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    Feb 19, 2009
    All The Best Ones Are Dead -
    18 March 2016

    Richard Davalos and James Dean photographed together.


    "It's very difficult for me, I think, to live now, in this electronic age of atrocity. We are fed nothing but carnage and ruin, and we must digest these images and thoughts every single day ... so is it any wonder we all look slightly terrorised ... this stupid civilization of advertising, advertising, advertising ... things that nobody wants. It's hard to maintain indifference and to not respond. Finally, nothing connects with anything. Even to have imagination suddenly seems hopeless because pop music has become so impoverished and obsessed only with very, very stupid people. It's fascinating to consider how Radio One once interviewed William Burroughs! These days the program planners at Radio One would pass on William Burroughs in favor of Little Boots. So it's a bit like trying to deal with people who have nothing but actually want even less than they have. Therefore I look at Richard Davalos and James Dean not as faces from a more simplistic time, but as faces of a beautiful and secret society. You cannot say that about anyone in 2016."


    18 March 2016
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    1. Anonymous
      Yawn. Current society is rubbish, everything was so much better in my day. We get the message, Grandad.
    2. Anonymous
      Mmmh ... I think this TTY entry has a strange tone to it. It's sounds rather defensive (for Moz).
    3. Anonymous
      This is kind of how I feel every time a new 'photomontage' appears on True To You.
    4. donzzie
      Has Morrissey even said anything about David Bowie yet? Someone who he actually owes a significant part of his being to? RIP Richard Davalos, I get it, but he is a mere footnote to the shadow of Bowie looming over so much of the best music from the UK. What a petty monster.
    5. Anonymous
      Aww, why would you drag Little Boots into this? She's wonderful.
    6. Anonymous
      I wholeheartedly agree! Thank .... somebody out there dare speak the truth in this world of brainwashed, phoney, culture lacking munts.
    7. Anonymous
      I know exactly what he is talking about, it would be nice to leave where art is the focus and people put effort into making themselves unique, interesting, and cultured,
    8. Fiona
      There's a sadness to this recent TTY post. Morrissey despairs for the way the world is, and who can blame him? I understand where this comes from. I hope he is OK, because there is something really quite "defeated" sounding in his tone. We've all had moments when we look at the world and feel disenchanted. Morrissey is only human. Let him air his feelings without the constant digs people here keep throwing at him.
    9. Uncleskinny
      Unlike anyone else?
    10. Anonymous
      Because Bowie did not allow Morrissey to use a photo of the two of them on the cover of the remastered release of ...Playboys, its clear that Bowie was dead to him before he actually died.
    11. Anonymous
      can you imagine moz being born in the usa and having to actually get a job?
      he hasnt worked a day in his life but is unhappy with the word. what a gob.ffs.
    12. Anonymous
      Moz get an Instagram account.
    13. Anonymous
      no you cant say that secret society nonsense about anyone today because there is hardly anyone alive now who was alive back then.
      from reading all the tty posts ive come to the conclusion that moz is not a rocket scientist.
    14. SuedeMoz
      I was not part of the group here clamoring for a statement from Moz on Bowie's death. I figured let him process it in his own and apparently private way. However, I find his complete silence on the subject for 2 months now quite odd. So an "All the Best Ones Are Dead" statement is not the perfect time to mention Bowie, you know, someone he idolized and actually performed with? Thoughts?
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    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey and Bowie had a falling out after slagging him off in the press. When he asked for Bowie's permission to use an image of the two of them for the Playboys picture disc reissue, he said no. I think there were bad feelings there and Morrissey chose to just leave it alone and grieve, or not, in his own way.
    16. AztecCamera
      I reckon how many times Morrissey has been to the spot on California 46 where James Dean died and how many stalkers spend their days there just waiting for Morrissey to show. I reckon why doesn't Morrissey get driven around in a Porsche Spider instead of a Black Mercedes C Class? I reckon a Porsche Spider is more top mental. Anonymous-
    17. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      I remember Morrissey being quoted in the past about how he hoped that Bowie would see some of the things he had said about him being harmless "high school ribbing". I imagine that for the two of them to make up, Bowie would have to make the first move. When it didn't happen, he probably thought "f*ck him", particularly after Bowie's non cooperation with the cover of the Playboys single.

      This is, after all, someone whose response to the Paris terror attacks last November bore all the hallmarks of a careerist sociopath.
    18. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      other people at work have had the radio on all week, its been heart fm - all pap pop, safe oldies and adverts for new plastic windows, yes it has wound me up but am afraid people are different -they think different and have agendas that I don't, we cant all be the same if that were the case then Morrissey would just be Justin bieber or sam smith, there are out lets for us- 6 music and yes youtube - 90% of the public are dim so lets be thankfull we are in the 10%
    19. nobody's_nothing
      While I get a kick out of these TTY posts, I found it interesting that Morrissey is a William S. Burroughs fan (maybe too much of a stretch?) "The Job" is my favorite WSB, and I think Morrissey would also enjoy Robert Anton Wilson :)
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