TTY: Charles: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible

Charles: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible -
15 May 2015


The power elite usually defines an anarchist as a law-breaking radical from the lower orders. Interestingly, the most anarchic and non-cohesive behavior in modern Britain comes from the inner circle of the power elite, those too ennobled to bother about law; the case of Lord Janner, Leon Brittan, Harry Battenberg allegedly killing endangered hen harriers just for fun (predictably no charge brought against him, and so on - you know the drill). This week it was revealed that Charles Battenberg (you are ordered to call him Prince Charles, for he comes from a self-elected monarchy to whom the British people have never consented) has endorsed the 'culling' (meaning 'killing') of badgers, as he commented to Tony Blair:
Danke My dear :sweet:

BTW i gave Gallagher another chance. I must say he is more complexed than i thought, we are quite similar in the way act and are. Realized that after watching an interview he gave. Thats must be the reason i dislike him :rofl: i swear i if i and gallagher where in a room together...... Half and hour later we would have been picking pieces of each others jugular out of our teeth. :rofl:

6:34 - 7:32

I'm aware this might sound harsh, but when Morrissey dies I think many will breathe a sigh of relief. He's become that farting old Labrador you've had for twenty years who you love for the memories, but has shit on the kitchen floor one too many times and outlived his welcome. You don't want to put him down because you remember running along the beach with him when he was a puppy, but you sort of hope you'll call him for breakfast in the morning and he'll be dead in his basket. Then you can get the shovel out of the shed and take the long walk to the bottom of the garden, and afterwards wander back to the house with rheumy eye humming This Charming Man.

In all fairness, were Morrissey a Labrador, he'd have been put in a bin liner and thrown behind a Chinese restaurant by kind Petaltruistic folks by now.
Just saying... :)

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