TTY: FORTHCOMING SMITHS 45 - Body-art / tattoo by Sam Esty Rayner

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2 December 2016

Body-art / tattoo of forthcoming Warner single by The Smiths (below) by Sam Esty Rayner.



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I don't know what to think about this one. First pic is fine but the second is mind boggling
Is this aimed at the Mexican fan-base? The words in Spanish on the second one?
That hand looks really creepy.
Oh Moz, this is so much against the aestatics of the Smiths.
As you are the creator of that aestatics and proved again with the Albert Finney sleeve.
Let your nephew be as artistic as he wants but not with your Smiths single sleeve design.
He's a naughty boy!
I don't understand the point of it at all let alone the Spanish. It's not funny in any way I can comprehend or making a point that I can see. Just seems random
Don't think Google Translate was Sam's friend on this one. "The boy with the thorn next to him" is what he's put.
Oh boy! If there's one thing the Smiths were missing, it was desperate sad eyed female models who might sleep with the aspiring photographer/photoshopper if he's lucky.

HAHAHA is this a joke? this is f***ing tacky! SER taste is so distateful...
and the text in spanish is SOOOOOO wrong , maybe the chicanos get it, but in proper spanish this is embarrasing.
How dared him?:eek:
I don't think I've seen anything that awful in all my life.

It's making me laugh though.
He's going Benny Hill on us. Didn't expect naked bottoms on TTY this am!
Is this one of those optical illusions?
You know, where if you stare hard enough and go a bit cross-eyed it suddenly leaps in to life?
Can't see it myself.
Not quite sure what Albert would make of it.
Some things should remain in the 'draft' folder.
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HAHAHA is this a joke?

I personally fail to see how letting one's nephew constantly make a fool of himself is funny. Then again, I never fully got Morrissey's sense of huma.

I'm afraid the joke's rather on their family... sorry, their dynasty.

Isn't it all a bit sad? :(
"-Johnny, here's my nephew, Sam. He's extremely talented. He'll design our new Smiths sleeves.
-Er...Morrissey, about reforming...Maybe it's not such a good idea."

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