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Damien Dempsey discusses Morrissey at 8:20 | True To You

I've no idea what a delf is, but better that than smashing the elf, I guess. (Well that DD looks like a big guy :o -not that I'm intimidated or anyting.)
(I met a couple of guys who smashed their fists through the wall, yeah, for want of expressing themselves properly. I can tell you this much,: it's not reassuring. :thumb:)


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Great singer. He did a fantastic job opening for Moz at the Dublin Castle 'Quarry' tour (Alain Whyte's last gig incidentally). Moz asked the audience if we thought Damien was handsome. Everyone said 'yes' and Moz replied "Really? I don't see it myself". Haha I'd say those two slag each other off endlessly.


Damien Dempsey's album 'Seize The Day' is one brilliant album.


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It's heartwarming to see a handsome man being such a nice person. Ireland, so much to thank you for your nice people.

"We'll see" :D

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