TTY: 4 European Morrissey planned for October (Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia)

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By davidt on Jul 20, 2015 at 8:02 AM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    UPDATE July 26:

    EPbabe posted:

    According to the Hungarian promoter, the Budapest gig is on - 12 October, Millenáris Teátrum

    thatjokeisntfunny posted:

    Ticketlink to Budapest

    Morran sends the link:

    4 Morrissey -
    20 July 2015

    Morrissey has four shows planned for October:

    Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    Budapest (Hungary)
    Bucharest (Romania)
    Skopje (Macedonia)

    Confirmed details are expected within this coming week.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 20, 2015.

    1. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Romania and Hungary? Two of the Axis Powers? Mein Gott! Vat must zis zignify?

      Can a return to Eire be far behind?
    2. BrummieBoy
      Dear Foreign Fans

      Morrissey is in discussion with promoters to tour the East European front. However, they are not being very helpful with his compensation package. Perhaps flying Dubliner Cheese to these places is proving difficult for them to arrange. Please do as required by your Cult leader. Write on Social Media how #Excited! you all are to hear of these plans to tour your countries. Harass promoters with angry denunciations if they do not confirm capitulation and give the dates/venues forthwith. Whip up a frenzy in your local shopping centre by advising randoms that there is a 'possibility' that Dear Leader will tour your territories/markets IF there is enough pre-adoration and IF the promoters give in to the ransom demands/show fees/Cheese needs.

    3. Anonymous
      Make sure he feels safe on stage or he might just 4ck off having stolen your hard earned euros ! He can kiss my arse.

    4. Tynamuna
      a question? Is it just me or have this tour been much longer than his previous tours. It seems like he keeps adding on dates. Why? I hope he is alright
    5. Surface
      It appears to be never ending. Could be due to the album not coming out and him needing the cash flow? The positive is that he is pacing himself by having regular nights off, which is leading to him fulfilling the dates he has scheduled. The negative is that the set list isnt changing significantly and I will be pissed off if the Hammersmith set in September is too similar to the Birmingham gig which was in March.
    6. Anonymous
      He's not very well Tynamuna he's got a really bad case of Ed Sheeringles ! It's got right under his skin ha ha ha ha !

    7. Tynamuna
      As long as he is happy and healthy i'm alright. I just was afraid it was a sort of a "the doctor says i have 3 months left" i know i know i'm being melodramatic :(
    8. Anonymous
      I'm not surprised about these dates. I think, for whatever reason, he really wants to play these countries/cities because at least Bukarest was already mentioned by him last year (can't remember where) but didn't happen. I'm actually under the impression that he really likes Eastern Europe right now and maybe wants to explore it a bit.
    9. Anonymous
      What the fuck is wrong with you?? You spend all the time talking shite. Please shut the fuck up and get a life and use your energy on something productive. If Morrissey annoys you why do you spend all you're time on a forum about him ?? 'You don't like me but you love me'. This place is a pit and you truly are pathetic.
    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Morrissey with three months to live. Could we be that lucky? Time the old chap did the decent thing. A double whisky in the Officers' Mess with the Webley. If he was a dog he would have to have been put out of his misery years ago.

      He's been exhorting others to suicide for decades. It would be a fitting end if he followed the advice he set for others.
    11. Anonymous
      Cheese is yum!
    12. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      It's a pity you're not a Jew, you're royal family could have had you gassed while "playing" at being nazis
    13. Anonymous
      Well, let me see ...

      1. His autobiography is out. Check.
      2. His novel which he wanted to write all his life is finished NOW. Check.
      3. He, personally, mentioned that he shops his autobiography round to make it into a movie (authorized biopic). Check.
      4. Immediately after his record deal broke down he was searching for a new label URGENTLY. Check.
      5. Wanting to record the already existing 14 songs URGENTLY. Check.

      I'm sure there are other points which would fit but I can't think of any right now.
    14. BrummieBoy
      Morrissey kissing your butcher's arse? What a disturbing image, but as he uses it with regard to Ed Sheeran, we must allow the mind's eye to conjure up whatever presents....aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!


      - - - Updated - - -

      The 3 Months to Live schtick was to sell the tickets at the O2. "Roll up! Roll up! Circus freak Morrissey has THE CANCER! Last chance to view". It's never mentioned now that he's been mocked for making out pre-cancerous cells = THE GRIM REAPER

      Yes, you're being melodramatic, but what does one expect from Morrissey fans in Sweden watching Bergman films, wishing they were a fun Dane?

    15. BrummieBoy
      Please do not use swear words or you will upset Moderator Kewpie. We have a wonderful life and this is part of it: rescuing the world from The Cult Of Morrissey and from Corpsetarian-Cheeseism aka: Vegetarianism. Can you not sense the loving intent and compassion behind our work? We don't spend all our time here, not as much as we'd like to. There is NOTHING more important than debunking this sinister cult and rescuing the trapped victims which includes Dear Leader Morrissey. Morrissey doesn't annoy us, he amuses us as he is a clown. If this place is a pit, climb out of it and go and lie down in a beautiful meadow to listen to WPINOYB.

      We are not 'pathetic'. We are passionate about helping you all. Please submit to the treatment protocols.

    16. Anonymous
      So you can state slander but not swear..... is this the BBC?

      I see no compassion, I see a very sad person looking for attention hiding behind the screen. You are either mentally ill or is too stupid to work out how to use your time in a productive manner.
      At least these so called 'cult followers' of Morrissey spend their time consumed by a person who inspires them and makes them happy rather than being consumed by pettiness like you. It's you who is the clown. Morrissey will never give a shit about a word you say because all you say is meaningless dribble. The clown is the one who lets hate and pettiness consume their time and thoughts. Your fantasy of why and how Morrissey tour Eastern Europe is irrelevant. This thread will be lost in a few weeks and archived in a few months- is this how you really want to spend you're time and life? I came here to read about Morrissey not some odd fan fiction.

      Peace out, I'm off to the meadow.
    17. Tynamuna
      What are you? :) I want to capture and study you like a exotic pear. :)
    18. fanosk
      Budapest 2006 so beautiful memories !!! morrissey 045.jpg
    19. Anonymous
      If we're lucky, you might give it a go yourself.

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