TTY: Full List of Dates Played To Promote 'World Peace is None of Your Business'; Lady Penelope art

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By davidt on Jan 5, 2016 at 3:33 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      Also, what about the years 2011-2013 (he didn't have a record company then), how does those years stack up with e.g. 2004-2009??
    2. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I know you do, Peter. I do, too. I agree, he cancels more than he should. However, I believe he has an on-going depression and it's crippled him - especially in the 90s. Anyway, I found this article for you, anonymous, and Thewlis. I think it's interesting and it provides proof...for whatever reason.


      Sorry if this article has already been posted elsewhere on this site.

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    3. davidt
      Your choice of examples demonstrates you like to cherry pick data to fit your agenda. Of all the thousands of items posted you choose these two. Also, Uncleskinny had nothing to do with the story about the site that suggested the links to paedophilia.

    4. davidt
      I would include them as May/June was a couple months before the release and it's not unusual to 'promote' an album shortly before the release. The June 7 show in Boston included 5 songs from the album.

    5. hand in glove
      hand in glove
    6. Thewlis
      Oh, I thought Skinny was doing that with his tour-figures?
      Fair enough, I'll take that back then.
    7. Anonymous
      Lady Penelope will be doing the audiobook of List of the Lost
    8. Jamie
      Adding together the dates you and Skinny provided, the total is 1,025 shows. His portion accounted for 80% of the total dates...but he is the one cherry-picking?
    9. Thewlis
      Gee, you can't just lump the 2004-2014 period together and say that record companies subsided all those tours. Which record company subsided the 2010-2013 tours exactly?
      I think it's jumping to preconceived conclusions a bit too eagerly like we've come to expect.
    10. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Wow... You moan when someone uses ad hominems against you, but then you come up with this shit? And later threaten to sue just because someone called you a liar? Are you alright? Sure as hell don't seem like it.
    11. Detritus
      Are you being willfully obtuse?

      First of all, the 2010-2013 tour period during The Wilderness Years Redux was the worst in his career in terms of cancellations. You're not doing a very good job of proving your point, as this supports Peter's argument, not yours.

      Second of all, no one claimed record companies subsidized every tour from 2004-2014, you just presumed that's what was intended to be conveyed when you saw the tour dates grouped together. Regardless, the way they were grouped does nothing whatsoever to change the fact that the tours in that decade that were undertaken without label support suffered more setbacks, cancellations, etc. than the ones that weren't, which has been repeatedly pointed out to you and sidestepped. So, once again, Peter's claim is based on a reasonable inference, whether you agree with his conclusion or not.
    12. Anonymous
      The worst run he had was in 2012/2013. Maybe he was confused. Forgot that he hadn't a label and regretted it when sitting in the pool crying over his lost money (a joke of course). 2016 will be a horrible time on this website, because worse than a year full of concerts is a year withouth any actions of Moz. A lot of time for the usual suspects to pick unreasonable fights. And next: "You cunt", "Fuck off". :lbf:
    13. Anonymous
      :lbf: Actually it DOESN'T support Peter's argument because his is that Moz mostly cancels when he HAS a label and their financial support. I think you got something wrong there. Sorry.
    14. Anonymous
      All real men need HARD....facts lol. Well done Morrissey, what stamina to complete such a long and great tour!! Cue the runts. The haters are furious as per
    15. Anonymous
      Uncle skinny has embarrassed himself here
    16. g23
      The only footprints of note that Morrissey ever left besides musical, were on the asses of anyone who didn't nod vigorously at his every whim.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Jesus Christ, the butt hurt just radiates outward from the page.
    17. marred
      It's called 'running out of things to complain about'.
    18. Anonymous
      Yeah, sure. And the label supported tours in 1997/2004/2006/2007 when he finally got ill in 2007 after extensive touring. I honestly don't know anyone outside this website who comes up with such absurd ideas.
    19. Poet
      What about your agenda? You do the same thing, David and I would argue in a worse way. I really don't understand why you have such a hard time with mea culpa. You always seem to deflect ANY data that doesn't favor you, YOUR agenda and this website, which INCLUDES support from P. Can you explain this? I have yet to see you EVER admit ANY wrongdoing! I suppose that you must be perfect. [​IMG]

      You would do well to ask advice from someone in Public Relations, unless of course, this IS your P.R. stunt to operate in this substandard-even-for-TMZ-type way. Maybe "Thewlis" did choose to highlight these two items, but they are very abhorrent items that demand attention and are a blatant disregard for journalistic integrity and ethics.

      I get it, you're not a journalist or a newspaper, you're like youtube or whatever, but do you have ANY code of ethics at all? If I give money to this website, if I'm a sponsor, can I post things about Morrissey that are patently untrue? Can I carry out the grudges of ex-band members and MorrisseyHaters, which we know support you and your efforts(...but I won't name names.)? The so unbelievably desperate for attention UnclePleaseSeeMe as is evident in him posting rare material on HIS SoundCloud account with a pic of him presumably "singing" and probably forever ruining people's ears, supports your efforts if even publicly condemning certain stories or aspects of the website has EVERYTHING TO DO with the pedophilia and drunkard stories AND other negative items that have since been deleted. But because of the laws in England regarding such claims, he can't publicly support you without being held legally liable. And we know, P. is very afraid of being sued as he should be.

      David, I know it will never happen, but I would very much like to interview you for your website. I just think many do not understand where you are coming from. IF you respond to this (you won't), I'm sure it'll be an ad-hominem attack or wild guesses of who you think I am and what I've allegedly done on this website or your false accusations that I'm a troll or threats of being banned or this or that, again, rather than directly addressing the issues that I bring up. Will you ever answers No1uno's question about whether or not you attended the recent L.A. gig, even though we know that you are banned? Do you respect Morrissey's wishes that you remain banned? I mean that would be "interesting" information or "news" as you call it, if you did attend the gig even though you are banned, wouldn't it? Will you ever address any questions that you don't feel benefits you? It's very interesting that you accuse someone else cherry picking information as that is exactly what you purport to do here on this very website and have for years, but you call it, "Things I find interesting." Do you always deflect when questions are posed to you?

      And UncleSkinny, I would LOVE for your lawyer to contact me, I'll have your ass in a sling so fast you won't know what hit you.
    20. Detritus
      Oof, that's correct. I confused myself, should have thought that one out more clearly. Posting in haste when debating can be a bad idea...

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