TTY: Death is not the final word - Morrissey statement on TOMITA

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By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2016 at 6:09 AM
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    Death is not the final word -
    20 December 2016

    ... for there are some people who are lucky enough to leave such a powerful mark on life that not even death can wipe them out. In this Year Of Death ... from Richard Davalos to Frank Finlay to Prince to my very dear friend Victoria Wood ... I struggled most of all with the death of TOMITA, whose Snowflakes are dancing (RCA) I have listened to constantly for 40 years, especially on hard days of self-judgment. It is a recording that you can listen to repeatedly until you hear nothing else. All you need to do is to keep quiet. In a few minutes all the right answers come through and you will find that there had never been any reason, after all, to feel angry.


    If you do not know this recording, I envy your first listen. Track 5 especially will stay with you for always, as the best music does ... never outside time. It might take you back to the lost years of personal honesty in music, when artists gave everything that they had and everything that they were.

    20 December 2016.
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    1. Anonymous
      Cool - will check it out. But I get a feeling this thread is soon going to be filled with the usual Bowie fans moaning about how Morrissey is still slightly their idol...
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    2. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      A TTY post about music! Finally! This sounds mighty interesting. I'm going check it out.
    3. Anonymous
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    4. rifke
      nice to read such an equanimous message, dearest mozzer! i am now curious to find out more about this person you exalt. your message vaguely reminded me of a poem by lisel mueller i read years ago. spare a moment so that i can share it will you? thanks!

      The Concert
      In memory of Dimitri Mitropoulos

      The harpist believes there is music
      in the skeletons of fish

      The French horn player believes
      in enormous golden snails

      The piano believes in nothing
      and grins from ear to ear

      Strings are scratching their bellies
      openly, enjoying it

      Flutes and oboes complain
      in dialects of the same tongue

      Drumsticks rattle a calfskin
      from the sleep of another life

      because the supernatural crow
      on the podium flaps his wings

      and death is no excuse

      okay, bye now, sweetums!
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    5. Anonymous
      Sounds like The Chipmunks Play Classical. You're better off playing T.Rex Greatest Hits. GET IT ON!
    6. Anonymous
    7. Thewlis
      Classic Moz.
      Never has he mentioned Tomita before, not even in May when he died, but now here we are.
      Amazing artist! Thanks, Moz!
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    8. Anonymous
      See all the bots and munchkins running around like headless turkeys, scrambling to listen to Tomatoehead because the wizard of Moz has delivered unto them his Christmas message of death and doom :eyes::ghost: !

      By the way bots Diesel was spotted walking along the Downs, in Altrincham earlier this week going to the local Sainsbury's ( on the cheese run no doubt getting the Kerrygold in for Xmas at Betty's ).

      Newsflash !

      Steven is going to be in the Christmas Day Eastenders episode and will also deliver the channel 4 alternative Christmas Day speech :ahhh: Also Cuntryfile music have agreed to finally release the covers album Kerrygold and Steve and the lads are going to tour it for the next five and a half years :clap:. Talk about bot-mania :guitar:
      Looks like The Smiths re-uni-thingy will be put on hold, poor Johnny, he'll be gutted.

      Enjoy the nut roast and sprouts folks and if you're having turkey I hope you die a painful slow death from bird flu etc :rolleyes: must dash I gotta track down this tomatoeshit.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:
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    9. Anonymous
      Oh here we go again :eek: !
      Just look at the title of track nine :rolleyes: flirting once again Steven !

      R I P David Bowie

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:
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    10. Anonymous
      Sounds Amazing! Thank Morrissey for sharing!

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    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      Lovely final post of the year...?

      Lovely, and classic, Moz in the sense that it reminds me anew of just why i still fall for the fella, as hard as that fall can feel in recent times.

      Classic in that the familiar M. elements are there ~ another piece of the jigsaw falls into place; and a previously unknown, unmentioned, unimaginable piece. Which is not bad going given how much he's talked about apparently every record he ever even half-liked in the last 33 years of interviews. Just as with the Eurovision revelations c.2006, who knew Steven of Stretford was chilling out to Japanese Moog music back in the day?

      Sweetly & simply penned too, and all the more moving for that.

      And is it just me or did the "not even death can wipe them out" line immediately call to mind Morrissey's own sole & sublime foray into Moog mastery "I'd Love To", b-side to "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"? Oh well.

      And yes, classic Moz too, in the sense of the subtle little bitch-slap to the Bowie disciples, with the line "I struggled most of all with the death of TOMITA". I don't doubt his evident depth of feeling, but there is the element of Moz-the-arch-contrarian, eulogising this artist, when silence has reigned over the Dame.

      But heartening still :straightface:
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    12. Anonymous
      Never mind all this tomatoe bollocks and death shite ! It's Crimbo :christmastree:
      From me to thee bots and munchkins, cheer up and enjoy yourselves, how dare Steven try and ruin Christmas just because he's been on a cheese and vodka binge which has left him with a huge black dog syndrome. ( Sort him out Diesel ffs :rolleyes: ).

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::christmastree:
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    13. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Just listened to track 5, didn't know moz liked the teletubbies
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    14. Anonymous
      The Smiths reuinion tour....just google, Stadio Franchi Firenze Italy
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    15. Anonymous
      I think it's nothing unusual for Moz and has nothing to do with being contrarian. Look at this interview from 1989, where he gives his thoughts on the death of Bette Davis:

      Q: Do you like artists because they're underrated ?
      If I like them and they're slighted, the only instinct I have is to assemble a placard. Certainly, if people die and their deaths are overlooked, I feel I have to do something about it, I have to speak for them. Even with the recent death of Bette Davis, which I thought was typically slighted by the entire media, as if nobody cared. Here was this absolute, total legend, possibly the very last one, and I have the impression that if Joanna Lumley had died it would have gained more space, which foxes me. I'm generally attracted to people who are mildly despised and Bette Davis was. I bought all the newspapers the day after her death, expecting huge, blinding banner headlines. But it was simply The Bitch Is Dead, on page 15, which I found astonishing. I just assume it's a new generation of journalists who don't really know and don't really care. Perhaps it's too long ago. I think that people do forget. Bette Davis was a very formidable spirit who risked going against audience sympathy to get what she wanted, risked narrowing her audience to convey how she really felt. Which is quite largely how I feel about my career. I'd rather walk away than do anything unnatural. I appreciate that spirit because it's very, very rare - and extremely rare in dear old pop music, if it exists at all.
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    16. Anonymous
      What a load of shit.
    17. Anonymous
      Only as his backing band.
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    18. marred
      What a beautiful post.

      Love the mention of Prince too...
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    19. marred
      The load of shit you should be worrying about is between your ears, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it other than stay indoors to spare the others.
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