TTY: Alma Matters MOZ girls, 2012, Indonesia

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By Raphael Lambach on Aug 10, 2015 at 12:37 AM
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    1. scumbag
      very charming :)
    2. Anonymous
      How cute. I like how Moz is a fan of YouTube and I'm a fan of Moz so he can let me know when something good is on YouTube.

      #InPartAndInHole (gross! LOL)

    3. Anonymous
      thats gotta be flattering. to see your songs worm into the lives of people so far away
    4. Anonymous
      Yes it's always nice to know that someone who is loaded can go on Youtube when they want to feel significant and remind their own self of how fabulous they think they are.Then try to throw it in the faces of the media in order to gain more attention. All hail the cult.
    5. Anonymous
      Disgraceful. I cannot believe people cover the great mans art and don't even get the key right. They were out of tune.

    6. Anonymous
      Bloody hell, that was awful!
    7. Anonymous
      Who says they have to sing it in the same key? What are you, the note nazi? Do something useful and tend to your fatness.
    8. Anonymous
      its a fan tribute. why try and shame there attempt at public tribute to something they love
    9. AztecCamera
      You're frankly pullover.

      I see Jeremy at the office in Malibu asking for a raise....Morrissey really wants that Asian market other than Japan.

    10. Anin (or at least i was)
      Anin (or at least i was)
      I second that.
    11. Staar_seed
      Great music knows no doesn't matter the language. This was great. All Hail Morrissey
    12. VivaGil
      To be fair, we don't know it's Morissey that finds the videos. True to you is a fan zine remember? He usually signs his releases
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    13. Anonymous
      I hope you someday find the peace and joy that these young women share in their rendition of this song, along with the strength to be gentle and kind.
    14. sweetness522
      Very, very sweet. Music uniting friends who come together to sing. One of life's simple pleasures. I'm sure that Morrissey is thrilled when young people discover his music.
    15. Anonymous
      You can order them on the Internet you know.

      Mr Dudley
    16. Anonymous
      Morrissey will be appalled by their terrible sound and lack of decent clothes. Embarrasing
    17. Anonymous
      Why wasn't this video played nightly on the British news? Obviously, the Royal Family are once again conspiring in their campaign to keep Morrissey off the airwaves. Bastards.
    18. Anonymous
      The video is sweet, you lot are rank.
    19. Surface
      Yes I think your post is embarrassing as well.

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