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    Cecil the Lion -
    31 July 2015


    Would the United Nations have the nerve to bring Walter Palmer to justice for his murder of Cecil the Lion? The answer, as we all know, is ... No, because it would upset the established elite (see brave Harry Battenberg below, engaging in his favorite pastime).


    Walter Palmer does not appear in court in Zimbabwe and instead decides to do what the newspapers eloquently term "a runner". Yet an order is not issued for his arrest! So, from this we learn that, should we ever be summoned to court, we need only run off and the courts won't mind in the least! End of case! Try it! You'll get away with it! Walter Palmer has! Free to kill again! Evidently the law and justice rarely combine.

    30 July 2015

    illustration of Cecil (doing to Walter Palmer precisely what Walter Palmer did to Cecil) by Steven Pottle, reprinted with great respect to Steven Pottle.

    photograph of Dennis the Menace (known only in Buckingham Palace as 'Harry the Hero'), unknown source, reprinted here with thanks to the photographer.
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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Cecil the Lion

      i liked the huggin puppies story more or the cat found alive at the bottom of the wrecked submerged baot or even the cop who made friends with a baby owl. some positive animal stories
    2. Uncleskinny
      Re: Cecil the Lion


      On a slightly separate point, I see the Zimbabwean authorities are petitioning for this chap to be extradited from the USA. Now it's in the news around the world. What about all the other thousands who do similar every year? Full of shit. They like the $$$$$ it brings.
    3. BrummieBoy
      Re: Cecil the Lion

      It's ludicrous how the HumanDisgRace separates 'farm animals' from 'wild animals', cuddly ones from creepy ones. Cows who provide #MilkForMorrissey were once Aurachs until they were tamed to be enslaved by demonic farmers. Unless you're Vegan you have no moral basis on which to moralise about killing lions whilst ignoring killing calves for Cheese. Is Morrissey Vegan? We are heading for #LifeWithoutAnimals when the planet cries out for #LifeWithoutHumans Perhaps there is *someone* out there in a lab designing a virus to free the animals? Let's hope it painlessly puts the Inhuman DisgRace to sleep without inflicting the 40 hours of torment that #CecilTheLion endured.

      The British Royal Family have destroyed every last 'natural' place on the island of Britain. They breed 'wild game' for shooting, classify every Being they can't eat as Vermin to be hunted: foxes, badgers. Then parade around the world lecturing other people to Save Wildlife. Ridiculous. But they love their Corgi dogs, so they must be 'animal lovers' like the rest of the profoundly delusional 60 million swarm of people-pests on this island.

      feeling very #AnimalAlQaeda #StFrancisKalashnikov #Kamikaze4BigCats
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    4. Anonymous
      This shiny-toothed dentist has been in trouble before, precisely in 2008, lying about the kill location of a black bear in Wisconsin, USA. He was fined a ludicrously small amount and sent on his way. Another life taken in recreation much as one scores as the ball finds the back of the net. It shouldn't be like this, humans (most, I do believe) are better than this...aren't we?

      Just because something is still legal, does not make it correct to pursue. Our earth is in a shambles caused by humans. No one is going to bail us out or take our hand and fix what we have managed to destroy and are in the midst of destroying. Sometimes common sense, such as the loss (no longer potential loss) of large predator species (oh lord, why can't it be us?) take precedence over canned hunts, culture and heritage. We DO know better, but we believe we are entitled to do what we want, what money can buy, who we need to pay off, what our ancestors did.... These excuses are very poor justifications to keep on keeping on in the way we have always done things. Fortunately, they no longer work for the majority of people. We are tired, sick, and depressed reading and seeing these horrors on a daily basis. We can't and shouldn't turn our heads away any longer, otherwise we condone these actions. Our earth, and all her inhabitants, are reaching a tipping point and I hope with all my heart that we, as humans, are reaching a turning point. If not us, then no one.... xx
    5. AztecCamera
      Americans pay billions of dollars each year to dentists, so this piece of shit has the money. Why did the workers at the "animal preserve" accept his bribe to kill Cecil in Zimbabwe? That is the root of the issue.

      Who is that hick hillbilly red headed step child that Morrissey calls Dennis the Menace and Harry the Hero posing with the murdered water buffalo?

      It's not the United Nations, Zimbabwe needs to submit the request for extradition to the USA and Zimbabwe isn't going to. I think the US would hand him over.
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    6. Anonymous
      Corruption & evil! Big problems on the loneliest planet of all! The last time I went to the dentist I used Denti-Cal and had no out of pocket expenses, but I just know the dude drilled more than necessary. He has to submit the x-ray to prove there were cavities, but I asked for the cavities to be pointed out to me and I couldn't see anything and he drilled a lot and he didn't use enough Novocain and I was trying to get away so he added a boatload more Novocain. What a joke! Now Dennis the Menace purports to be saving endangered lives. Wonder if it's true.

    7. moho
      While I have never hunted and don't think I would find much joy in it I have killed a number of mice, three squirrels and a possum. Am I to be judged as well? Are there any animals whose deaths are not considered MURDER? Crabs? Fruit Flies? Lice?
      I also have a dog who I love with all of my heart. In order to keep my dog alive I need to feed him. All dog food contains animal products. There are no Vegan dog foods. Can I have an answer here...
    8. Sunday Girl Everyday
      Sunday Girl Everyday
      Saw on the news today that the dentist wanted to go on an elephant hunt the next day - after illegally killing a protected animal that had a tracking collar on that his guide hid . Hmmmmm.
    9. fabval
      Lol, the point is not to be 100% meat-free in our consumption. The domestic carnivore animals have to be fed with what they needed as they are not herbivore, whereas we, human beings with a celebral cortex, know that we can live without eating meat. I am not vegan and I buy organic milk and eggs coming from animals that are respected and treated well and it is still less expensive than the cheapest pieces of meat. I buy second hand high quality shoes in leather for the winter and I wear converse in summer. I try my best :)
    10. AztecCamera
      Sick Midwestern fucks and Harry the Hick red headed step child don't kill lions for their meat. I don't even think it is eatable.

      If he is not extradited, the best the US can do is the Lacey Act. The cunt dentist would get a large fine, probably about $450, 000 and at the most, 12 months of jail time.
    11. Anonymous
      I regularly refrain from commenting but unfortunately have developed a bad habit of reading the comments. From the minimal post from you that I've read one could easily declare, 'Dude, you are a first class idiot!'

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