Troutdale, OR - Edgefield (July 23, 2015) post-show

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    Suedehead / Alma Matters / Staircase At The University / Ganglord / Speedway / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Kiss Me A Lot / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Istanbul / Yes, I Am Blind / The Bullfighter Dies / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / What She Said / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Now My Heart Is Full / Meat Is Murder // The Queen Is Dead

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 24, 2015.

    1. Anonymous
      No major changes in set list. A little change, MIM was the song before encore. Went Everyday, MIM, encore (QID). Seemed pretty chatty compared to Seattle, Salt Lake. One stage invader, compared to zero in Seattle. Man got on stage as far as Jesse before being grabbed by security. Gave that security a run for his money though. Would not give up. Moz recognized him but did not go over to shake hand.

      No shirt toss. Moz seemed to lose interest as the night went on. Seemed much more up beat the first half of the show. Walker knocked down his kit. Another lame crowd. I did notice this time though, it seems if Moz was more interactive with the audience, they would get a little more excited. Whenever he showed the least bit involvement, the crowd fed off of that, but it was WAY to rare.
    2. Anonymous
      Better setlist than Seattle he added what she said and first of the gang and dropped
      People are the same and one of our own. It was a real sleeper
      Tonight no energy and Morrissey decided the crowd didn't even deserve his sweaty shirt. The best part of the show was watch the
      Fat ass security guard try and tackle a guy 6
      Inches shorter and a 150 lighter. This guys is a complete loser cracking his knuckles
      And making intimating looks into the crowd. I would
      Like nothing more than to see someone kick his fat ass. This guys needs to learn how to hand unruly fans and quit the posturing buddy your fooling none.

      Meat is Murder is a complete downer and most people
      Around me we're check there messages. He went about
      The queen calling it a nazi regime. I think he
      Should immediately cancel his UK shows and
      Turn in his passport.

      Benny you need to take the torch and make one of the nights in
      london a night Morrissey will never forget.
    3. Staar_seed
      Another lame crowd? There's seems to be a trend in "lame crowds" these days..I'm sure the lackluster set has a part in that tho..especially when the price of a ticket doesn't match the show your getting in return. Drop Paris, drop People are the same for starters..Well I'm flying up from Los Angeles to San Jose. One can only hope....
    4. bhops
      Cheesegate! Crankfraud! Silly Steven, milk is murder! Just wanted to get that in first.
    5. g23
      Pretty decent show in lovely surroundings. No big changes in the set list, for sure.
      It was my daughter's very first concert, and my 15th Morrissey show. She had a great time dancing and got a big kick out of Morrissey saying hello to her in the middle of First of the Gang to Die after trying to get his attention for a few songs. I finally just held her up Lion King style so she could blow him a kiss, and it seemed to crack him up.
      Good times!
    6. Anonymous
      If your thinking of buy tickets to the San Jose show don't waste your
      money. We can only hope Morrissey cancels the show due to illness and save people a lot of money.
    7. Anonymous
    8. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I don't get this "lame crowd" stuff. It's Morrissey's job to get then going, not the other way around.
    9. baby j
      baby j
      Bigmouth Strikes Again!!

      Morrissey compares having a Royal Family in the UK to that of living under a Nazi Regime.

      The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
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    10. Anonymous
      Cokemachineglow ‏@cmgzine 6h6 hours ago
      "Welcome to our picnic. I'm the menu." That's something he just said.

      "Im a sickening wreck, but hello"- Morrissey in Troutdale, OR 7/23/15
    11. Eurydice
      What the fuck does that mean?
    12. Anonymous
      Johnny Rotten sung "God save the queen, the fascist regime" in 1977 so why should this upset anyone?
    13. Tynamuna
      I always wondered why Morrissey is so hard on the british royal family he doesnt bagger the swedish one so much when he is there. I remember when he Said that he could never be too far away from London. I miss that. Maybe he is related to the british royal family and is mad that he has not gotten anything out of it :rofl:

      Edit: yes i know this show was not in the uk
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    14. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Are those red band-aids on his fingers? Did he get bitten by a dog again?

