TTY: Berlin sold out; photomontage of David Mozhansen by SER

Morrissey in Berlin -
14 July 2016

Morrissey's show in Berlin (16 August) has sold out.


photomontage of David Mozhansen by SER / Sam Esty Rayner.

Bloody hell, TTY has been hijacked. That photo is hilarious. There is no doubt though SER posted this, gramps doesn't stay up that late.
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Never mind about Berlin !
What about August 20th Manchester Arena date ? It's about time we had an update from the proxyzine/webshite on ticket sales for the homecoming performance.
Could it be a free performance due to poor interest ?
I urge all fanatics/cultbots to write to Manchester City Council and demand they give Steve a key in a box :key: :package: in recognition of him being Manchester's equivalent of John Lennon.

"Desperate statements, t-shirts and pop up shops, ohhhhh ! " :laughing::rofl: I knew you couldn't last ! Someone please take him home :clap:.

I hope it rains heavily on Manchester to keep the perfomance stench down :pileofpoop:.

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
Forgot to mention the picture :laughing: sorry 'artwork' ?

Disabled, gay, midget sprung to mind.

Keep up the good work agent 'Gary', together we can rule the world.

M I 5 :greatbritain::knife:
it actually already sold out the day it did go online -shortly after 10.00 I think around 24th of june if I remember correctly
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