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By davidt on Jan 5, 2016 at 3:33 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

    1. evennow
      That's it! Wow, 1992...some quarter century ago...god I'm old :tears: I remember his appearance on Saturday Night Live the same year. I feel this was his window where he had a real shot at becoming a huge "Pop Star" for what it's worth if he wanted to be one. Que sera sera I guess.
    2. Pokey
      lol why am I not surprised that a simple post from TTY detailing a list of dates on this tour turned into a complete shit storm here with people who have grudges to bear against Morrissey somehow finding yet another avenue to push their tired agenda. Like fucking clockwork.
    3. Anonymous
      Any post yields cries that he is a fraud, anger about cancellations from 10 years ago, and request for more half naked pictures of Morrissey.
    4. Anonymous
      I shouldn't laugh, but I'm half expecting a post from Peter's wife, berating us for sending her husband into a mental decline.
    5. Anonymous
      Is it not plausible that the show completion rate is down to a combination of a more realistic tour schedule and Morrissey having been in better health? The 1997 to 2003 period wasn't exactly a period of extensive touring, so statistical comparison with the period 2004 to 2014 seems flawed to me. And it was clear in 2008 and 2009 that Moz was in genuinely poor health. To state these numbers as evidence of the fact of a lack of Morrissey's commitment to fulfilling tells only half of the story.

    6. Anonymous
      better health? have you seen when he is photographed sideways? hes huge, his width is about 4-5 meters at the very least.
      money is the reason in the decline of cancellations. nobody wants to give him a free ride anymore.
    7. Anonymous
      How can someone be so fucking gorgeous. I want his genes.
    8. bhops
      I've seen some sad shit on my time on this site but this far far and away takes the cup. And from an 'esteemed' moderator no less. The idea that someone would consider engaging in legal action, even if its simply using your wife who is a solicitor, over a bust up on an internet forum is just beyond sad, its bordering on mental illness. What I find so amusing is that the person threatening this often calls Morrissey out on his childish bullying behaviour but apparently sees no irony in making a post like the one quoted above. Clearly the dude needs help.
    9. bhops
      Without crunching the numbers scientifically I assume that Morrissey's recent run of tour cancellations around 18 months ago had to right up there among the very worst and this was WITHOUT a label. It should also be remembered that in their short career The Smiths blew out concerts here, there and everywhere and this was with label support.

      As for the success rate lately I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that a valid reason for less cancellations is that Morrissey has scattered his schedule a lot more, played less gigs and generally gives himself ad few days before each show to rest and recuperate. This I might add is something that many folks here were recommending back around the 18 months ago when cancellations were rife. It seems a sensible strategy for someone like Moz who has never been able to complete long exhaustive tours and I think will add on years to ability to sing live.
    10. Anonymous
      That man had been struggling with cancer and various other ailments around 2013-2014, therefore the cancellations. Is it so hard to understand?
    11. Anonymous
      give skinny his apology, he is in the right. you all just like to argue with cold facts for no reason in your moz delusion.
    12. Anonymous
      He didn't have cancer, but yes he had a burst ulcer.
    13. Anonymous
      I agree, why would he cancel so much and bother to set up tours just to cancel? I do think that he may have had some sort of awakening since the Kristeen incident. My personal opinion only, i think he got scared out what he may lose with his fans and took his health seriously. He seemed really happy when i saw him and he has a good group of people who adore him. Wish he had someone romantically, he seems so damn fun.
    14. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
      Being somewhat new to "all things Moz", when I watch videos of his shows and the effect he had on fans especially from the early 90's, I've wondered why Morrissey didn't become more of a huge star at that time given his obvious charisma and talent. I am sure that this issue has been discussed ad infinitum elsewhere on this forum so if some kind soul would like to point me to a thread that has some insightful discussion about the reasons why, I'd appreciate it - or if somebody wants to answer here, that's fine too though I'm not sure I want open up that particular can of worms and totally derail this thread :rolleyes:
    15. Anonymous
      Kristeen - you mean that screeching crow? She annoys the crap out of me.
    16. Anonymous
      I was curious how the perfume Morrissey wears smells like. So I went to a very expensive store, saw that little flask of perfume (about $100) and had a little spritz. To my surprise it smells like the Catholic church. Growing up in Europe, I, as a child, attended a handful of funerals, where bodies of the deceased lay in the open casket in some old church with high arches and frescoes, candles and burning incense of rosemary and myrrh. The smell of Incense Avignon reminds me of the funerals and the gloomy, gut-wrenching feeling you have when someone close to you dies. How strange.
    17. bhops
      The reality was that in '92 Moz gave it a damn good push. He did a lot of MTV type stuff and in-stores in the States, a ton of interviews and Your Arsenal was a genuinely great album to be pushing and touring with. And he got close, I think Arsenal entered at #21 in America (back in the days when charts meant something) and got nominated for a Grammy. But ultimately Morrissey is/was just too polarizing to be a mainstream star, and the voice, well you either love it or loathe it.