      From a pacing standpoint (given the current pool of songs he is pulling from) this setlist looks like one of the best of the tour.
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    15. arnaudp
      I really enjoyed the show. Great venue, beautiful weather. 6th time seeing Morrissey (7 if I include The Smiths) and this may have been my favorite show. Yes I am blind and Now my heart is full alone were worth the price of admission.
      Regarding the "lame crowd", I believe the reserved seats in front of the stage had a lot to do with it. You'll always get better crowds when you have a pit/ no seats. I was in the 4th row center stage and the chairs didn't help the audience get too crazy.
      I have to give props to the stage invader. He didn't go down without a good fight!
    16. ACTON
      Audiences have changed over the last few years. People have more money than sense. They go to random concerts or go because their friends are going, or just to have something to talk about or frame their night out around. Back in the old days (the 80's and 90's) money was scarce and usually only true fans would go to a concert. That's a generalization. These days half the audience consists of disinterested twats who shouldn't be there. That's not a generalization.
      I don't see why Moz should have to try to cater for those kind of people.

      I know a person who went to The Cure back in Ireland a few years ago. They played for nearly 4 hours and did 40+ songs. He complained that they didn't play Lovecats and that he didn't like the 40 songs played. Modern life is rubbish.
    17. g23
      I really don't get this mentality. I experienced the same thing regarding the Cure when they did their Reflections shows in LA. A young lady absolutely LIVID they didn't play Just Like Heaven at a show where it was known that only the first three albums plus era specific B-Sides would be played.

      I go into a show grateful that the artists I love are still willing to play live, especially as they grow older. I think that's part of the situation too. In the teens and twenties, music fans tend to be a lot more rowdy. We're all getting older against our will.
    18. Jo12
      The show was very good, but not great. Moz sounded much better than the last time he was in Portland. The band was it's usual self, with Gustavo being the shining star. Gustavo is really quite talented and Morrissey seems to use him to his advantage by giving him solo moments during the show. It was quite refreshing in fact.

      The crowd was hit and miss. They popped for the hit songs like Stop Me and What She Said, but if I learned anything over the years of going to concerts, crowds seem to lose interest when artists string together 2 or 3 newer songs. That being said, the crowd stayed on their feet until MIM, which is disappointing since it was his final song before the encore.

      Since the sun doesn't start to set until after 9pm this time of year, the sun was shining the entire show. Morrissey even commented by saying "We really look much better in the dark.", "Welcome to the picnic, I am the main course." and commenting about people climbing in the trees to see the show. (LOL) The daylight killed the theatrics of the show. Speedway was the most effected by the daylight. Since they weren't able to cut to dark, it really seemed odd, but seeing Moz behind the keyboards was quite amusing. I was hoping he'd play a little, but he didn't. The show felt more like a festival gig than a headlining show. Welcome to an outdoor show in the Northwest.
    19. Jay Bee
      Jay Bee
      I really didn't care much for the show, and I heard quite a few folks walking out echoing the same sentiment. The people on this board that complain about the "lame crowd" phenomenon, need only look at a largely over-used playlist broken up with with MIM and World Peace which both sucked the waning life out of this crowd, and, when separated, really made for a choppy performance - so, no, the "pacing" was terrible. During those two songs, a large number of fans sat back down or got up to get food & drink. Honestly, I think that his political statements don't need to be made to THIS crowd. If you can't perceive that Portland is likely the most liberal populace that you will perform for in your U.S. tour, then you shouldn't be an artist. Going further, if a fan is not a vegan/politically motivated person in Portland, it's by pure will alone so lay off beating people about the face and head with your diatribe. Additionally, it was mostly the same playlist that he employed the last time he was in Portland (roughly a year ago) - he's got so many songs in his quiver to draw off of instead of resorting to the same songs.

      On a sidenote, the "guy" that got on-stage was a woman. After being removed, she was standing right behind me.

      Moz definitely seemed to lose interest as the night went on, though it didn't seem as if he had any gusto from the beginning so....disappointing.

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