments while swiftly condemning others'.

      Beyond that, the Shea vs. Morrissey seal cull debacle happened months and months ago. Why is it being dredged up? It just seems like he wanted an excuse to indulge in some character assassination (something a lot of people did finger-wagging about in response to LOTL reviews). There's not even any evidence to suggest her poor performance in polls has anything to do with her stance on the seal cull, we're just supposed to take this for granted because it justifies making the statement.
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    4. vegan.cro
      In this world it is enough for a man to have distinction and brains for every common tongue to wag against him. And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? Sin is a thing that writes across a (wo)man's face. It cannot be concealed.
      away, away, away Shea, to deep, deep, deep sea...
    5. NealCassidy
      Good points. Is it also in part to mention Bobby Morrissey winning? Seems like the kind of thing he'd like to do.
    6. Anonymous
      to say someone should suffer the same fate as that they inflict isnt the same as saying its ok to kill a human/humans

      its never ok to make fun of someone for being overweight though
    7. Detritus
      You're right that what people criticize Morrissey for are often things not as grave as the sins of corrupt politicians, which certainly deserve public opprobrium, but that doesn't mean that when Morrissey does things that should be criticized we should just ignore it because, hey, at least he isn't committing genocide.

      And if someone in a position of power is enacting questionable policies or behaving in ways that are unacceptable for someone of their standing, ad hominem attacks are hardly the most thoughtful or productive way to go about addressing the issue. Which leads me to my actual point, which you did not address: the manner in which Morrissey's criticisms are made and the manner in which many of the criticisms here are made are exactly the same, but Morrissey fans are more inclined to accept lazy and mean-spirited criticism from him because they are biased.
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    8. Uncleskinny
      Ridiculing fat people for your agenda is never, ever, funny. Morrissey should be very ashamed. But I doubt he won't be.

      Any Morrissey fans who think it's valid to ridicule someone because of their body size, let's hear it.
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    9. Anonymous
      "78% pork girth"

      Morrissey hatred of people he judges fat is getting increasingly tiresome. Especially as he's had periods of lugging a sizeable vodka gut around himself on recent tours (and no, I don't just mean Boz).
    10. Uncleskinny
      Well, that's all right then. You go right ahead. Because Morrissey has validated it.
    11. No1uno
      I think thats lovely and a great thing to aspire to. Please share with us who you are and what you believe, not about morrissey, but about you. Tell us the positive impact Morrissey has had in your life. Tell us a story that us other fans can relate to. Yes, some may not relate, but your self worth won't be based on their approval of you. It is safe here, and I'm sorry you have been scared of people who have expressed their views with the same vigorous conviction you demonstrate with yours.
    12. Anonymous
      I think KS is actually moz :)
    13. Anonymous
      He used the same kind of childish language to criticise anyone he doesn't like. That's just the way he is. He will not change, and he will not be nice.
    14. bhops
      Seriously Pete why don't you fuck off? Why the fuck you would want to devote so much time to moderating a website dedicated to a person you clearly don't like sure beats the bat shit out of me. And don't give me the 'I do it for the people' shtick.
    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      :thumb: he makes some points, ouch honey! but really... on the wrong site.
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    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      thank gawd.
    17. Anonymous
      Singers in glass houses...
    18. Dave2006
      You're NOT the one for me, Fatty.

      Sorry, couldn't resist.

    19. Anonymous
      I'm not really troubled by his comments and I tell you why. They follow a pattern we all should know by now. His two previous posts on TTY on the "seal subject" were one of his more reasonable, in my opinion. I'm rather surprised that he didn't already go under the belt with his second post because at the time the "millionaire/hobby" remark, which obviously is the trigger for this new post, had already been made. It's always like that. There are certain remarks (some we know about, some we don't know about) which get to him and which he can't let go, for the life of it. THEN he fires back. You won't find Moz randomly insulting people in the streets ("Tara ta Fatty"). Now, I don't say this is right, I don't say this is wrong. I simply point it out. As for his choice of insult. If you search for something hurtful, you often turn to things which YOU consider hurtful for YOURSELF. So, it doesn't surprise me. BUT, and this is a mistake that many people make, such behaviour does NOT mean that you generally hate, for example, fat people. Not at all. Unfortunately the human psyche is a bit more complex than that. I could go on forever BUT there is one thing we, once again, learned by this recent post. Moz is NOT as indifferent to people's remarks and opinions about him as he wants everybody to believe. I'm pretty sure he knows that all of this is a big flaw in his personality and certainly not something he is proud of. I know many won't agree with me on that BUT, for me, it's kind of admirable and brave to explore ALL aspects of your personality and, above all, show it in public. You essentially say "Here I am, as I am, with all of my facets. Take me, or leave me". The problem is, that it quickly becomes a vicious circle because, you ARE hurt by insults but provoke them by your own behaviour. Add to that the press who, naturally, report the bad more than the good or the general public who remember the bad things before the good (because they, themselves, have no flaws and problems, obviously) and you arrive where we are with Moz today. For me, all of that IS authentic and not fake but sadly this isn't required much today.

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