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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

By davidt on Jan 5, 2016 at 3:33 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

    1. Jamie
      These two paragraphs very succinctly sum up my growing frustration with his frequent complaints about the music industry for the better part of the last decade or so. If he really wants to get any new songs out there, stop being so precious about it, forego the red carpet treatment and make it happen. One of his band members has a recording studio, for crying out loud. Clearly, he is not as concerned as he would have us believe; as you pointed out, there are ways to approach it that could be very profitable for him.

      My condolences on how Bowie's passing has affected you. I am similarly at loose ends today.
    2. Anonymous
      Apparently you're not enough at loose ends because you have the time to comment again on the above. Who do you think reads this? M? Certainly not. If he wants to comlain then let him complain, for fuck's sake. Constant complaining of how M is handling his career is equally frustrating as M himself.
    3. Anonymous
      thats for sure. i think people also forget that its his experience as well and he seems one to appreciate the doing just as much as the result. he isnt making albums for other people and he isnt doing it to even communicate to others i dont believe, hes doing it because he likes it and the experience of doing it, the fun and the fantasy. for the person making the records its not all about the product, thats for fans to care more about. for the artist sometimes its openly the making thats pleasurable. sometimes even more pleasurable than feeling content with the album you made
    4. Anonymous
      You are a fool if you think Morrissey does not read and comment on this website.
    5. Jamie
      I don't care if he reads it or not. It's a fan forum, where views both pro and con can be exchanged - and a reasonable point has been made, which I commented on. I equally don't care if you read it or not - or, frankly, if it frustrates you. I continue to buy Morrissey's albums and attend his concerts so my opinion - or Detritus's, or anyone likeminded - is just as valid as the vocal minority here who think absolutely nothing's wrong with the current arc of his career and/or art. If my posts rankle you to profanity, just ignore me. If you bothered to sign in with a simple pseudonym (which seems to be terribly difficult for so many), I'd happily put you on Ignore if I felt so passionately opposed - and you could do the same to me. It's pretty simple. I've been posting on Morrissey-solo since 1997 - I'm not going to be cowed into silence because someone doesn't share my view. You're just as unlikely to end the ongoing discussion by making hyperbolic statements like the one you made above.
    6. evennow
      Well put Jamie. I have been following this discussion and it might be as you and Detritus describe that in part it is his either unwillingness or inability to follow the edicts of a record label that continue to create stumbling blocks in his pursuit to issue new music. And the idea that he self-release his own music makes perfect sense on the surface, but I keep getting drawn to the famous words of his youth:

      I was looking for a job, and then I found a job
      And heaven knows I'm miserable now

      After realizing that the working life was not for him, Moz entered The Smith's by invitation and would so-called "work" on things that interested him. Sleeve design, artwork, etc., but not the nuts and bolts of running the band, which is where the real work lies. He left that to others in large part. Moz is not the do-it-yourself type because he has never been the type to take the initiative.

      It is far easier to leave the details to others and then pick away at the things you dislike rather than standing up, rolling up your sleeves and getting to it yourself. He has even left his own website up to others (Julia, Sam, who knows who else) to run because as the English say "he can't be arsed to do it himself." I'm not saying I blame him for it either. I bought a house earlier in my life and when I realized how much work was involved in landscaping and keeping the yard up...well, safe to say I am a condo owner now and loving it. I just don't think Moz has enough of the right people in place to replace what he has become accustomed to a record company providing.
    7. NealCassidy
      There's clear evidence that he has read it but comment? Benny?
    8. Anonymous
      So what? He is clearly not business-oriented. Most artist's are not. They have the craft but don's know how to sell it. I don't blame him. ALso, some people don't give a crap whether they have a website or facebook profile. I don't have one and never will. He lets other people do it for him. That doesn't make him incapable. He just doesn't care about it.
    9. Anonymous
      yeah same here. never had a facebook, never used twitter or care to. people probably kept bothering him about a website until he just said fine and did the least required to make that happen so people would stop bugging him about something he didnt care about. i for one really dont care one way or the other.

      p.s. also dont care for hitchhikers guide
    10. Anonymous
      What are you trying to say ?

    11. Anonymous
      Joy to the world ! My first introduction to C O was 'teenager' .
      Thankyou so much evennow ! The spirit and mind has been lifted, that's unbelievable.

    12. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
      Thanks again for the insight - I read somewhere about his blowing off a People Magazine interview around that time (though it ultimately took place). I hadn’t realized that his blowing off of important PR events were a pattern at that point. So another piece of the puzzle falls into place for me -

      I’m curious when you say that even if he had played the game, “it wouldn’t have moved the needle that much” in the direction of mainstream success. Is it primarily because of the “alternate gender identity” aspect of his persona? I ask this because Bowie (may he RIP) played that role as well but it didn’t seem to hinder his career.

      I kind of feel that his novel embodies this too — compare the astute and succinct passage about his inability to attend the Southpaw Grammar record launch with the craptacular mess that is List of the Lost- it's hard to believe they were written by the same person.

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