TTY: DATES SOLD OUT (Tucson, San Antonio, image by SER)

An anonymous person posted the link:

10 February 2017

Morrissey's forthcoming shows at Tucson AZ and San Antonio TX have sold out.

image credit: Sam Esty Rayner.

here was me thinking black peat is the stuff you dig up and can be used to burn as fuel,surprise surprise its usually dug up on the hills.think people are looking into this too much.
Forgive Someone always reminds me of this part from Autobiography:

"At some faraway track at Wellacre School, Jon arrived one day to watch me run for St Mary's (although I was actually running from St Mary's). He is a standout oddity in an exhaustingly straitlaced crowd (for what else in Sale in 1974?), and I begin to understand how things must seem. Wellacre are roughish posh boys with Garden of Eden facilities, and none of the put-up-and-shut-up regimented mildew and mold of St Mary's. I am jealous and I stay jealous."
I just want to say "Miss Silvia Dionisio was the Mrs to Mr Ruggero Deodato who is responsible for Italian 70s cannibal films for which animals have been slaughtered." I guess Camp Moz didn't know this or don't believe in guilt by association.

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