TTY: Full List of Dates Played To Promote 'World Peace is None of Your Business'; Lady Penelope art

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By davidt on Jan 5, 2016 at 3:33 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2016 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 5, 2016.

    1. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Carbon footprint? Wait, are you criticizing him for simply touring now? And when he cancels tours (and thereby leaves a lesser 'carbon footprint') you criticize him for that as well? Or are you criticizing everyone who travels and/or tours?
    2. Jeffrey7777
      What great use of a mannequin!!! I hope SER starts "The Travelling Adventures of Lady Penelope"....ASAP.
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    3. Thewlis
      How is what you stated a fact? Accusations should be backed by evidence and I don't see any of that in your post, or in any of your posts in the last 3 or 4 years. And why? Because you don't have any. So stop spreading lies like you have been doing for the past couple of years and stick to spreading alternative versions of songs you once liked, will you? Thicko.
    4. ACTON
      I hate to be a negative ninny but I don't think she is reading that book. Maybe she's dreaming about one of the Thunderbirds pilots instead.
    5. Anonymous
    6. CrystalGeezer
      Very proud of him, this represents a lot of work. I say this in all honesty (and to prove to his crazy ill-advised mystic connection I am in no way related cosmically or in reality to Steve Barnett so leave me alone.) :thumb:
    7. Uncleskinny
      Aaaand, like the inevitability of the tides, absent while the songs were being shared, here you are. I'm so glad I have you.

      Actually, do you know what? You and your 'no evidence' bullshit - it's there in the tour forum for anyone who wants to see it. I'm guessing you're too lazy to go look yourself, so it took me about 20 minutes to do, figures may be out be a few here and there due to rough counting. You wanted evidence, here it is. Thicko.

      1997 to 2003 - 181 played, 5 cancelled/postponed. % cancelled/postponed = 2.7%
      2004 to 2014 - 568 played, 169 cancelled/postponed. % cancelled postponed = 22.9%
      2015 - 75 played, 2 cancelled/postponed. % cancelled/postponed = 2.7%
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    8. g23
      What I take away from the photo is that only dummies could possibly enjoy this book.
    9. bored
      That settles it.. I'm buying it!
    10. tyronepowebottom
      yeah that bear is gorgeous!!!!! but why are you calling moz a teddy bear???? he is not that fat

      - - - Updated - - -

      i lol'd :lbf:
    11. Thewlis
      Gee, how is that evidence for your initial claim? Your initial claim was that Morrissey is only reliable when it's not someone else's money at stake and you start juggling with tour figures!? How has that anything to do with your claim? Please explain. And you fail to bring in the 1991-1997 figures, probably because it suits whatever argument you may think to have.
      Sick thicko indeed.
      How long before we hear your 'Morrissey is a drunkard'-remarks again? Not too long I presume.
      Anything to keep the M-solo-treadmill going now that the tour is over.
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    12. Uncleskinny
      You thick cunt. Examine the figures and you'll see that when he's with a record company subsidising the tour, he cancels just short of 10 times more often than when he's not.

      Why am I not surprised that when presented with the very evidence you wanted to see, you still protest and make shit up? And as for the 1991-1997 figures, the forum didn't exist and the figures aren't there, you dopey fucker. You're free to go find them and add your own figures to redress the balance, but being the lazy thick shit you are, that ain't gonna happen is it?

      Fucking wanker. What is it with blinkered fucknuts like you? Morrissey could shit in your ice-cream bowl and you'd swear it was chocolate.
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    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I'm pointing out that Morrissey's (relatively recently discovered) concerns about the damage the meat industry does to the planet is something that worries him so much he sees fit to tell us about it while stomping across the globe filling up his pension pot.
    14. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Wow. you're going to have an anurism if you don't calm down, Peter. Jesus Christ.

      Is any of this really that important? To anyone? Really? What does it matter? It's amazing watching adults get this upset over petty shit.
    15. Thewlis
      You lying thick horrible person, you! You're talking shit quite openly now, aren't you? You know very well, just as any long-time fan, that Morrissey hardly cancelled any dates on the Kill Uncle, YO, Boxers- and Maladjusted-tours. He was without a record copmpany then? So there goes your 'theory'.
      It's just the sort of character assassination we've come to expect of you in recent years. And whenever someone is questioning you, you play the sycophant-card which is pretty useless as you, rather than I, was ever such a fan, scanning the newsstands every Wednesday for Morrissey-snippets to provide for us fans.
      Now that was appreciated, if a little too much at times, but it makes the spreading of lies of recent years all the more sickening.
    16. Anonymous
      I think we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, Moz's carbon footprint?? It is going to be a long time before solo has anything new to nitpick him about , pace yourselves...

    17. Uncleskinny

      I may be horrible, but I'm not a liar. Provide proof to the contrary, or shut up. Hard, linked, proof.

      Proof on those dates, or shut up. Evidence is king. Where is it? You don't have it, do you.

      "...spreading of lies of recent years" You're accusing me of this? List the lies I've posted - list them. Go on. Do it. Otherwise, you'd better have a good lawyer. And I'm deadly serious.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I am calling out liars who assert things with no evidence. I am calling out blinkered folk, who, in the face of facts, still maintain their lies. I believe in facts and evidence. Some people don't, and I will expose them. I posted facts. Hard facts. Not lies, like some.
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    18. Detritus
      Peter is more or less correct in asserting that the only tours that have gone largely incident-free are ones that were not subsidized by labels. Yes, tours earlier in his career when he had record contracts were less plagued by cancellations than recent tours, but cancellations and postponements still happened with more frequency than they did on tours where he didn't have label support. There is data to back this up, shared here, on Passions Just Like Mine and elsewhere. Though the figures Peter provided may not quite be "irrefutable evidence," that Morrissey is more motivated to complete tours when it's not someone else's money on the line, this would still be a reasonable conclusion to draw given the data provided and observable patterns of behavior. Thinking it is mere coincidence is, in my view, naive.
    19. Thewlis
      Gee, you posted NO facts to your claim that Morrissey is 'only reliable when it's not someone else's money at stake'. Tour figures won't do.

      Kill Uncle-tour 72 shows, 4 cancellations.
      Your Arsenal-tour, 55 shows, 0 cancellations.
      Boxers-tour , 18 shows, 0 cancellations
      Maladjusted-tour, 56 shows, 1 cancellation.

      It's all on a wonderful site called Passions Just Like Mine, by our esteemed Stephane, but I suppose he's a sycophant too?

      So your claim is ungrounded, unfounded and therefore a lie, or an opinion based on your hatred for the man. Just admit so and get on with it, thicky!
    20. Uncleskinny

      I'm giving you one more chance to apologise for saying this...."but it makes the spreading of lies of recent years" where you accused me of spreading lies over recent years. If you do not, I will pursue it through lawyers to get my apology. Please provide the apology.

      *EDIT* I will provide 1 day from the time of this post for the posting of an apology. If it is not forthcoming, my lawyer will be contacting you by the end of this week.
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