TTY: ​Fireman attending to fire in Chinatown, Manhattan, June 2015

You say that like you're interested in anything things he does and this is out of the ordinary. What a surprise you had something negative to say about it! You're f***ing obsessed. It's not healthy.

It's lame, sure, but, whatever?

Your continual relentless obsessive protest against absolutely everything said and done relating to Morrissey is insane. Passed the sick bucket I'm gonna vom!

This website's approval of you and others like you reeks of the agenda against Morrissey over the bad blood between the two. It's fair enough to not agree with things he says and does, I and many others do. But it's painfully obvious the difference between those who disagree with things and those who are just outright trolling obsessively.
Nice touch for M-solo to include the negative comments to go along with this on the main story post on the front page too. Again, yes it's irrelevant but I'm sure people can make up their own minds about that rather than having the point pushed. Subtle as a sledgehammer.

Mmmmm ! Come to think about it ! Maybe I get it from Silly Steven and his continual relentless obsessive rants against my Queen and Country !
Up yours Pokey Hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa !

It's Kerry Gold, not Dubliner. Kerry Gold has a sweeter creamier taste and can only be bought at that little cheese shop in Calabasas that the errand boy is always at.

Bye bye Nazi Shlep Bladder. Can't we just take over the world like we always could of and outlaw Kickball now? Lets just get it over with.

and if the USA bombs you!...(well you have no choice)

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Yeah, what a pointless photo - who needs to know that firefighters are fans? I much prefer the more relevant stuff on So_low like the link David posted to thecolemanexperience, Benny's trolling or Bummie's endless drivel about cheese and veganism...

Cheeses Christ People give me a cigarette you're causing me to have a meltdown! It's as natural as rain. Possible scenarios include:

1) The bed took fire.
2) A hairdresser lived there.
3) Joan of Arc was listening to her Walkman /IPod.
4) Smoke was lingering around someone's fingers.
5) A disco was taking place in there and Morrissey firebombed it. By the way the DJ was well hung.
Wait till the usual suspects ridicule Moz for sending Julia such crap to post on TTY because they honestly believe that he is involved in every single post. Anyway, I have long come to the conclusion that either Julia or Julia and Moz are playing a game with all of us on this website.

I think you are absolutely right. I briefly talked to Julia (met her outside of the concert environment which was quite odd) and she said several times "People
think I'm dumb. I am not." I think she is VERY aware of how people perceive her and the irony is that it actually brings her and Moz even closer together, spiritually, because Moz himself has to deal with peoples perceptions and expectations of him. The point is, Julia (or Julia and Moz, it doesn't really matter ) is playing tricks on you, particularly since 2014 but you have your heads up your own arses and don't see it.
I'm sure Morrissey has slid on more poles than this fireman ever has or ever will.
Now, now, dears, some of these posts are verging on the humaphobic...
kinda reminds me of the Morrissey train conductor thread here.

I liked the recused me over and over bit. that was good
Totally weird and bizarre non-story from True-To-you. If Moz didn't sanction that he should be well ticked off with Julia. That site is fast becoming a laughing stock.
This is pretty emblematic of his late-career artistic decline.

I'm sure this was Julia's intention.

I don't agree at all. is voice has never been better and his last album was very strong, in my opinion. I much preferred it to Ringleader or Refusal.
Could this be the return of our super hero ' Ste-Mo ' ?
You can't do it by yourself any longer your gonna need Ste-Mo on your side.

This is so funny, it's hard to believe we've come to this. I've always said he's got a fair bit of Susan Boyle about him, think they'd make a great couple but Im not sure she's a humasexual. She likes cheese though.


This side is actually more pathetic because it comments endlessly on these non-stories and doesn't even see that it's purely a wind-up to proof this fact. Someone plays with our weekness.
I'm uncomfortable with this TTY post for two reasons.

First off, I hope no one was injured in the fire.
And second, the implication of the post....that somehow this is referencing Morrissey Morrissey and not the fireman's own name,seems tacky and arrogant, even by Morrissey Morrissey standards.

My goodness you need to lighten up, it's a joke. Don't be so sanctimonious

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