TTY: Full List of Dates Played To Promote 'World Peace is None of Your Business'; Lady Penelope art

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By davidt on Jan 5, 2016 at 3:33 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      lady thunderbird? can he get any gayer? putting stuff no young person would know is going to get him no record contract. not that he was getting one anyways.
    2. Jamie
      Child abuse? Racial crime? Selling people into slavery? Corruption? The rich exploiting the poor? Using religion as a weapon? Even animal slaughter, Morrissey's bete noire plus grand? All less despicable than "intellectual prostitution," whatever the hell that means? You need to get out more.
    3. Anonymous
      Page 21 of Autobiography. I may have to read the book again, i miss him already. SO spoiled to have him on tour for so long, he must be exhausted. Now he will have the time to write new songs, there is a label out there for him, even unknown bands have labels, Kristeen has a label??? Duran Duran is giving out there cds at the concert and U2 gave away there downloads on itunes.
    4. evennow
      Actually...believe it or not....defined as "A person with superb qualities of mind and heart but these qualities are for sale and often used for illegitimate purposes". So I think we can safely determine that P is not receiving a fee for his posts, but the question of "illegitimate purposes" is open for debate....I guess.
    5. Anonymous
      The "person with superb qualities of mind and heart" part is open for debate, too.
    6. Anonymous
      the mozbots are seething that despite their unswerving loyalty, moz didnt give them any rare tracks, but skinny has. you can see it has them seething with anger and disappointment.
    7. countthree
      Intellectual prostitution conceals and helps grow all those criminal activities and many more. For example, intellectual prostitution of journalists employed by news networks, or those who intend to become hired by them, disguises the severity of the current global war and the real motivations of governments to participate on bombings or invasions. Of course, there are different degrees of intellectual prostitution, but all them are intentional. If you work for the government you will be corrupt. If you manage a website and and lie or conceal information about a topic, whether you do it to favor or to harm a person or third parties who are in conflict with him, you're selling your intellectual honesty for some benefit. You are an intellectual prostitute when you sell your mind and/or your soul.
      If you conceal Morrissey was seriously ill and was victim of (accidental or not) acute intoxication when he had to cancel some dates, you are not being honest giving arguments to try to prove your point. That's all.
    8. countthree
      That's the difference between true fans and fake fans. True fans don't expect anything in return more than the art they are already receiving.
    9. Anonymous
      It was adorable and I really like his taste in music, the preshow vids are so interesting. So expand your mind a bit and maybe lose the terms like "gayer".
    10. Anonymous
      thats a nice way of calling yourselves total chumps
    11. Anonymous
      It's been a wonderful tour, just wonderful.
      Thanks Morrissey x
    12. alainsane
      Is the picture saying only a dummy would read Morrissey's new book?
    13. marred
      You may be getting confused with people who comment on it without having read it... Dummy :)
    14. Anonymous
      NO, thank You!! Luf you Morrissey xxoo

      Feel free to post half naked pictures of yourself on TTY
    15. Anonymous
      I did read his autobiography a while ago, I just don't remember everything he wrote verbatim. It was not the most important piece of literature, but I enjoyed it. I bet some fans treat it as a Bible.
    16. Anonymous
      What clip is this? He looks hot
    17. butley

      Where is that clip of Morrissey smiling and waving from?
    18. evennow
    19. evennow
      Yes he does. It is this younger version of Morrissey that first captivated me. Even as a heterosexual, I still found his style and look to be quite devastatingly handsome. He had me spellbound in my youth, and the music and lyrics sealed my fate as a fan for life.
    20. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer
      Well, I'm not sure if I qualify as a devotee of all thing Moz but it looks like the clip is from his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno -

      The moment is at about 7:36.

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