Oh, okay, I'm finding some stuff now...a Marc Maron interview, I'll see if I can listen to it...
Hmm. I listened to the recording of Depp and Heard, and definitely choose Depp's side. Can't find much about Moore and Adams telling much other than that she was married to him. Bryan too, really?
If I do a remix I will have to include something about Depp and Heard. Those are easy rhymes.
God, Marc Maron's podcast, he's going on about a million things. I'm waiting for him to finally get Moore on.
And I'm not liking her fake goody two shoes manner of talking. "Good gracious!"
Keep waiting for her to talk about Ryan or Bryan, other than just a name drop...
When she says "There's nothing worse.", she makes me doubt her character. However, I'd have to hear her in conversation with Ryan, for perspective, to decide whether she's lying or not.
I'm a woman. I just bought a pair of shoes for a man that has a bad ankle, because I'm hoping their superior cushioning will ease his discomfort. The shoes are pricey, but worth every penny. I have them, and my problem ankle is good whenever I wear them. He's my walking buddy, during non covid 19 days. Guy's got a really painful ankle. I'm a user though. I know the shoes are probably made in Vietnam by virtually slave labor.
I feel used by quite a few women myself, but some women have put themselves out for me. A prostitute once walked me to my destination when a nutbar native Australian was following me. And another woman handed me $5 when she saw me going through a dumpster. Another woman, who worked in a battered women's shelter, gave me gas money from her own pocket. The guy who beat me did it when he saw I was packed to leave him one sunny morning, after a night of calling me every name in the book and threatening to shove a broomstick up my 'c***'. I packed while he slept off his alcohol.
I gave a pair of $199.99 shoes, lightly worn, to a homeless guy in the alley. He was my height so I figured they may fit, and they did. He said it was like walking on clouds. I gave him $5 too, had good conversation with him, arranged to meet him somewhere later in the afternoon, and he never showed up. I'm a woman though so I must by lying.
I gave a woman at a bus stop a brand new pair of shoes. I was on my way to the shoe store to exchange or refund them because they weren't my size, and a woman chatted me up at the stop, and I looked at her shitty shoes, and asked her to try on the shoes in my bag, and they fit her. She said they were her favorite color. Purple. So I gave her the shoe box and bag, and said "They're yours." She was pleased. And I didn't need to fuss with getting a refund or exchange for the $130 shoes. I gave away 5 other pairs, like new, just because they're not my favorites anymore but they're good shoes, and I don't have foot fungus. What a user I am!
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