      I think if he'd toured the States with Vauxhall he may have even got closer but at the time he was too busy tooling around with Jake, LOL. I tell you what though it was a great time to be a Morrissey fan, maybe the best, especially after the disappointment that was Kill Uncle. The band sounded great, I think of it as their 'Meat is Murder' period. I'll always maintain that The Smiths were at their best live around '85 and I think '92 was the zenith for Morrissey solo.

      The Hollywood Bowl sold out quicker than The Beatles, he was beating merchandising records set by U2, (the merch was actually great back then) it was genuine Morrissey mania and he covers it quite well in Autobiography.

      And Morrissey looked fucken fantastic, the quiff never better, the lame shirts in full ascendance and the interviews around the time were stellar too. The TV performances were on point but the reaction on the Leno show was the best in '92, especially Jay getting a signed copy of the album, LOL.

      From a record company standpoint I don't know if there was anything much more that could have been done. Probably a bit more horse trading to get his singles played on the radio, but y'know I'm happy that he didn't get much bigger as far as audience size goes. Howie Klein at Sire commented around the time that it was like he was the world's largest cult and I think that is a pretty appropriate space for Morrissey to occupy.
    18. marred
      This thread has been derailed already, so no harm done. As popular as Morrissey was in the 90s I never saw him gaining main stream fame and I see that as a positive. He's the perfect outsider. There was no incident you can look to for an explanation as to why. Most people are just too damn stupid to get him. A few nay Sayers have caught up recently such as Henry Rollins but speaking for myself I'm happy with his level of fame even if the man himself isn't.
    19. Anonymous
      I thought the exact same. Whether it was being rid of kristeen/ his health improved / something or someone else, at the end of 2014 he seemed different, happy. Very nice to see. Hope he holds onto it.
    20. evennow
      Excellent summation bhops. I agree 100% with your thoughts here. I came into the Moz camp just at the time The Smiths were breaking up so I never saw them live. I bought Strangeways and then it was over. I wish I could have seen the fantastic four together at least once.

      I think your statement regarding Vauxhall is right on the money. Back in the day when MTV was required viewing for music lovers his video for The More You Ignore Me was in constant rotation. He was perfectly dressed and exuding all kinds of charm and charisma. He was captivating in every way. If he had only made more of that opportunity he would have surely raised his level of success in the states.

      The first concert I saw him play was in Chicago during the Kill Uncle tour. The name of the theater escapes me (old age), but it was an outdoor venue with a very large seating capacity. We had pretty much the worst seats way in the back, but it was plain then that his draw had diminished. We were able to easily walk down several rows and I would estimate the place was half full. Personally, Kill Uncle is the CD I listen to the least, but as a fan I appreciated the shift in his sound. The video for Sing Your Life may have made it on MTV, but by then I think the die was cast.

      I think I can safely say we are all pleased that he never achieved that level of fame because his performances are best experienced in smaller venues.

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