TTY: Darth Vader

An anonymous person writes:

New TTY, Darth reading Autobiography, was this in movie?

Darth Vader -
22 December 2015


photographer and source unknown.
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Adele delights fans with brutally honest Christmas message, admitting: 'I'm in my dressing gown eating Chinese watching EastEnders'

Are you part of Adele's marketing team? All good but why not try some Elliphant for Christmas? (Elliphant performs Love Me Badder for Baeble)

In the end it is all about the quality of the music not success which will die with the dinosaurs, the Charleston and the hula hoop. Gladiators were once quite popular once as well.

Look at Ed Sheeran - nice guy - sells out stadiums and buys his folks a flat - but his music is nothing but spittle compared to the pop gems of the Undertones or You Have Killed Me for that matter.

We in the know know!
Could someone with mad photoshop skills please post a photo of chainmail-bikini wearing Princess Leia strangling Jabba the Hutt from 'Return of the Jedi', only replacing Leia's face with Morrissey, and Jabba the Hutt's face with Mike Joyce.
I want to send it to True to You to see if Moz will post it, cos it seems like he is posting anything at the moment. Thanks in advance!
Well, if you think about it, Luke did sacrifice a tauntaun for his own benefit so based on that act of animal cruelty and slaughter I suppose Moz would be more sympathetic to the Dark Side.
I can think of no acts of animal cruelty committed by the Dark Side.
I'm glad this pic finally surfaced after all these years. I still don't know how Chad at the Sherman Oaks office got his hands on that. Simple marketing strategy, but I really don't see the correlation between Morrissey fans and Star Wars. I mean Morrissey fans are successful, extroverted people who love life. Star Wars fans are introverted moles who live in their parent's basement.

You are getting a glimpse of what goes on the hotel rooms after the gigs. There's a reason why someone as inept as Jesse is still the guitar player. Anonymous-
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Does anyone know if Silly Steven was asked to do the channel 4 alternative Christmas message again this year like he imagined last year ? Or is he concentrating on his imaginary acting career in Eastenders. He might be better off as the hotel inspector.

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Nice to see you fighting the good fight Marred even if it does make you come across as a humourless, over sensitive anus.

"Why? Is your anus funny? Does it make you laugh? It's there to amuse you? How the f*** is your anus funny?" - alternative dialogue from the porn version of Goodfellas ( titled 'Goodlays' if it was ever made).
Don't you all see it....c'mon!
There are definite parallels between a Star Wars release that's been coming for many years, and a Smiths reunion! It's obvious, isn't it?.....?
Now, who could play Mike Joyce?....?
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